Up Uranus Production Art and Costume blowout. fundraiser!!

So you may know that Up Uranus is up for 6 AVN Awards at the AVN convention and award show in las Vegas in January. I’ve been trying to cobble together a trip out there because if there was ever an AVN award show NOT to miss, well, this one would be the one!

I’ve had some people help me, as in get my ticket to the award ceremony and also someone got me airfare with their frequent flyer miles. However, I still have to swing my hotel room and other expenses. I was going to work really hard this month making content, doing camshows and building the UP URANUS website but sadly I have a number of setbacks that are really making this difficult.

Mostly, the worst thing is that I’ve been sick for about 2 weeks with the flu/pneumonia that is going around. This also just happened at the same time as i was having heat issues with my house. Those heat issues have mostly been taken care up though i may have to do a furnace tuneup soon. It’s kinda difficult to get naked and do camshows when you can’t be warm enough, oh and you’re also fighting off a flu.

I was able to squeak out my Catherine (Katherine?) the Great shoot, just before the flu took over my life, which is nice to get that shoot behind me, as it had been in the works since April.

I did make some progress on the Up Uranus site, and edited a teaser trailer that’s mostly PG 13 rated so i can be ok posting it all over the internet (though maybe not Youtube, I’m not sure). Right now selling more copies of the film is what I need. But one of the things I was working on before- that i wanted to keep going, was this “Up Uranus Production Art and Costuming Blowout Fundraiser” which is what this whole blog post is about.

Originally I had launched this on Indiegogo as a fundraiser to help get me through the last 2 months of making the film (as I had to devote ALL my effort to it), but Indiegogo and then GofundMe cancelled my campaigns because of what it was indirectly supporting. Worse still, Indiegogo seems to have indicted that I can no longer use them for any fundraiser, like not even like if i needed a kidney donor or something. Yeah, witness the blacklisting of sex workers in action.

So instead of using those platforms, we’re just going to have to do things a bit more simply. So, if you are interested in helping me get to AVN (it’s in 2 weeks – stuff is booked but ahem,,, not quite paid for yet). take a look at what’s available here and email me at tara_emory@yahoo.com. My paypal also uses the email tara_emory@yahoo.com .

My goal is to raise about $1000 but every bit helps. As it is going now, I am deferring paying other bills in preference to getting to the AVN Awards. And for those wondering why it’s important for me to make it to the awards, well, i have the plane ticket, event ticket paid for, and the hotel booked, I will move heaven and earth to just get the last part of the trip paid for. Just having the opportunity to be on the red carpet in some fantastic dress that you KNOW i will knock out of the park, with the outside chance to go up on stage and accept an award, missing this opportunity would be a real real shame.

  • So what do you get?  How about an actual physical souvenir of the film?  For contributions of $20-$50, that will get you some original pencil art from the production, of which there is plenty of, going back more years than I care to admit!
  • For contributions of $50-$100 I can offer some of the more polished production artwork, either in ink or pen, or highly detailed pencils.  Also, at this price range, I’m willing to make some new artwork either related to or unrelated to the film. Just so you know, these are the original pieces of art, not a photocopy of digital copy.  I will of course, sign them and if the date is known, date them accordingly.  See further posts on this fundraiser to see what art is available.
  • For contributions of $100 and up, now we’re talking parts of costumes from the film, selection is limited.  Costumes are for display purposes only.  in the #200 and up range, we might be talking complete outfits which you might need a mannequin to display them on. We can arrange that if needed.
  • You can also opt to contribute and not receive any artwork or props. Please let me know that, as if you don’t specify what art or props you want, I cannot choose what to send to you.

And here is the youtube video I made about the fundraiser, which was very frustrating to have spent all this effort making a video and then having Indiegogo yank it. But the gist of it remains the same. For some reason wordpress isn’t letting me embed it so here’s a link:


So let’s get straight to the point. I’ve selected some production art from the film, some are sketches dating WAAAAAY back to before Up Uranus was even an idea in my head. I have recently autographed them and put the approximate date on these pieces of art. Some of the dates are known, some of them are guesses to within a year or so: To get this blog post up here asap, i just shot some shots with my iphone, so if they look a little crappy, sorry. It was far easier than scanning each one in and messing around with them on photoshop. I’ll try to say a little bit about each one but otherwise probably name them with a ITEM # instead of titling each piece of art.

So in the first category we have pencil sketches/pencil drawings. We’ll start with the sketchiest first, (and go up in quality more or less. Everything is drawn on just regular 8.5 x 11 paper unless otherwise noted. I’m counting some ball point pen drawings as “pencils” if they’re quickly drawn.

ANYTHING CROSSED OUT IS TAKEN ALREADY. Though periodically i will clear the list of stuff that’s spoken for.

Item 1: Cummander Galasstica and Testostrobot 2004-2007

2: Asstra and Testostrobot 2, Feb 2007

3: Asstra costume designs, 2004

4: Space Station MasterBeta 69 costume drawing, 2007

5: Unused costume design drawing, 2004?-2007?

6: Dildroid sketch, date unknown. Apparently at some point she was going to have dildo hands?

7: Space porn shoot costume ideas, 2004

8: Space commander costume idea, 2007

9: Various space outfit ideas, 2005ish. ball point pen

10: Testostrobots. Date unknown, probably 2007

11: Testostrobot design, 2007

12: Testostrobot, ball point pen sketch, probably 2007

13: Concept Art, 2004. ball point pen (has torn edges)

14: Ball point sketches, with notes, 2004

15: “Oh My”, Asstra and Tbot. 2003-2004

16: Asstra and Testostobot Orgy, pencil sketch, 2004 (a pen and ink version of this exists too)

17:Asstra and dildo, July 2004

18:Asstra on the surface of Uranus, 2005. There are other bonus drawings on the other side of this paper! This drawing is long before I knew what I was going to make the T-bots out of!

19: Mr Bot R (at one point going to be called MO-7S, which is “slow” upside down. For those who don’t want smut and want a “tech drawing”

20: Asstra on planet surface with T-bots, 2004

21:Dildroid concept, pencil with head inked (unfinished). Feb 2007

22: Cummander Asstra Galasstica in lazer fight. Detailed Pencil, 2004

23: Asstra in Orgy, April 2004 and August 2007

24: Sketches. This also has more drawings on the back, of a “Drive in roller skating waitress” concept

25: Double sided drawings. On one side it has Asstra and Dildroid fucking, and the other side an equally good pretty naughty drawing of Asstra. I try to not draw on both sides of the page but this is one time i didn’t listen to my own rule. 2004-2007.

and on the other side:

26: Violator Bridge concept: 2011? ball point pen

27: Viberator ship designs, 11 x 17 paper, ball point pen. 2014 or earlier. Rip in upper right corner

28: Dildroid design sheet. pencil, 11 x 17. Before Jan 2007. Also has some bonus art on the back…

29: Dildroid drawings, 2006. Pencil, 8 x 17 inches. Also more art on the back

30: Concept costume design. Pencil, 11 x 17. 2004? 2007?

Okay, now we’re getting into the $50 and up category.

31: Asstra and Testostobot Orgy, new pencil and ink drawing based on Item #16

32: “Cummander Tara” – Light Duty Uniform. Detailed Ink drawing, 2008. Yes. the character wasn’t called Asstra Galasstica until a bit later in 2008 when the script was written.

33:“Cummander Tara Dress Uniform”. 2007, detailed pen and ink

34: Asstra Galasstica on Uranus with Gun. Highly detailed pen and ink, 2004-2007. This one also has some sketchy stuff on the back too, but this is the better drawing by far. In fact it’s one of the best ones in the whole lot.

35:Dildroid on space couch. Detailed pen and ink, 11 x 17. 2007

36: Dildroid finalized character design sheet, 11 x 17, Pen and ink, before 2007

So, there are many other drawings and sketches, these are just the ones i picked for now. First come first serve but if you see one you really like and someone’s taken it already, i can do a new one as well (though it probably won’t be as sketchy and messy). Yes, these are just pieces of regular paper and many of them are pretty rough and not treated very well. I imagine the best ones will go pretty quickly. I can also do new art if that ends up being popular. Now, onto…

Part 2: Props and Costumes from Up Uranus

This is what I’ve selected that I can part with from the film. There will be more later on as I still have a little filming to do for the “Director’s Cut”

Some of the props on the low end can be had for less than $50, as always, just email me at tara_emory@yahoo.com

Item A: Stimul-8 VR Goggles. Guaranteed to NOT work!

Item B: Tiny spaceship probe thingy. Handmade, cardboard, 2022

ITEM C: Testostrobot head, no expression, 2007

ITEM D: Testostrobot Head, surprised expression, 2012~

ITEM E: Asstra black cockstrap uniform. 2009. PVC and paper and tape. Okay, here’s the thing about costumes. They’re for display purposes only as many of them are also well worn. Think of this as owning an original Star Trek uniform from 1966 or something. If you want to display them, I also have some knee-up mannequins, though not all these costumes fit well on them.

ITEM F: Pink uniform, 2008. I have made two of these, and I’m willing to let one go. One is large than the other one, It’s made out of Neoperene (the wetsuit material) and actually is still quite wearable. It’s looking a bit shabby here, I’ll try to clean it soon. I’m also willing to break this one up in pieces. It actually has hard plastic in the shoulder cuffs, and it is not sitting on the mannequin well in these shots because the mannequin isn’t soft.

ITEM G etc: Dildroid, 2008. Ok, this is where it gets a bit messy. The dildroid outfit is made from a shiny gold hard plastic material, and not all pieces of the outfit have fared very well. So I’ve decided that in true scrapyard tradition, I think it’s best to break up Dildroid in pieces! These pieces of the Dildroid may or may not be compatible as spare parts for your dildroid unit at home, though I make no guarantees on if they work or not. As you can see, I tried putting the whole outfit on a mannequin and it didn’t work well (same thing, mannequin not soft, and outfit has lots of hard plastic pieces. Also, there’s a lot of broken pieces of Dildroid. SO yes, FOR PARTS ONLY!

So here we have Dildroid’s left arm, compatible with other Dildroid units.

(What I’m going to do is ship you a mannequin arm with all the arm pieces on it, and if i have to glue a few on there, well, that might happen too. Think of it as owning the Terminator hand from Terminator….)

And also we have the right arm as well…

As you can see from the backside, it’s just Xmas ornaments and gauntlets that zip on, but it’s ready for display in your porn prop collection!

Now i do have the antenna from Dildroid, but it ~might~ already be spoken for as my editor actually really wanted it and at the time I wasn’t willing to break up the outfit into bits. But this Dildroid has a lot of miles on her, I think I can be ok scrapping her…

There are also things like Dildroid’s Knee caps and then her whole corset. And there there are these weird “butt panniers” also made out of weird gold plastic globes i found. As you can see, this prop has a few missing bits but if i can make some repairs before sending it off to a new home, I will

So, is the Dildroid costume wearable? Well, it was painful, just ask Mandy Mitchell, who will tell you it was NOT. But she’s been nominated for an AVN for her performance in it, so when can you have an opportunity to own such a piece of porn history memorabilia AND a space sex robot! Only 75 Nobulan Space Credits!! Do I hear 80? 90!!! SOLD to the blue skinned quadruple breasted alien in the back!!

And lastly, we have these. Oops, spoiler alert, the space ladies in the station die a grizzly death!
Yes, they’re just thrift store barbie dolls quickly made up to be floating space debris.

ITEM H: gory doll corpses!

So this is what i have up for now. The Space Station, Viberator and Violator are not available at the moment, and larger parts of the Testostrobot props I still kinda need as there’s a few shots I need to still do. But some of that might become available soon, as well as other outfit, maybe even one of the fishbowl space helmets used in the film.

If you’re one of the dozen or so folks who were on the initial fundraiser, I will be getting in contact with you and sending you to this page to pick what you want, and depending on how much you donated we will work it out.

Thanks for looking! And this might also be an ongoing thing but for the time being- First dibs has to go to the summer 2022 donors. But once they get the pick of the litter, you can join in too. email me at

tara_emory@yahoo.com which is also where i can accept Paypal donations. It’s best to EMAIL me as comments on this blog post might get missed, and also, comments through paypal sometimes don’t work well. I have messaged people through paypal and had conversations go dead because they couldn’t receive messages. It’s always best to EMAIL me at tara_emory@yahoo.com

Oh and when sending via paypal, make sure you have it as an “underscore” between tara and emory. And send “as a gift” otherwise Paypal might take a little fee out.

Costumes are for display purposes only, not for wearing. (I feel i need to say that again)


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Lots and lots of changes ahead for www.taraemory.com

Well, I have good news, and I have bad news, and then I have good news again.

I guess I’ll begin with the first good news, but even before that, allow me to say, holy shit, I haven’t posted anything on this blog in over a year!! I guess I’ve moved a lot of what I would’ve posted here, to other places like my Patreon, my Instagram, and my Facebook.

Well with any luck, I will be posting here more often, I look back at lots of the posts on this blog and I miss this format. This is also the best way to really say certain things whereas in other places, it tends to get covered with whatever news happens that supercedes it.

So.. what’s the first good news? Well, there’s a totally new website coming for www.tara-ts.com aka www.taraemory.com. It’s no secret that my member’s site hasn’t changed it’s look (or it’s code) since like 2018, or 2013 or oh gosh, I bet parts of the code date all the way back to 2003. This website no longer really works on many devices, and I know, I desperately know, that that fact is killing my business model.

Something better is coming. It’s going to be less reliant on “selling porn” and it’s also going to show less “skin” in the free area. In fact, I have noticed that all the free areas really do knock you over the head with the smut, while at the same time, have no links or ways to get people to other social media sites and things I’m working on, like my Youtube Channel “Everything’s Tarable” and just basic stuff like my twitter, tumblr, facebook and Onlyfans. Right now, a one-stop-comprehensive-locale for everything Tara it isn’t.

I need the new site to better represent me as maybe something of a legend and a pioneer in the industry, as well as an all around internet personality. That’s the tone that the documentary End of Wonderland strikes.

Wait, what’s this? There’s a documentary about me, yeah, i bet you didn’t know because guess what, this site sucks at promoting these things!!

So the new portal pages will be much different from what’s here now. I’m tossing all that “fetish garden” and that very very very busy looking pages with the gears and all the text you can’t read anyway, and the video that auto starts that you can’t shut off or whatever awful shitty code that’s still on there.

The member’s area will take on a different style and tone, and now be called the “VIP Access” or something like that. And then inside the site, though a lot of it will look the same, it’s going to have a better slideshow interface for viewing pictures on a tablet or on a computer.

So what’s the bad news?

Well, so much on the website, let’s say the galleries that date from 2001 to 2010, are in very tiny resolution. Like 600 x 900 pixels, or maybe 1200 pixels in the largest dimension. They’re small by todays standards, and I can only imagine that anyone blasting through the site will get to the older shoots and can’t help but be disappointed as they are not as immersive as the newer shoots that are like 1500x 2000.

In my mind, some of this stuff is barely a saleable “product”, and a lot of those shoots are going to get the axe.

So then what’s the other good news then?

Well, they will be coming back, well, some of them will. Probably the shoots from before 2003 can’t ever me in amazing quality because the digital camera they were shot on was garbage, but since mid 2003 to 2006, I did shoot on a 4 megapixel camera, so if i work from the original pictures, I can make new final pictures at a pretty nice size. And stuff from 2006 on, it’s the same camera I use today, so I can reprocess those shots in full 1700x 2500 pixels and they look just as good as stuff I shot yesterday.

Think of these upscaled shoots as “digital remasters”, like they do with albums, or “Blu-ray releases” of tv shows where they go back into the original film footage and get a HD transfer. I’m calling these retro-releases, well, RETRO RELEASES. See, I’ve got a logo and everything!

And the first one of these Retro Releases is a reworking of 2010’s “My Throbbing Valentine”. instead of maxxing out at 1200 pixels, the new processed pictures come in at 2000-2400 pixels. And another thing is, yes, I have chosen fewer photos to grace these new versions of these sets. I’m going to try to trim some of the large 200+ shoots down to less than 150 pictures or so. 120 is the target range. So this means that a lot of them won’t make the cut this time around. But the difference in quality is impressive. And while this won’t be as noticeable on the 2009-2012 shoots, It will be a huge jump on some of the older 2006 stuff.

So I’m releasing this retrorelease as a “new shoot” and as we rewrite the website, it’s likely that all the 2010 and older content will either be in a special archives area, or taken off the site. Because you might have to miss these shoots to relish in them being re-released.

I know this may sound like I have slowed down, or that I’m getting out of doing work. This is actually a lot of work to go back and rework them from the originals. This isn’t the sort of thing where you hit a magic enhance button and it’ upscales everything. Those don’t exist, and besides, even if they do, it’s always always better to work from the originals. Also, the new versions of them will benefit from my improved photoshopping skills and all that. You will be seeing them with new eyes. Also, and very importantly, it’s a good way to show that the content of the site is constantly being upgraded and that the site is not languishing or getting stale. This way, I can concentrate on doing one kick-ass new shoot a month, and then fill the rest out with retro releases and other news. I’m pivoting my career away from straight-up porn, so it’s best that we see my work as the best it can be. It will be good for me to dip back into these classic shoots to remember what i did and remind myself of where I was and where I can go. They will probably help to energize my thirst to make new content too.

So that’s the good news/bad news/good news. I’m not sure when the changes to the site are coming, probably by March, but I wanted to get the new “My Throbbing Valentine” out today of course.

There of course is so, so so much more news, about “End of Wonderland”, “Up Uranus” and everything else going on, and the new version of my website should really be a better portal into my world.


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Cooking the Books on Taraemory.com

So it’s heading towards the end of the year now it’s been something of a slow year and nowhere as productive as I’d like it to be, mostly because of losing my studio last year and then Covid has sorta depressed everything.

But in the coming weeks while I have a few shoots in progress I think I’m also going to try to finish up a Xmas shoot I planned last year but didn’t make (It was designed, material was bought, but didn’t get very far and I already had two Xmas shoots anyway). But a lot of the work I have done that you all haven’t seen much of is the more spontaneous, selfie iphone type shots. This is generally what I upload to my only fans, but I despise the way that website is basically like a pile of papers and you have to slog through post after post to see something I posted a year ago, it’s really not like the way my own site is set up. But onlyfans gets a lot of my content that I make and upload from my phone, but it’s not what I’m the most proud of.

But I have amassed a HUGE backlog of not-quite photo shoots that weren’t big enough, or ambitious enough to qualify as real shoot. But still, they have some amazing qualities to them that would be a shame if they didn’t come out. I have released a few iphone selfie shoots before, and also I tend to add them into whatever shoot they match up with anyway if I bang off a few selfies while I do a shoot.

But there’s lots that don’t match up with existing shoots or are just camshow shots. And there are a lot of them. So I’ve taken these 1000 or so pictures and i have been organizing them into loose sets, though the pictures in those sets may have been shot over the course of a year. Basically whenever I do live camshows and I get dolled up, I tend to shoot about up to 30 or so pictures and I really do like the results.

And i will warn you, there’s a LOT of uh… how shall we say, HEAVY modification with filters going on here. In many cases they’re pretty obvious (look at how the earrings tend to get stretched out) and it’s funny because I think people who think I “don’t need work done” probably see these pictures and think I’m 20 years old, when in fact though i don’t look that much worse, the filters perfectly illustrate what I’d LIKE to do to my face via plastic surgery.

But anyway, consider yourself warned, there’s a bit of stretching reality here with these pictures, but not always. I guess it’s up to you to figure out which ones are tweaked and which ones aren’t! And considering that these are done on a many years old iphone 5s, I would think the “live fixing face software” has come a long way since then.

But like I said, I didn’t have nearly as many photo shoots come out this year, so I have thrown together as many galleries as I can with these, and will be doing some pretty big upload dumps before the end of the year. I will also be uh, placing them evenly spaced throughout the year, so remember when I didn’t have a shoot come out between April 30 and June 30th? Well poof! One of these becomes the “May 20th” update. Hence why this post is called “Cooking the Books”! The goal is that by the end of the year I will have added about 10-15 new photo shoots to the 2020 gallery and sucessfully retconned this year to seem like it indeed was very productive. But anyway, hush hush, don’t tell anyone!

The first three that went up are called “Lavender Locks”, “Green Hair don’t Care” and “Brainy Bimbo”, and they loosely follow their themes. I think the hardest part is trying to make these collections work as cohesive wholes, as there will inevitably end up being a random shoot of different looks that don’t fit anywhere else.

So, after I load up the 2020 gallery with a bunch of these (and you might have to poke around the site a bit to find them) I will then do an overhaul of the portal pages of the site, and yes, that means the teaser video which is like 7 years old now. I may or may not be planning on the next phase of my career to be a bit different, while still building upon everything I have done before. It’s possible, I may be drifting away from the whole “futanari fuckdoll” persona, but sadly if you don’t like that image, you might be getting a motherload of previously unreleased material from that phase of my career.

But yes, I am looking forward to what Tara Emory version 4.0 will look like. I think she’s a little more timeless an eternal, maybe not chasing the latest ahegao trends. BTW if you don’t like me trying to copy Belle Delphine, you’re not going to like a lot of these mini shoots, but that’s what we gotta get through before we get to whatever is next…

Which I know is going to be awesome one way or another!


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Where the hell have I been , part Two

So onward and upward. I’m going to make this post a little short because maybe I really need to get moving on with whatever I need to do next, but I feel I should touch upon what else I did this year.

So first up was the Sponty shoot, which came out great. I guess what I used to post up on this blog has kinda moved over to my Patreon these days, but here’s a couple of in-progress pictures.

So the set and props came out really nice, and I did a reasonably good job of hiding the fact that this was all really shot in my dining room.

So the shoot itself came out pretty good, though I wish i was able to get the lighting to be a little more dramatic, and less “flat”. But it’s done, and I got my dining room back. The vials of fake cum, though, I did keep them for a “hucow” (human cow) shoot idea I want to do later.

So that shoot had been in the pipeline forever but i managed to do a few easy ones in the meantime, “Quarantine Cute” which is a sequel to “Nurse Pinky”, and “Firecracker” which was just me in a bikini out by the backyard BBQ.

I’ve done a bit of work on a few outfits that aren’t quite done yet, or are done, but don’t have a set yet built for them. Perhaps I will leave those for a future blog post update though.

The last shoot I did recently was for Halloween, and it was me as Elvira, in a shoot called “Scream Queen”. And this I manged to throw together in my house, but it does indeed suck not having a studio any more.

So yeah, good stuff, but onward and upward, and well, a lot of the behind the scenes stuff I’m only sharing with my Patreon peeps. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of traffic on this blog, and I don’t think it’s because of a lack of updates. I dunno where all the action is these days, but there are better places to learn what I’m up to, like my Instagram or my Patroen or my facebook feed.


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Where the Hell have I been? – Part One

Well, elsewhere, and in general this year has been really rough.

So where were we? Last I see, it was January when I made a blog post about stocking my website and ManyVids store full of my videos, and apparently I was complaining a bit that my website wasn’t doing so great as well.

And then a month or so later and well, my career and my plans for 2020 pretty much got mothballed. That doesn’t mean I have been inactive, just scrambling to figure out where in the internet I should be most active.

But I know, if you only follow me here you’d think I fell off the edge of the earth or something. I haven’t. It’s been a rough year, not so much because of the virus, just things in general that were supposed to happen, didn’t happen. And while I do know that many people have managed to reap great financial benefits from the lockdown, I probably spent far more time wondering what the hell I should be doing than getting comfortable on webcam.

As for my blog post activity, I have moved most of my work-in-progress blog posts over to my Patreon, I post a few times a week over there, and for those who contribute to the $5 tier, they get to see all the behind the scenes stuff on my projects

Those on the $10 tier get to see a selection of R-rated pictures from my shoots, though the entire shoot go up on my members site.

There’s also a $1 tier (sort of an anonymous donar) and a $25 tier (additional perks I haven’t figured out yet), but the main levels are the $5 and $10 level.

So, lets backtrack a bit and figure out where we all were in February

As everything started to fall apart and I was settling into my house, now overstuffed with objects and furniture and outfits from my old studio, I looked to reworking old outfits to make into new outfits. So “Posh Purple” was a drastic reworking of an old bellhop outfit from ages ago that didn’t even remotely fit me any more.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure this outfit fit me the first time around… 17 (?!?!?!) years ago.

I was skinny then, but more voluptuous now, that’s for sure

So that was one out of the way, but the outfit re-do really might have been a completely new outfit anyway.

Right after that, COVID-19 hit and it was hard to get materials to finish up some projects. It did take a while for my next shoot to come out, and I admit, I committed a cardinal sin by shooting in the same room/same background twice in a row! Oh no!

So this was going to be my Easter shoot- “Derby Doll”, though I also was thinking Kentucky Derby. By then I think they postponed the derby till later in the year, so I can’t feel guilty coming out late with this at all.

It was the biggest hat I had ever made. In fact, it started out even bigger (like 36″) but the flowers really weighed down the front. Which meant more would have to be on the back. Instead I removed them and cut a few more inches from the diameter.

The outfit was made from this purple gingham charoplex (Mexican oil cloth- one of my favorite materials), and the same sort of ruffled trim I have used for a zillion of my other outfits. I’m going to be very unhappy if that trim stops becoming available. I had gotten most of the materials for this outfit before the pandemic or much earlier.

I even toyed with the idea of this purple hair for it, but it was too red and didn’t fit with that purple.

The glasses were somewhat problematic as they caught the lights a lot. I might have to pop out the lenses when I use them again.

Most of April I was stuck re-roofing my house, and again that was a project that took forever but needed to be done. At least now it’s nice to have a roof that doesn’t leak but around April/May I was very not happy.

While I was wrapping this up in May, I made my first attempt to build an entire set for a shoot in my dining room, as opposed to using my rooms in my house for a backdrop.

So this was the Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog shoot I had thinking about for a while. Actually the orange fursuit started out life as a “Cats” inspired outfit, but ended up looking so much more like a fursuit, I abandoned that idea. And remember that upside down bathtub there, that is being hidden by the platform I built, but you’ll see it come back later.

This brings us to June I think. I have been camming off and on, and trying different outfits and looks, but didn’t really know what I wanted to do as my next shoot. I tried a live show with the Tails set before ripping it down.

But one thing I was sure about, i was tired of tripping over the bathtub that was being saved for a future bathroom renovation.

Maybe I ought to do the bathroom?

So there was about a month of smashing stuff, digging dirt out from under my floor, rebuilding the drain to the new tub, building a vanity mostly from scratch and using a free counter top, and teaching myself how to tile floors.

Here’s some early before shots: At this point I had already ripped out the shower surround, which was horribly crooked as it was a perfect cube, but my bathroom, like my house, is more parallelogram shaped.

So this brings us up to about mid-June. I have forever been working on making a costume of a well known hentai character called “Sponty”, who is this rabbit eared futanari girl who seems to always get herself into predicaments with alien sex robot fucking machines or something.

not my art- this is just inspiration for this upcoming shoot

But I’m going to have to leave that for the next blog update. I didn’t realize just how much everything I did this summer!


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Finishing up all the HD edits to every video I ever made, ever!

So between Christmas and New Years I pretty much had the cold/flu/crud that I guess was going around.  I was going to be indoors for a while, so I figured I’d take that time to  get everything out of the way to actually finish up, or at least cobble something together that resembles my Sci fi trans porn epic “Up Uranus”

But first a dose of reality.  My site ain’t doing that great, income wise.  And funny thing is, that it contains like all the videos I’ve ever done, which anyone can get to download for just one low reasonable price.  Those who join my website for the first time are treated with a treasure trove of pictures and videos.

Yet, somehow, on sites like www.manyvids.com there seem to be these suckers  fans who are completely fine with paying the same amount that a site membership would cost, on just a few videos.   Screw the membership website business model, I’m going to do this instead! , I thought.

So at the end of the year I decided I’d stock up my manyvids store with as much content as humanly possible.    And I stil had like 10-15 videos that way back in the day, I had shot in 1080i high definition, but had edited and released in crappy old Standard 640 x 480 Def.

And yes, I know, this ain’t 4k or anything.  This isn’t about looking forward, this is simply about getting everything I’ve done, out there in the best quality possible.   A lot of people probably haven’t even seen this stuff anyway, and I do like the selling- videos-one-at-a-time business model very much

Now I will get to making new content which of course will sell a lot better than a bunch of upscaled old videos, but I felt like shit for most of December and this was the best way to spend my time.  And no, my member site isn’t going anywhere, in fact all these scenes will be hitting my members site, probably in one big lump update in January.

And since I’m a bit lazy even talking about this now, here’s a few gifs that show what the scenes are.  Oh, should I say CW: Seizure warning?

So I did 14 or 15 re-edits of these videos in HD, and now I can finally say that I’ve officially scrape the bottom of the barrel.

I also then tweeted about this content  hitting my manyvids page, in a tweeting frequency that I’ve never quite done before.   And as a result I closed out December with the best month I’ve ever had on ManyVids.  Which got me into the top 75 by the end of the year, though I few times I think I scratched the top 40.

Still, it was a lot of work to maintain, and you feel you’re busting a nut to pull in $20 a day in video sales.   I do think that just a little more momentum and I can probably pay my housing costs with just the ManyVids revenue alone.

(Oh I should probably mention that all of this content went up on my clips4sale store, but I don’t really get a lot of sales over there.  Clips4Sale is on ok site, but seems a  bit dated, whereas ManyVids seems to have room to grow, with the ability to do live shows and just a more  up to date interface.  I’ve had months go by and nothing sell on Clips4Sale..)

Links here:

My ManyVids Store

My Clips4Sale store

My Patreon

Hopefully this will whet the appetite amongst the fans for new video content.  My two recent Christmas shoots had to be hastily done in order to get them out for the holidays, so no video was shot.

So the other reason to get this content out was to archive it off my computer(s) hard drive(s) and make room for new projects, which includes wrapping up “Up Uranus”.

Probably making a nice teaser trailer for Up Uranus would be a good thing.  And yeah, I know, people are tired of hearing about this, and how it should have come out like, 10 years ago, but on the other hand, more people don’t know about it than do know about it, so it’ll all  be new to them.   Most of the principal photography has been completed, and it’s just down to effects shots and editing.  As I get deeper into the project and closer to knowing when I can be completed,   I’ll have more to report.



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Oh hey, Christmas shoots.



Oh hey, it’s me updating this blog good and timely.  I’ll leave it to the next post to tell you where I’ve been devoting my energies to, but for this discussion, lets look at what I cooked up for Christmas.

I feel like I’ve done every conceivable holiday shoot in existence, so any ideas left are probably going to be further refinements of older ideas.  And that’s fine.   There’s plenty of room for different colors and improvements to old themes.

So I fleshed out 4 or 5 ideas, based on various sketches I made, some which date back a few years.  First was a reindeer partial fursuit one, which would have taken advantage of some interesting reindeer facepaint.

Anyway, this one didn’t happen simply because the fake fur you can find in stores you’re basically limited to whatever’s available, and  none of the fake furs seemed right.  So then there were a few that are inspired by Dr Seuss’s Grinch story  (And no, I wouldn’t do a sexy grinch, that makes no sense at all)  First up was some sort of Who from whoville, but you don’t want to specifically look like a certain underage character.  And yeah, In my search I found plenty of mainstream Grinch porn that went there, though were all like “She’s all grown up”  Hmmmm…  I think I’ll just stick to a more unspecific Whoville character…
Which is how I came up with this anthropomorphasized candy cane lady.  To make this outfit work, I really wanted to emphasize diagonal stripes, and the majority of striped stockings I had were all just horizontal stripes.  But this one was a contender.
Next up was something that was going to have a more classic, long haired pin up burlesque look, using green red and white as a peppermint theme.  This outfit got as far as the hat, stockings and trim selection stage but the outfit didn’t happen because I just went for the simpler options.

Last up was something rather simple, kind of an elf on the shelf thing.  In pinks, white fur and a hot green and pink stripes.  Of course, all these ideas would change depending on what I could scrape up for accessories and what shoes I had to go with whatever.

From 5 ideas they got whittled down to 3, and then of those three, 2 happened, which is still much better than some years, where I had no Christmas shoot at all.  So the first outfit became “Fun With Candy Canes”

The outfit itself was nothing more than pasties, stockings and gloves, and all the effort was to go to this hat, which I didn’t quite know how I was going to make.  Do I buy a huge plastic candy cane lawn ornament and turn it into a hat?  I could easily see spending too much money on making this thing, or like making it out of fibreglass or trying in vain to make the curves and stripes absolutely perfect.  Instead I went the simpler route, just good ol’ paper-mache.  Which is still tough when you’re trying to turn flat poster board into compound curves.

Blown up balloons were used to support it from being crushed and to make the end tip of the candycane, all while making it really lightweight.   And I have to say, now that I have done fibreglass resin work (elsewhere, I was repairing a canoe) and paper mache, it’s really the same technique.  The newspaper strips act pretty much like the fiberglass sheets, and then the flour and water paste acts like a resin.  And I’m actually surprised at how strong the paper mache is once it’s all done.  And no, I’m not expecting this hat to be waterproof, or withstand being crushed if someone sat on it, or worse still, I was wearing it and smashed it on a low door frame.
But paper mache looks like crap when it’s finished, and can’t be sanded or make to look smooth.  Pretty much the only thing I could do is cover it with a velvety material and even at first, that didn’t work, but I kind of just worked it until it was, how should we say, consistently “handmade” looking.  The goal wasn’t to look super shiny like actual candy.

And an outfit like this, it all comes down to the little details, the pasties and bows etc.

So the second outfit to make it to Christmas ended up being called “Pink Christmas”.  This was the pink elf shoot.  This also depended on what arrived off my amazon wish list (thank you!) and what I could throw together in a room that matched things well.

This one stayed pretty simple, and limited to the accessories and not bothering to make a full corset.  It takes days to make a corset, and there’s usually multiple trips to the cloth store in the process.  This was a case of “what do i have?” “What can I make out of it?”

There were lots of scraps of pink fur (back from my Easter Bunny fursuit I made ages ago), and I hadn’t yet shot anything in this little short spiky green wig I had.  And glasses worked as well.  Add to this that I got a Pink Christmas tree this year, and this made a nice shoot.

So this was the first shoot I shot, and the end result is very good.  I had virtually nothing t touch up or alter in photoshop, except I tend to tweak the contrast a bit to suit my own tastes.  But partway through the shoot, my last operational remote control for my Canon camera was dying.

Yes, I often do more than one shoot in one session, but this one was pretty tough considering that my remote was basically dead.   As I self shoot all my own stuff, you’re pretty much screwed without that remote.  And I’ve burned through something like 7 of them in as many years.  The little “bubble buttons” wear out eventually.  I did try to walk up to the camera, hit the shutter and then run back to position, but even then, the camera does dumb shit like set its focus when you hit the button, which means it focuses on you 2 feet away instead of 7 feet away.  So I didn’t get as many gems out of this shoot as I would have liked.   Still though, the best ones in this set were some of the best I have done ever.

Which is pretty much all you can expect.  I have gotten two replacement remote controls since then, and one of them is an aftermarket one that has actual buttons on it that hopefully won’t wear out after 2000 shutter releases.

I got both these shoots up on my site, with a smaller “lewd” selection for my Patreon patrons.  The holidays were nice, but I had to clear something off the decks before getting in the huge project I want to finish…


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But wait, there’s MORE!: Up Uranus progress and “Nympho Nymph”

Remember my trans sci fi porn epic?  Well, yes, that’s still inching along.  In fact, this whole set with the tv sets was entirely for that project and nothing else..

Losing my studio was really going to put a damper on my plans to finally finish this movie, which I think now is pretty solidly going to be called “Up Uranus”.  All the principal photography with the flesh and blood actors isdone, and all that’s left is well, the special effects and all the space battle shots.  Not having a place to shoot that was going to kinda suck.

So in between photo shoots, I was trying to fill in the holes in the editing timeline with whatever effects shots I could swing.   I had one last background in my studio that had been painted for the movie, and I hasn’t painted over for newer projects.  So somewhere around April or so I did some shots of the USS Viberator landing on the surface of Uranus. And then a few months later (like June or July) there was some shots of testostrobots hitting buttons that was filmed while I had a few friends over that could help me.

Anyway, there were some robot head exploding shots that I really wanted to do.  But there was considerable risk doing- ahem- pyrotechnics indoors.  I sorta figured I wouldn’t get a chance to do them, but….  fast forward to September 1st.

I needed to have all my stuff out of the studio by the first, when they were going to change the locks.  Turned out, Sept 1st was a Sunday, so of course, no realtor was going to come by to change the locks.  Turned out, in fact, that no one came to change the locks until September 13th (!).  Geeeeez, I had like an extra two weeks in that building had I known.  Of course, everything was out of there by August 31st, so there was little I could still do in there, unless I moved all the lights and shit back in, for whatever little shoot I wanted to do.

I decided that on the evening of the 1st, I might as well have a go at my exploding heads shots.  I spent that day testing the charges.  They were gel caps filled with a tiny bit of gunpowder, and steel wool, with two pins poked through them hooked up to a car battery to ignite them.   Very low tech.  And if your’e wondering where I learned all this stuff, I have experience doing low tech effects for movies I made back in college, so that’s where it comes from.

I only really needed like two explosions from a few different angles, which I shot with two cameras simultaneously.  The tests determined that there was little danger of the robot heads catching fire, and so long as they were shot in slo-mo, the effect worked well enough.

I can’t show you the video here, but here’s still frames of the outdoor test and of the final effects shot.  In order to get a fireball, I filled the head full of balloons inflated with propane.  And yay, I didn’t light the studio building on fire.  I kept a fire extinguisher at hand just in case.

So, there were more bits and pieces of Up Uranus that I filmed over the summer, but I didn’t get photos of that stuff.  Oh, and this summer I also pulled the engine out of my ’98 VW and replaced the clutch (because I was losing my car-working-on-space) and tons of work to my house at the same time.

If you haven’t figured it out, for me to go on cam on a slow day and sit there and do nothing is not relaxing for me.  If it’s not a money making venture or progress on a project, it’s a complete waste of time.  So I wasn’t on cam as much as I should be.  Also, if you’re a wondered why I wasn’t on social media much, it because this year I’ve been too busy to post every little thing every day, and what happens is that you all will get social media avalanches like this instead.  It’s kind of feast or famine in my world.

And to top off my productivity binge in August/September, there was ONE more shoot I managed to squeeze in while I still had the studio space, called “Nympho Nymph”.  Actually, it was shot in the woods in the lot of the studio space, and this was shot on the 11th before the new owners took possession of the property.  Still, I ran the risk of someone popping by unannounced, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

This shoot came out okay.  Not great, but all right.  It was a hot hot day, so I was sweating quite a bit.  And shooting with natural light is always a challenge, because you really only get the perfect light for like a half an hour then it moves.  Plus shooting in the dirt you get dirt on your butt and wonderful unpleasantries like that.

In a perfect world I’d remount this shoot somewhere else, but it’s just an outfit made from bits and pieces of other outfits, and I was happy to get it done before all the leaves were gone.  Alas, no video of this shoot.  I’m not even certain I had enough non-x rated ones I could use for a Patreon update.  (and my patreon  being functional is another story for another blog post)

So, this brought me up to mid September, and the next month or so was just editing all those photo shoots so that I’d have a constant drip of new shoots over the autumn, as I then adjusted to tripping over boxes of stuff in my house and figuring out where the Hell I was going to shoot whatever would be next.

Which would be….

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Moving out of my studio.

Well, this still isn’t quite my retrospective on everything I did in this space since I first moved in in 2007.  Actually I think I’ll shoot a little video about that instead.  Instead I’m just going to post pictures of how empty the space looked once I got everything moved out.  This was all like August 31st or something.  I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Bye bye, Wonderland!

And if you’re wondering why I get so emotional about this space, it was because there was one last kind of kick in the teeth as I was leaving.  Since it had stayed on the market for so long, the people that ended up buying it (to have some kind of woodworkers shop) bought it for a pretty cheap price, almost something that maybe I could have afforded.  Honestly if I had known it went for WHAaaaaaT?-  then maybe I might have fought a little harder to have purchased it. Instead I have to keep telling myself that the building itself was too much work to maintain or to make useable, and worst of all – simply too much space for my needs-.

But, looking ahead from this point, I had 4 shoots in the can that I had to edit, plus now I had to adjust to all the extra crap that I moved into the house, and well, figuring out where the hell I would shoot my shoots.  And yeah, it’s not lost on me that if push comes to shove, I really can bang out 4 ambitious self-shot porn shoots in 10 days if I really need to.

But wait, is there more that I have to report?  On to the next blog post…


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Avalanche of shoots part 4: “Fru Fru Nekopet” and “Bimbocchio”

So moving right along.  I won’t trouble you all with the backstory, just read the previous posts.   The last 10 days of August were crazy.  I got two fairly ambitious shoots done, but also had a few more ideas I wanted to try, while I still had my studio space available to use.

This one, “Fru Fru Nekopet” was just some weird outfit that developed out of  bits and pieces that I put together.  This concept was sort of the opposite of “Mile High Club” and “Money Shot” where in those the costumes were done, and I had to build ambitious sets.  For “Fru Fru” and “Bimbocchio”, the sets were easy to put together, and the outfits themselves didn’t exist.

So the set for “Fru Fru” was just (oh hey, yet another) couch/setee/chaise lounge I picked up somewhere.  Yeah, I know I said I had like 11 couches. I should have not bought another one, but this one?  $11.99 at a thrift store.  YES TWELVE DOLLARS.  Can’t say no to that, and it’s in such good shape.  Shit, I’ll toss two others to make room for this very very nice piece of very fru-fru furniture.

I think I scored this piece it back in June and though I was like I need another goddamn couch like I need a hole in my head, I figured I’d build an outfit to match it, and just keep the rest of everything simple.The outfit turned into something a bit more ambitious and though it was full on compromises,  the final result came out pretty good, and not bad for a B-shoot (if something like “Mile High Club” is an A-shoot)

So that shoot happened August 26th or so.  And while that was going on, there was one more shoot that I was still working on…. “Bimbocchio”

So in my studio, I had a pretty cluttered but visually interesting woodshop area.  And as I was emptying the building, I thought with a little effort, I could turn it into a “Gepetto’s workshop” area.  This idea to do “Bimbocchio” was heavily influenced by this piece of erotic comic  book art I’ve seen here and there (though I don’t own the book itself)
So, I tried to remove all the clearly brand names of whatever (I didn’t want my shoot to become an advertisement for Rust-O-Leum) I managed to make the set work pretty well. 

The outfit was a little bit of a letdown, but worked well enough considering how much work I was cramming into the last 3 or 4 days of August.  The shoot itself happened on August 28th or so.

I could have tried a bit harder to make the outfit a little better, but it was a matter of working with what I had. There was no time to change my mind on one little detail and have to wait for something to arrive in the mail or whatever.  As it stood, there was also no opportunity to shoot video of this shoot (or  for “Money Shot” either).  Alas, I can’t get video of every shoot, as I usually need a person physically there to shoot the video.  And no, shooting on a tripod ends up looking like crap.  Yeah, it can be done, but it’s an awful compromise, as I’m spending too much effort trying to keep myself in the frame and distractions like that.

So yeah, I banged out 4 shoots in 10 days, AND got all my stuff out of there.  But wait, there’s actually MORE that I did, which yes, I’ll post in the next blog update…


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