So, you've decided that you like what you see and would love to spread the word about this amazing tranny (me!) that you've seen on the internet!

Now, of course you could be one of those guys who just posts a bunch of pictures on some forum, which -yes- generates awareness but does little else.

Why do that when you can promote me, AND make some money spreading the word about my site! Yes, facilitate my narciccism while making some money for yourself! Whee! We both win!

Welcome to the my little affiliate program. I'm searching for the right sorts of entrepeneurs who can promote me and receive a commission for each subscription that you generate. For each new subscription to my site made through your promotional endeavors, you will receive 50% of the subscription earned. You will continue to receive that amount each month the subscription is rebilled.

Please read my complete terms and rules before considering being one of my affiliates.

The first step is to signup to my referral program from the partner signup page. Below you will find a few banners you can also use. After you signup, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing content and be working with me to supply you with for your preview galleries.

Partner payments are sent directly to you from CCBill. If you experience any problems with the partner program please try to resolve them through CCBill first (because they're the experts!). Their phone numbers and other contact information are on their website: If there are any problems with any of the other parts of the program please send an email to

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