RULES for Promoting

The Tara Emory Narcissism Facilitation Program - Okay, let's just call it the "Tara Emory Referral Program"- is administered through CCBill. CCBill makes paymets weekly, provided the check amounts meet the minimum of $25. I offer 50% revenue sharing on new subscriptions and rebills to my affiliates. Since I just started this program and am learning as I go, some of these terms and rules will likely change, probably to offer affiliates more incentives or to better protect my own rights, so check these rules often for revisions.

Rule #1. I will not allow you to promote me from any site that uses a domain or subdomain containing the words "Tara" "Emory" "TaraTS" "Uranus" "Needs" or any misspellings of these words. Your job as promoter is to seek out and send me new customers, not divert traffic that thinks it's found the genuine "Tara Emory" website ( in this casebeing your portal). Some exceptions can be made, but contact me directly with your promotional ideas.

Rule #2. I am VERY particular about the way I am advertised. Do not put words in my mouth or things in "quotes" that I did not say. Do not say I have a 12 inch cock, or that I am on my webcam 24/7 or that I have 1.2 million pictures on my website that is updated 17 times a day.

You may paraphrase anything that I have said in my preview pages or on my site though, but please run it by me first! On the other hand, you may have some great ideas to "sell" me better than ideas I have thought of. Again, consult with me first. A huge part of my success is my personality and having control over my images. Taking this big step to allow affilates puts me at risk of diluting my image, so it's important that whatever you say about me does in fact represent "me". Likewise, do not make claims about my website that can't live up to.

Rule #3. If you become an affiliate with me please do not demand or expect that I provide a link back to you (and to be honest, I'm too lazy to link back to you). Sorry, but I'm doing this to GET traffic to my website. The trade-off for me is I risk having too much of my own content out there in free "portal galleries", which brings me to the next rule...

Rule #4: Useage and Supply of Content: You're partnering with me to promote my site, not duplicate my site or make it redundant by making a huge free "Tara Emory" site. You can not make a competing Tara Emory site or blog out of the content supplied for you even if you do link back. You must always mention in any of your own sites. Since different affilates have different ideas of how many pictures they need for their promo galleries, I must set limits on the amount of pictures I will allow you to post on your own sites.

For any free site, ideally 15-25 pictures in one place. Depending on how your site works, I can be flexible, but do not expect to be supplied entire galleries.

Pictures must not be recropped so that the "Tara Emory" watermark is missing, and no other URLs should be added to or put over my watermark.

You can not use my photos to promote any site but my own, which also means you cannot use my pictures to promote your own site even if it in turn promotes my own site. An example of this might be splashing my picture accross your home page with no clear route to the part of your site where people actually see more of me and can then join my site. The one exception is if you have a page listing all the girls you promote on your site and you need to list me and include a photo.



As this is my first ever affiliate program , these rules may and probably will change. Probably as affiliates bitch about what is "standard" in the industry. Bear with me- I'm new at this!

Well, that's about it for now! Thanks to Trixie for the inspiration in writing these rules!
I whole heartedly admit I sort of reworded her rules I thought worked best for me, and omitted ones that didn't apply.


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