Workin’ Hard. “Dripping Latex Doll” and “Scarlet Fever”

So, I’m trying not to think too hard about my current predicament with my studio, come what may.  Perhaps I can pull a Hail Mary in my career and manage to buy it, or perhaps it’s far easier and better overall to just build my own backyard garage/studio that I can build perfectly to suit me.  Either way right now the best and most important thing I can do and should do is throw myself into my work.   So that means that every potential shoot I want to do out in my studio, I should do NOW as if I’m going to lose the utility of the building in a matter of weeks or months.  So here’s the first result.

We’ve actually seen this catsuit before, but I’ve dressed it up with some pink latex polkadots and really ramped up the candyland bimbo look and all that.  This catsuit started out life over 10 years ago as something that arrived off a wish list, and it I haven’t thanked whoever it was that got it for me, it was only because the paper trail to figure out who got it for me was extremely hard to follow.  Whomever you are/were I do thank you if that thanks was 10 years too late!

I ended up calling this shoot “Dripping Latex Doll” not just because of the wet look of the latex, but also because I was sweating a lot under those hot lights.  Thankfully you can’t tell from the photos, but I won’t forget that it was hot.

So that outfit actually had been done for a while, but sadly during the shoot I tore a bad gash in the leg of the catsuit.  The latex wasn’t deteriorated or anything, it was just one of those situations where the sweat of my body actually made the latex stick to my skin more than float on top of it.  I should have used a proper lube between my skin and the latex, but I didn’t and that meant that while kneeling for some shots, I stressed it out and ripped it.

The tear in the leg happened  about 1/3 of the way through the shoot, but it didn’t wreck the whole shoot. I just did my best to hide it and in the pictures where it was visible, a little photoshop fixed that up.  You’d never know there was a tear in it if I hadn’t told you.

However, I wanted to wear the outfit out to some club later that night so I managed a quick repair job.. It won’t quite be the same, but it’s fine enough for me.  Considering that adding the pink stripes and polkadots gave a new lease on life to a decade old catsuit, I can’t complain.  While I was out, I did give the people at the gas station something to gawk at.  People were like “Where are YOU going off to???”. To which I replied “A kinky party!”

“Dripping Latex Doll”  went up the last week of July, and as I said, I’m throwing myself into my work.   I’m trying to bang out as much content as I can, while I can, and if I’m lucky that might even mean some weird things might happen like I get my Christmas shoot in the can months before it need to be released.

It actually takes a lot less time to shoot a photoshoot than it does to edit the pictures.  So if I get sets and outfits all ready to go, I can make like maybe 5 to 10 shoots a week if I’m just really efficient about it and don’t get bogged down in worrying about editing them yet.

Technically you’d think that would also mean that I shouldn’t be making any brand new outfits from scratch.  For some reason, that didn’t happen with this next shoot, which I ended up calling “Scarlet Fever”,  And I’m really happy with the results, even if I hadn’t really wanted to make a brand new outfit and brand new hat (probably my 7th or 8th HUGE hat that I so far made).

I had set up some furniture out in the studio in front of my pink/maroon damask wall (its looks like wallpaper but it’s actually a stencil) and found myself unhappy trying to make any existing outfits match it.

I do have this pink and yellow outfit I haven’t done a shoot with, but felt that it wasn’t right for the background.  Something like this needs a background that’s more whimsical and less Victorian, don’t you agree?

Since yellow/pink didn’t feel right, I just made a new outfit from scratch, although much of the raw material I had kicking around for a while.  Most of the flowers I had bought previously, and this pink satin with red polkadots had been waiting around in my pile of fabric for the perfect outfit to come along.


So everything kind of came together because if you can probably tell, I’m not the sort of person who would settle for a few random mis-matched pieces of lingerie and make a shoot out of it without paying any attention to the colors in the background or the colors I was wearing.

In fact, the only thing that was out of place on this shoot was that in reality, the oriental rug was mostly blue.  Actually it’s the same rug I used in “Harlequin Romance”

You’d never guess from looking at the pictures, but I just tweaked out all the blue of the rug and pushed it over to a less obtrusive greeny/brown.  If you saw the originals with a blue rug you’d probably agree that that clashed horribly.

Once I got them all done I was unsure of the title for it, as I like to come up with names that instantly remind me of which outfit it was.  I do this because often I use the same patterns for various outfits, and in this case, I believe the corset is the same pattern I used for “Daisy Dick” and “Strawberries and Cream”.  When I think of those names, I know exactly what outfit I’m taking about.  So I could have called this “Red Polkadots” but I’ve done sooooo many outfits with polkadots it would be hard to remember which one.

“Scarlet Fever” was a suggestion from a fan and at first I wasn’t enamored by the name (as yep, it’s a hideous disease with a rash”, I kind of warmed to it eventually,    And I guess this outfit is red spots all over my body so that’s sort of the same thing, right?   In any event, the name stuck and now I can’t think of calling this shoot anything else.  Certainly if I just called it “Slutty Cumdump” I would never know which outfit I was referring to.

That’s sort of the thing about my names for photoshoots.  I actually have a big list of awesome names that immediately conjure up completely different ideas, so many of those names are being saved for future shoots.

Both these shoots came out on my site a good 10 days apart, and I’m trying to stick to a update schedule of 3 updates per month, and sometimes one of those will be an update of videos.   Getting this out in time actually puts me on schedule, and now it’s on to the next batch.  Actually now that I’m caught up, I’m thinking already of my autumn shoots and now it’s time to get ahead of the game!

Because really the best thing for me to do is get ahead and overproduce content in case I don’t have a studio a few months down the road.


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5 Responses to Workin’ Hard. “Dripping Latex Doll” and “Scarlet Fever”

  1. Biandy40 says:

    Again your hard work comes to mean enjoyment for us fans!
    Loved Dripping latex doll, loving the way you abused your bum in so many different ways in that shoot. Perhaps the only Thing I would have liked more would have been more shots of you in the complete outfit, like the one in the gas station, I always love a good bulge shot/closeup. Like I was meeting you at the fetish party and got to lust after you in your tight curvy catsuit, showing off your magnificent breasts and naughty bulge down below. With those incredibly sexy plumped up pink lips and mouth open shots you look so inviting. Favourite pic the classic legs up in the air 217. Fantastically sexy shoot, thank you Tara.
    Can see why you shied away from another polkadot reference for Scarlet Fever, I count at least nine Polkadot or polka shoots, which whilst all unique and erotic must be a naming nightmare!
    At first I was unsure about Scarlet Fever, but looked more closely and there are so many little details that make it a memorable shoot.
    The scarlet hair and another incredible hat.
    27 A glimpse of your sexy tongue.
    77 A full length shot capturing your entire gorgeous boy.
    104 Pulling on the ring of your collar.
    279 The removal of a pastie, offering a suck?
    286 Those heart shaped balls of yours.
    297 Hmm sexy A2M lick of the dildo.
    311 A sexy squeeze of the tip of your clitty.
    330 A tug on those sexy red gloves, is that the finger that has spent a lot of its time in your pussy?
    335 Some sexy Pit poses at the end, they look so smooth and kissable.
    So again another magnificent pair of shoots Tara, thank you for your hard work!

  2. Biandy40 says:

    Another thought on Polkadot shoots, How about using the word Dottie? A female name and also in the UK meaning Scatty? (As in disorganised and forgetful, not the dirty Porn word) that sort of aligns with Bimbo image.

  3. paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    “Scarlet fever” almost as good as “Red domina” which i think is your best work to date. I know i`m going over old ground but, i think you tend to gild the lily a bit, in this instance the beautiful hat is overwhelmed by the flowers and feathers, what made domina perfect for me was its simplicity, the boots, and the outfit, which only seemed to emphasize your breasts and cock, which i don`t think has looked so proud and hard.

  4. paul says:

    As an after thought i meant to ask about the missing photos from recent sets, in “Scarlet fever” for instance the numbers go from 117 to 201, were they not up to scratch ?

    • tara says:

      I’ve been doing a two camera setup lately and sometimes the first camera is the lower numbers and the second camera a series of numbers over like 150 or 200 or whatever I set it as. This also has a weird effect of showing one angle of poses and taking off various bits of clothes, and then you might notice the same earlier poses from a different angle, and pieces of of clothes reappaearing!

      Ideally, it would be better to synch the clocks up on each camera and then somehow set them in exact chornological order and renumber them in that order, but I haven’t quite figured out if that’s possible. Sure, you could do it manually, but that’s a lot of work. But for now, it just is easier to make one camera 1-200 and the other one 200 up (or something like that)

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