Better Late than Never, it’s “Valentine’s Day Every Day”!

So hey, I did it! I had a couple of issues that delayed this shoot, but I got through them, and considered that since I had done most of the work, not to abandon it.

I had hot-glued the roses to the corset, but soon discovered that hot glue did not stick well to vinyl.  A few fell off when I wore the early version of this outfit to the Fetish Fleamarket which was a source of irritation.

I had planned on making the sleeves out of pink vinyl covered with roses, but with the glue not sticking, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how I was going to make them work.  Finally I figured out that swapping out the vinyl for satin made them stick pretty much permanently.

Well I need not have worried how the sleeves came out, because the came out better than expected! I shot like 300-something pictures, and have edited half of the roughly 200 that I’ll release very soon!

So I’m just letting you know that it’s on it’s way!!  I think it’s one of the hottest versions of this pink haired hentai thing I’m doing.


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Valentine’s Day fiasco, “Mistress of Submission”, Trans All-Star party and the Fetish Flea

Ah, what’s going on, you might ask?  Well.  Lets see, I do have a lot to cover here because I haven’t updated this blog since early February, or was that still January?

First off, I did work super hard on an outfit for a Valentines Shoot, only for it to sorta fell apart the day of trying to finish everything up, so I moved on to other things for the time being.

It started sometime last year with this erotic concept sketch for a future outfit.  I sorta was into sounding at the time, and I’ve had this fascination with having one long barbell going between two pierced nipples, both of which are things that aren’t happening now, though the idea is pretty hot.   In my drawings I think I’ve been comfortable with making those lips, tits and hips bigger, the bimbo influence is really starting to show through.  In a lot of ways, this idea is a development on “Confection” though maybe simplified and streamlined a bit.  “Confection” was one of those shoots where more is less instead of less is more, and it suffered for it.

I’m also really into the idea of gallons of cum oozing out of a gaping hole too.   Side note, it might be nice to finish this drawing into something a bit more polished.

So of course by the time I actually get my ass in gear on this shoot, it’s less than a week before Valentines Day. I press ahead nonetheless. I would have gotten a little bit of an earlier start but these wonderful pink ballet boots arrived from my wishlist (thanks Josie!), around Feb 9th, and I was waiting to get them before I could pick my color scheme, because there are like 45,000 different kinds of pink out there and I needed to know what pinks I was sticking with.

About a billion trips to Michael’s got all those flowers (and more not pictured).  I was going to start from scratch with a corset, but decided to save time by taking this old pink corset,  as seen last time in “Fierce Fuschia” sometime in 2013.  Even though I like to say that I make all my own corsets, there are a few I have that are made by others.  This one I got way back in 2003 (!) made by Versatile Designs.   But made out of pvc, it had reached the end of it’s life.  If you’ve followed my other social media you might have discovered that I have recently complained about how pvc vinyl has a limited shelf life.  In fact there was some at my local store, and even at $2.99 a yard, I wont touch this stuff, unless for a backdrop.
It’s a shame because I’ve been looking for purple pvc everywhere, yet this stuff will separate the minute you try to stretch it.  And even if you use it in a non stretchy way, it will just rub off on your fingers if you touch it.

I’m not sue if it’s exposure to light or exposure to air, though I’m going to guess light. I actually have some of this same pink stuff (most of this I think you could get at Joann’s about 5 years ago) and used it for outfits like Confection and the material I have has done a bit better because it’s stored in a dark place.

But the rule of thumb is that after about 10 years, most pvc vinyl will fall apart.  Though I’ve had much better luck with thicker, heavier materials.   I’ve actually thrown out a lot of cool colors and old outfits because of that.  There’s a green and black fairy outfit I made with big buttterfly wings, that whole outfit is no more!

Anyway, when you saw this corset in “Fierce Fuschia”, it was on its last legs.  So I re-purposed it by making a new heavier (but not shiny) vinyl outer skin for it. and removing that trim too.  I sorta drafted the pattern completely on the fly.

Well, since  I wasn’t able to visit my PO Box to pick up the shoes until Valentines day itself (we got a big snowstorm around the 9th and I waited a few days to go into Boston).  That day itself was a fiasco, as I had like 3 problems with my car happen all at the same time.  First I was out of washer fluid on my car, and even putting some in revealed that whatever was in there, was frozen solid.   So I just had to keep pulling off to the side of the road, grabbing snow and throwing it at my windshield.  And the salt on the roads was EPIC, you couldn’t get a few miles without having to pull off the road and do it again.

Secondly, my exhaust decided to fall off, and in the worst way possible.  The good way is if it’s dragging behind you, so at the most you just keep driving, make a lot of sparks and ignore gawkwers looking at your pile of shit car..  The Bad Way is that it falls down pointing forward.   Catch that on a pothole or a manhole cover and you basically lose the rest of it in a horrible tangled mess of rusty metal and ill begotten lack of car maintenance.  If you wonder why things get so bad is because it’s winter.  It’s the worst time to crawl under a car and fix anything when there’s snow on the ground.  Or there’s too much snow to get the car into the garage.  Or it’s just cold.  And being cold, I’m less productive in the studio, so I’m making less money so I can’t just spend the hundreds of dollars to have someone else fix it (have you noticed everywhere has a $90/hour labor charge? Fuck, I’m in the wrong business).  And heat costs a bit in the winter, long story short, winter sucks, I’m broker than usual during that season, and I just pray that I make it through without needing a major car repair, or my boiler quitting, or whatever.  Every Damn Winter seems to be a nail biter.

So, back to Valentine’s Day.   So I had some ideas on how to get the exhaust to stay together again (a joint just slipped out).  A tool kit was not present, so tools were bought, which were inadequate to make things tight.  So went to a dry cleaner and got like a bunch of wire coat hangers and put it back together with those.  Seriously, they’re muffler hangers, not coat hangers.

Oh, and the alternator light wouldn’t go out all the way home. But I got my shoes!

So I knew this shoot wasn’t going to be ready by the 14th. I had also done a lot of work on another couple of sets for a bunch more shoots, so I was trying to see if I could bang off two shoots in one night, you know, save on the heat in the studio and only do my makeup once!

But alas!  Things were coming up!  First there was the Fetish Fleamarket in Warwick, RI,  on the weekend of the 18th, and then the Trans All Star Party in Providence on Sunday night the 19th.   The dance party was doing a BDSM theme, so one of my outfits was really just something I threw together in the dominatrix vein.  But I still wanted to finish the Valentines shoot too.

So I worked on the outfit a bit more.


Yeah, I sew on the floor. I never got used to sewing at a table. And yeah, my sewing room always looks like a bomb went off, and it's not unusual to see about 3 or 4 unfinished outfits in a pile somewhere. I still manage to clean it up and cam from here though.

And to trim it off I used these fake roses, in red and pink, though I would have preferred it to be dark pink and light pink, but at this time, I couldn’t really fret about deviations in my intended color scheme!
The basic idea is that the puffy sleeves are going to look like bouquets, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do that.  I just hot glued these roses to the corset, and it didn’t take them long to fall off, and require some tedious, time consuming hand sewing to secure them.
But the idea was coming along good enough, though I was now more and more squeezed for getting this done before the Flea, even if I was already a few days late for Valentine’s day. So, it was onto the set building!
I had this idea of me being on a heart shaped pillow or heart shaped chair somehow, and though I have done similar stuff in the past, nothing I had that already existed was good enough to use, so I started from scratch.  This is when all that foam you’re hoarding comes in handy.

So I spent hours (mind you, this is the day I intended on shooting two shoots) working on this heart shaped pillow, only to come to the conclusion that it looked like crap. Or to me more precise, it sorta looks like the Grinch’s shriveled up lopsided heart.

I thought maybe i could make it tufted, but I soon discovered there was no way to get thread through it (I had no foot long needle and no heavy duty thread).  So I tried putting holes in it with nuts and bolts.
And in each instance, getting a nut and bolt through stuffing, then 2 inch thick dense foam was -at best- something you needed 3 hands to do.  One hand for the nut, one for the bolt, and one to squeeze the pillow together from 6 inches thick to 2 inches thick.

I cried.  I yelled.  I cursed.  I may have also somewhere on social media declared defeat, and that I was done with this.  Like done with ALL of this.   Because whatever I did to this pillow it was looking worse and worse. The more time I spent on it, the worse things got.

Instead, I killed it. I attacked it with utility knife and just gleefully destroyed it.

And started from scratch with a simpler idea.  Now I had blown precious hours on this hopeless tangent, so I knew I wasn’t going to shoot today, but I’d still try.  My improved heart pillow, though foam covered with vinyl stapled to a homosote back, won’t really work like a pillow, but as long as you don’t see the back it’s fine.

But the damage was done.  Even though I threw together a set pretty quickly, it was approaching midnight.  Then I thought, fuck it.  I can still do the other shoot I had planned.  That outfit and set was all ready to go anyway.  Plus I sorta needed to do that shoot since the idea was to make an ad for the Sunday night party, which needed something dominatrix-ish.

I’ve been around professional dominatrixes a lot over the last 15 or so years, and there’s always a story that goes around, about how some stripper, or some ahem, hooker puts on some shiny black thing, and then declares that she’s a domme, and well, all the real doms know she’s just a hooker or a stripper and has no idea about kink whatsoever.  You know exactly the sort of girl I mean.  Sort of a “porn version” of kink, maybe a little bit of a nod to a certain cheesy franchise of movies that make most real kinksters roll their eyes?

Well, that’s the angle I was going for in “Mistress of Submission”.  Sort of like “ooh! handcuffs, what are we going to do with these!”.  And the name, “Mistress of Submission”, means just that. That this airhead blonde bimbo has no fucking clue about kink at all!

Yeah, those aren't like anywhere near authentic handcuffs!

So, I don’t know why I was tearing my eyeballs out trying to either do two shoots or none, when I could easily have done one and had it come out pretty damn good.   I don’t think this is the last we will see of this set, as I can rearrange the equipment around so expect to see a few more variations on this theme in some future shoots.

But in any event, I got my ad out for the Trans All Star Party, and at least that was before the event!

But I have to say, the shoot came out good, considering that it was a B-shoot, and not an A-shoot.  I think the analogy is like in a Star Trek DS9 episode, they always had an A-plot and a B-plot, and well, in this case, the B-plot was way more interesting.  In any event,  I wrapped up that shoot, then took a friend to the airport, and he let me borrow his far for the next week, which was good, as I needed reliable transportation to get to and from the Fetish Flea, which was the next day!

On very little sleep, I attended the Flea. And I wish I had more pictures to show you, but they had a pretty strict no photos policy, where they went so far as to give you little red dot stickers to put over your phone camera lens, and if they saw your phone out without a sticker, they’d seize it.  However, some friends were staying in the hotel, so I did snap some pictures of how the Valentines day outfit was coming out.  It wasn’t my intention to use that red rose bra, that was a last minute addition to this variation as I a: didn’t finish the sleeves, and b: they had a pretty strict policy on boobage and pasties.

I'm pretty sure you were allowed to take selfies in your room, note the red dot sticker moved out of the way

So I had a blast at the flea, but having gotten so little sleep the night before, and also dancing the next night, I forego partying all night and got a little shut eye.  But in general, the flea was what the doctor ordered, some badly needed ego stroking.  Lots of people recognized me and I think I can say that I’ve been in this scene long enough to have earned my place.

btw this thing looks fantastic under a fur coat

So I cruised the vendor floor that Sunday, then popped back home to change for the Trans All Star Party.  And I did pretty well that night, considering that by this point I was sorta just phoning it in.  There was some brief after party, but I did the sensible thing and went home to sleep around 4 am.  Do I have any pictures from that night?  A few I think. Okay, maybe one, and it’s not great.

But I made decent enough money that I could relax a little the following week.  And I slept for about 3 days straight after that weekend.   Then it got really warm, and I distracted by a few other things.  And I thought about going back into the Valentines shoot, though by this point I guess I could say it’s 11 1/2  months early for next year.  There was even an idea of calling it “Discount Valentine”, but I seem to can’t find any candy for sale.

I’m still going to do this shoot, in fact I might backdate it and sorta slot it in before “Mistress of Submission”.

Oh, but what happened to that shoot I did in Vegas in the Louis Vuitton corset?  Well, there was more to that.  In fact, I did a POV scene with Christian XXX in the same outfit.   When Christian shoots his POV scenes, he tends to shoot a small amount of pictures with it, but not really enough for a whole set.  So I did my own ones to bring the total count to a amount that I’d be happy with.

It took Christian a few extra weeks for him to get the pictures to me, so I might be wrapping up editing that shoot as the next offering, then I’ll go back in and finish “Discount Valentine” (I still like that name, even if I don’t have half melted chocolates everywhere).

So, February was a mixed bag.  A lot of half finished stuff.  A lot of drama.  A few breakdowns (and not just car breakdowns).  A bunch more half finished stuff.  And then a really good dancing/stripping night capping off a great fetish play weekend.  And about a week of sleeping.

Then we got some unseasonably warm days (up to 73 degrees in Boston!) and I used that opportunity to try to get my car back on the road, and also some back patio live camming.

All I can say is that I can’t wait for Spring!  When that happens my productivity goes way up, as I don’t have the constant feeling of being too cold keeping me down.   I had a lot of lows earlier this month.  Winter sucks, that’s all there is to say.  There’s nothing quite as depressing as it getting colder every day, and once it starts going the other way, my mood and my activity increases dramatically.

I do have to say, I’m am enjoying some of these selfies I’ve been taking with my new phone.  Which brings me to my next issue..

So, I’ve been updating things regularly on my facebook and tumblr, but not so much on this blog.  Why is that so?  Well, because I’m having a bitch of a time getting pictures off this phone and onto something I can do anything with.  All my computers are macs, this phone is an android.

Connecting the phone to the mac with a USB and using any image capturing app?, No go.  Using “Android File Manager” Nope, doesn’t work for some reason.  However I played with the settings on the phone, I couldn’t get anything to work.  My old iphones, no problem.   And then there’s a wordpress app that supposedly I can update this blog from my phone?  Sure.  but for some reason I couldn’t upload any photos from it either.

In the end, I had to upload from the phone to dropbox, then download from dropbox to my mac, but only one of my macs because dropbox tends to only like one of my macs!  This is almost as stupid of rigimarole I have to go through in order to get my (shot for website) pictures onto instagram. I basically have to email my pictures to myself, after of course, finding any that are PG rated).  Whatever happened to the good old days of computing when you just put files in folders and if you plugged things into your usb, your computer treated them as flash drives?

I swear, the more technology supposedly advances, the more ways engineers find to make things not work with each other.

But in the end I just have to give myself credit for at least posting a really hot shoot.

I’ve got plenty of things to finish up, all those shoots, a few that have sets built, and some artwork commisions as well.  Anyway, by the time I write this, it’s now March, but let’s just call it February 29th, February 30th, and February 31st.




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Fuck Winter, and trying to figure out what I should do next.

So, winter has thrown a few wrenches into my plans.  As I had mentioned before, my Vegas trip wasn’t quite as wonderful as it could have been, and though I have a bunch of content, I’m the first person to admit I’m not super thrilled by much of it.  I know when my stuff isn’t up to snuff, and it’s taking quite a bit of self-convincing to get myself editing the other shoot.  There’s only so much you can do with hotel room shoots, and when I can’t control every aspect of a shoot, the results are never quite as good.  Plus, I think it’s pretty apparent that the stress of the trip is evident on the pictures themselves.

In short, I want to move on to whatever’s next.  And what’s next, is something of a mess.

Before I went off to Vegas, I had made a big push to work on some sets for like 4 shoots, which I had hoped to get done in rapid-fire succession.  But of those 4, “Glory Hole-elujah” was the only one that got done, and the other 3 are still in progress.

Trouble is, I had a double (triple?) whammy of misfortune after Vegas.  The trip wasn’t super profitable, plus I came home to a incresingly shitty political climate, which hey, affects anyone of my political leanings.  And though I did get away for a weeked to recharge, once I got back from that, I fell pretty sick with whatever the flu or cold that’s been going around.  And when you’re self employed, you just can’t pay yourself sick days.  Nope, you’re basically screwed if you can’t do the work and make the money to survive.  And though the website sorta keeps crusing along, a slowdown in website activity does affect memberships and people sticking around.

However, I do think I have to give myself some credit.  I ran into a couple of my peers in the trans porn website business, and was shocked to learn that there are some in my business that haven’t updated their member’s website in months or even YEARS!   I don’t really know how these people keep paying their bills because you’d certainly think it’s not from website membership revenues!  So maybe in the grand scheme of things, I’m not really doing that badly.

So, the weekend that I was sick, that was supposed to be the weekend that I was going to plant my ass down in front of the webcam and at least put in 6 or 7 hours of solid camming, and get myself a cushion of checks in the mail on the way to me.  The nice thing about working on a site like streamate is that if you need to make the money, you just have to work at it and it can be made, though I’m still learning when the busy times are.

Well, I wasn’t able to cam the weekend I was sick, but I bounced back a little this week.  However, some unpaid bills came up, and partly as a result of being sick (where your brain just gets focussed on not dying), I basically ran out of heating oil in the studio, rendering all that work done there on sets moot,  unless we got some sort of heat wave (like, in the 40’s or 50s)

So I’m like fuck, I gotta pay my homeowners insurance, or my car insurance, or get an oil delivery, or pay a credit card bill, and guess what?  I can only pick one of these, not all four.  And you can’t NOT pay your homeowners insurance, that’s really not a think you can just lapse on.  But without heat in the studio, All that month of effort on sets and whatever is just sorta going to waste.

I was going to try to do a “Valentine’s Camshow Tarathon”, sort of like the one I did for Christmas, which if you remember, wasn’t that much of a success, but then again, I’m like scrambling to do anything that can bring some money in even if at best, it’s some checks that I won’t see for a week or two.

But then I got some ideas for outfits that are sort of Valentines-y, but can’t shoot without heat.  So I put the word out on Facebook that there’s only one thing I want for Valentines Day, not lingerie, not chocolates, not shoes, not Amazon gift cards, none of that.  I  just need to get a friggin’ oil delivery for the studio so I can continue production on those shoots I had spent a month building sets for.

And I want to thank everyone who gave to my paypal  (  I got more than enough for an oil delivery, and probably that oil delivery will last me the rest of the winter, so THANK YOU EVERYONE, once I get the oil delivered, I can basically almost not skip a beat!  Sure, I’ll be doing some shoots in my house, but it was so frustrating to have all this set work done and then whoops!  no heat!  (and just so you know, my studio space is far too large of a room to heat with space heaters, in fact, I usually have to use a combination of the furnace in there, with some space heaters in places so that I can do anything out there in the winter).

So, I’m going to continue with some of these ideas for shoots I want to do, though none of them will probably hit the site before Valentine’s Day.  Not that I think anyone really cares if my “Valentines” themed shoot hits my site on like February 20th or anything.. I seriously doubt that there is a single fan of mine that woud look at something with hearts on it and sees is the week after and proclaims that all the context is lost becuase it’s late!  Who fucking cares?  I seriously doubt any fap-worthiness diminishes if it’s not super duper punctual.

Thank you for everyone’s help.  It’s snowing pretty bad out there today, but hopefully I’ll have the heat going in the studio tomorrow, and I’ll be back in progress.  And with any luck, things will warm up again by the end of the month so that some of this damn snow will melt too.

With a little bit more luck, maybe I’ll find some unreleased content or something to throw  up on the site in the meantime.  I have a couple of unreleased shoots from the last few years I’m not sure if I can make something out of.  I think the most important thing is that I can’t keep stressing myself out about this.  The worst thing is stress, because when I’m stressed, I can’t relax enough to take decent pictures that have a good erotic energy to them and that feeds into things spiralling downward and then the whole system starts to crash, and none of that is any good.


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Upcoming photosets, “Squeaky Clean” and ???

So the first of a couple of shoots I did in Vegas just went up on my site.  Sorry I’m only now getting around to posting it, I’ve been sick as hell all February.  Just the bad cold that’s been going around.  For a couple days I was in a horrible twisted nightmare of a fever dream like laying awake in a pool of sweat smelling like ibuprofren, you mind going round in roundin circles, praying for death.  Whenever I have a cold or flu, it always seems to hit my brain first, then moved to other parts of the body once that fog clears.  I still have a little bit of a cough but I missed a weekend I wanted to be available on cam a lot,  and I’m scrambling to catch up.

But before that happened, I had gotten a new shoot out, just playing in my hotel suite bathtub, called “Squeaky Clean”.

It’s not a super special shoot, but if you’ve been missing some simple nude work, it gets the job done, and you people probably would rather see it than not.   Actually the last time I was in Vegas I tried a shoot in a hotel room which I’ve never released, since I don’t feel it’s up to snuff.  Another shoot I did was something simple during the day, wearing my Louis Vuitton corset.

I’m still editing these pictures, I don’t think it’s really my best look, but

So yeah, I’ve been pretty depressed about getting sick and just the way the whole world seems to be falling apart, and not feeling that AVN was the best it could have been, and not really liking much of the work I did down there.  I look at myself and I look tired.   If I can’t control the situation and lighting of my shoots (What I did in Vegas i had to make do with what light I had), I never really get results I’m happy with.

But it’s winter right now and I’m sorta in danger of losing my studio building and having to deal with all the stuff that’s in it.  I don’t have like an eviction deadline, but I’m not doing well enough financially in my business to  realistically be thinking about buying it, so that’s making me very depressed too.  If I work in my studio I just think of broken dreams (like that movie I was making) and dashed hopes.

Somehow I hope everything will work out, but I’m basically hanging on by a thread, when I know if I just had a little time I could get other money streams going in my life.  I can’t even imagine getting back into the job market.  All I can do right now is just try to cam and keep my site updated as much as possible and make as much money as I can there.

I don’t know, I’m really worried about the future.



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AVN and well, whatever …

Hey, I’m back from the Adult Entertainment Expo / AVN awards in Vegas..

It was okay..  I did this last year and took notes as to what i would do better if I  did it the next year.  Well I must’ve forgotten my notes because I made the same mistakes and more!

Geez, where to start?   Well of course I had a flurry of activity before leaving though I managed to get ” Glory Hole-elujah!” done but there were supposed to have gotten more shoots done before leaving.

While I could’ve just thrown a bunch of random outfits in a bag, an event is always a good opportunity to make a whole bunch of new costumes.   So I worked on two, with this blue and white thing as a potential for an outfit in case I attended the awards

And then on  the last day before leaving, I whipped this one up, made partially out of a recycled prom dress and well, yards and yards of inch wide black elastic, I guess.  It didn’t come out half bad considering I whipped it up in hours and sorta winged it (winged it?  wang it?  wung it?)
And I shoved a whole bunch of other outfits in my bags and headed off to Vegas in rather a hurry.

So I get there and my troubles really began.  You see, I hadn’t used uber on my iphone in nearly a year, because well, I hadn’t traveled in nearly a year and I never use uber at home since I always have my own car.  Lo and behold I touch down in Vegas and uber is forcing me to upgrade to the newest version of their app, which doesn’t work on my iphone – period, which is stupid because it worked perfectly fine a year ago!! (You’d think it would be in their interests to allow an older version of the uber app to still work, but apparently that’s not important to them).

For the past few months a friend was supposed to gift me  their iphone 5 to replace my 4 but it never happened and instead another friend gave me a Samsung android phone instead, so I had brought it along just to familiarize myself with an android phone, but I had no idea I’d have to press it into service sooner than expected.

So I get to Vegas and I’m now forced to take taxis everywhere which sucks because 1:  they’re far more expensive than ubers, and 2: youre basically shit out of luck if you’re in a place where taxis don’t frequent.  And it turns out that I was in such a hurry to leave that I basically forgot a zillion things, most of which I could have gotten at a stupid ol’ dollar store.  So the first day in Vegas was spent just scurrying around getting those things.  And at one point I took a $15 taxi ride out to Home Depot (a mile and a half away) to get spray glue, because that’s the best thing to stick pasties on with, only to have to walk all the way back to the hotel because there was no way to hail a cab out there.

Oh and I recall someone once suggested not to waste my time getting my nails done before leaving, and just “do it in Vegas”.. Well, turned out I could never get an open slot at a nail salon there, and my time in Vegas was worth more than getting my nails done, so I never got a freakin’ manicure either!

In hindsight, I should have just rented a car, it would’ve cost me far less and given me the freedom to go anywhere I needed to go.  But of course, that didn’t dawn on me until it was nearly time to leave.

On Thursday after running all over town (who knew that you can’t buy stockings at Victoria’s Secret any more) I shot a scene with Kelli Lox and Christian XXX that we will see more of once I get the photos sent to me, so that’ll be another post.  For now, I can include a few behind the scenes selfies.

By the end of the day I got so frustrated with the phone situation, I basically paid some little hole-in-the-wall-shady-cel-phone-place-staffed-entirely-by-Asians to unlock the Samsung phone (it was on T-mobile and I’m AT&T) so by Friday I was able to use uber properly, and finally get my ass down to the convention floor.

I  started out wearing this little number until someone at the con warned me that pasties were not covering my boobs enough, even though I was walking across the hotel lobby and in the queue to get in just fine with them all out for the world to see.  Yeah, they wait until I get IN and NOW they tell me?  Of course, half the porn stars sitting at booths at the show are showing just as much as me, so I don’t know if it was just a problem someone had with me, but in any event I snapped a few shots of them, just in case I was warned again, i could just thumb through my phone and say “but did you tell HER to cover up?  double standards?”
So I got to the show sorta later than I wanted to (about 2 pm) and pretty much saw everything I wanted to see in about an hour.   I wasn’t even allowed to bring in a suitcase (last year they allowed it), so I had to check that at the hotel, and go back to it to change outfits, since they told me my tits couldn’t be out like that.  So I changed, into my Louis Vuitton counterfeit bag corset, which for me is pretty tepid.  And finally I saw something that piqued my interest.

There was one booth there, that had this thing that you walked into.  Its hard to describe it, but imagine something about the size of a TARDIS (well, the outside of one), and  you step in and it’s like maybe 200 camera and lights.  Then they take your picture and they can 3-d print a little statue of you!

So I see this and the guy running the booth, I guess knew who I was (because I actually got quite a few people recognizing me at the show), and was like “Tara, you gotta do this!  We can make you a statue and we can work out some sort of deal where you sell them to your fans”  (or something along those lines).  And I’m like “ooh, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen so far, but you haven’t exactly caught me at my best!”

So I do the math.  It’s 4 pm.   The convention floor is open till 8.  The uber ride back to the hotel is 10 mintues each way, half hour max.    Zip back, change into whatever is the most fabulous outfit I have, and get back here still in time to see whatever I missed.  I can totally swing it.  I had actually been pretty miserable on this trip up to this point, it was nice to get a mission.  Finally!  I had a mission!  I’d zip back change and get turned into an action figure!!

So that’s what I did.  I had brought along my “Fan Dancer” outfit but now with my new  boobs filling it out even nicer, and with pink hair too, I think it was a good choice for a little statue of me.  I have not heard back from them yet about it, but as soon as i do I’ll have an update on it, and how you can get a little Tara Emory statue!

The rest of the night was spent meeting some new faces in the trans porn and running into a few familiar faces, Natalie Mars, Isabella Sorrenti, Kelli Lox (we did a scene together with Christian but that will be another post), Tyra Scott, I saw Kylie Maria for a fleeting moment, and actually had a nice sit down with Gia Darling and we reminisced about the golden age on internet porn when making money off the internet was a helluva lot easier!

I’m always bumping into Morgan Bailey, Michelle Austin, Eddie Wood and I know there’s some names I’m forgetting, and if I didn’t include you I’m sorry.  I kinda didn’t have as much free time as I wanted to have.

So let’s see.  Backtracking a little bit, I shot a scene with Christian and Kelly Lox on Thursday afternoon, and a scene with just Christian on Saturday.  There had been a possibility of getting a paid gig on this trip, but it didn’t happen.  Because of that, I opted not to go to the awards show (it’s kinda pricey), and instead just hung about the convention and the circular bar at the Hard Rock during that time.

And yes, I was STILL working on outfits right up until the day of.  Yeah, I might have left a small mess on the floor…
And I think I can say that this one had maybe a teeny weeny bit of Vegas-period Elvis Presley in it, though it was completely unintentional.  But it was a happy accident, or maybe my brain was subliminally working on a different level.  I had wanted to add a white fur collar, but no fur was available (and I wasn’t going to cannibalize a coat for that), but it works fine with a fur coat over it.
And well, the last night was spent  at the TGirl night at the Las Vegas Lounge, and since I was flying out the next morning, there was no good reason to get super trashed or off on some Hangover movie style tangent.   I’m a little too sensible when it comes to things like that, I never ever party when I have to be all packed up and out of the room the next morning.

All in all, it was a pretty successful trip, though I feel I spent/wasted a lot of time finishing things that I was working on up until leaving, preventing me from maybe enjoying things that much.  Of course, it’s always on the last night that you’re in town that you meet a nice person who could have easily taken you all around town for your whole trip had you met them the minute you landed..  And had I gotten the paid shoot I would have been happy to have spent a little to go to the awards, but that’s fine, I created my own entertainment, and hey, I’m sorta circling around the perimeter of the whole porn business anyway, maybe next year I’ll finally do it right.


PS   I’m leaving the shoots I did there for another post, as well as what’s happened since, because it’s been a rough few weeks since, oh…  January 20th or so… But I think you can guess what that’s about..


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Glory, Glory Hole-Elujah!

My my, I’ve been a naughty slut, haven’t I?  Serviceing all those hung guys in that filthy bathroom stall in the rest area off US Rt 69…

I’m such a cum dumpster at heart!

What a trashy tramp!

All those guys!  Good thing they used protection when they fucked me!  I’m such a filthy slut!!

I never said I wasn’t going to slurp it up, anyway?

So tra la la.   This shoot came out pretty good.. Very dirty.   I may have gone a bit far in some places, like maybe a tad bit overboard with the cum-filled condoms, but this is an erotic vignette after all.  I’m really pushing the hentai angle, so hey, might as well push it all the way.

Enjoy the new set, it just went up on the site tonight.  The other sets and shoot are still in progress.  I might have to switch gears over the next couple of days for my preperation for AVN, which basically snuck up on me quicker than I realized.  Oh well, at the very least, I’ll just throw a bunch of outfits in my bags and work with that.  Whether I go to the awards or not is still up in the air, but I’m going to try to be prepared if I can manage to go, becuase I know there’s a red carpet and a great opporunity for pubilcity.  But I got like 2 days left to make things unless I end up bringing outfits ot finish.  Uh oh, I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those sort of trips..




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The Tara Emory 3.0 Graphics Package is Up! (mostly)

My big site Graphics Package Overhaul is finally up and running, for the most part. Now my site is finally Tara Emory 3.0!  For the splash page, I kept a similar theme, but from my newer shoot “Pastel Pet

Come check out the new (aka 

You see, the “portal”, or “free area” of my site hadn’t been updated for a while, and it really needed an upgrade.    Hopefully it better represents the goodies within, and how versatile a fantasy merchant I am.

I had been working on sets lately, but was just full of ideas for the site, and I wanted to get it out the door.  I had been working these graphics over the last 6 months, so I wanted to release them before I changed my mind (again) at how to sell myself.  So instead of picking a theme and running with it, I went with about 3 themes, and just decided to run with it.  From Steampunk to Candyland to my Garden to..  well..  Stuff like this.

Yeah I know, some of it sounds ridiculous, ” A slice of Americana Pie”  And yes, someone once called me “The Martha Stewart of Tranny Porn”  .

You know, because there’s the product called “Tara Emory”, and well, then there’s me, Tara.   Maybe what I wrote tells  you all more about myself than I thought..

So check it out, and tell me if you like it.

I think a lot of it sound nuts, but it’s so well written, I was like I can’t cut this, this is great!  But I’ve removed the bio page that was there (it was getting on 10 years old!)  and if you click on the links, you’ll be taken on a little tour.  I have to say, I’ve been enjoying this whole laying down text captions down on photos.  Maybe I’ll do a whole shoot where I caption it, like the old porn magazines did..

The big parts I haven’t redone yet are the Store section and the Social Media hub.  I did incorporate my twitter feed in this part of the site, and even though it’s the same video from before, it is formatted bigger and you can find the buttons.

The Social Media page will sort of be a sort of Grand Central Station for contacting me, whether its for customer support, or booking me for an event.

But for now I’ve got the first part up.  I really have gone domestic, haven’t I?  But I think that’s what people want to see more of, and I’m opening up a lot to all of you!

In any event, it’s going to be a super busy month, with AVN coming up and another shoot with Christian XXX.  My new shoots coming up and my new career image!  It’s nice to feel invested in my career again!


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Going for four!

So I’ve had a couple of very productive days since the turn of the new year, but as usual have been too busy to report on anything!

So I have a separate studio that, even though it has it’s own heat, can be a bit tough to heat when it’s really cold outside (like single digit F).  We haven’t quite had those temps yet so I want to cram in as many shoots as I can in my studio and do them within the next week.

This way, I’ll also have a good backlog of shoots to edit when I just want to stay in pj’s all day and edit stuff on the computer.

So I made a list of 25 concepts for shoots (yes, 25!) and I’m concentrating on four.

I’ve been wanting to do a new interpretation of “Cherry Pie”, with the working title of simple “Another Slice of Cherrie Pie” (not sure why I spelled it differently, possible just to keep it distinct).

I think I’m getting sick of the pink and white wall, but want to squeeze one more use out of it before I repaint it.

I’ve got a lot still to do, but think “diner”.  Now whether that works with the existing old Cherry Pie costume, I’m not sure.  I’m also debating roller skates to this.   More on this shoot later..  I’m quite proud of my chrome spray painted pieces of $0.33 poster board.  Much easier to bend than if I made them with metal.

The second shoot was just something dungeon-y, so I set up all my equipment (of which I seem to have accumulated a lot) in one area.
But the more I looked at it, the more the boring black wall bothered me.  It just needed a little class, so I did this.
So I just quickly ruled out some vertical lines and painted it complete freehand with a small roller.  I didn’t spend hours on it with masking tape and all that.  Just freehand.   Which has now made me not feel too guilty about painting over any other striped wall, as it can be repainted really quickly.  It’s not perfect, but it is consistent with itself, and it gives the dungeon set just a little more class.

The third shoot I don’t quite have an outfit figured out for, but as you can see, it’s going to be a glory hole bathroom stall!

The pink toilet is vintage and is actually I got from a bathroom demolition was doing. It’s going to go into a bathroom renovation I’m doing this year, so its nice to also use it in a shoot.  The tiles were something that I had that I’m never going to use.  However, I did decide that the graffiti back wall was too busy so right now I’m trying this color, though I might switch to a pink and light blue scheme, to bring the floor and the porcelain together.

Yeah I know, not too exciting right now.  But still, I was painting one set, and then while it was drying, painting another set. It was warm enough today that I could get away with spraying paint outdoors.  When you get these rare warm winter days, you need to take advantage of them.  It was helpful painting these pieces of poster board.  Yeah, you heard that right, pretty much all my sets are held together with scotch tape and posterboard.  They’re invariably designed to only last the duration of the shoot, and maybe at the most, a video shoot too.

And the fourth set was just something classy and purple, though I need to make the outfit to go with this.    I think it’s going to be my big “Flowering Tara” hat, but the outfit is going to be very minimalist, and maybe an honest attempt to take a shot at making some real delicate lingerie.  This super frilly comforter was something that someone got me from my amazon wish list!  Thank you very much whomever that was!  So yeah, I’m just going to whip up an outfit that compliments the pink and purple.

So the plan is that once the four sets are ready (2 are already good to go), I’ll do a double shoot two nights in a row and then I’ve pretty much got all my January shoots in the can.  I just have to hope it’s not going to get Arctic out there!  I think I have a few more days!  By tomorrow I expect all the sets to be basically ready to go.

So I’m inspired and motivated!

Oh, I’m also going to AVN and shooting with Christian XXX in a few weeks, but I’m not thinking about that yet, just want to get these 4 shoots done first.

Probably for AVN I’m going to pick 2 outfits I’ve designed from the list that best represent where I’m taking my art.  I want to make a real impression on everyone so I have to think what’s going to really grab them.  Cosplay/pink/bimbo/hentai/futanari let’s see what I come up with!




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Here comes Bimbo Claus right down Bimbo Claus Lane..

Whose that working until the wee hours of the morning making pictures for all the bad little girls and boys that belong to my site?  Well that’s be me!

When Santa's away, Mrs Claus will play with all the elves!

So enjoy your Christmas present!  Oh, by the way, I did manage to do a little  bit of camming right after taking these photos, late into the night of the 23rd/into the 24th..  And it was moderately successful so I guess the camshow Tarathon worked out ok.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of us!

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New high-resolution galleries are coming… slowwwwwly

So I decided to start on the massive project of taking everything that I’ve shot in the past, oh, 13 years or so, and working straight from the originals to make new high-res finals of them.  For everything that I’ve shot since 2006, this means I can do roughly 1500 x 2000 pixels (or maybe I should just go straight for the maximum that I can do?  which is like 2000 x 3000 but that’s only if I don’t crop the shots…)  Anything that I shot before 2003 is on pretty bad quality equipment, and the stuff from 2003-2006 I think the highest res I can get away with is 1500 x 2000 and that’s a stretch.  But in general,  the jump in resolution on anything I shot between 2003 and 2007/8 should be very noticable.

This is of course, a HUGE job since it’s basically doing the most time consuming part of my photo taking process all over again.  I was thinking that I’d start with some old Christmas galleries, and going through these old pictures is bittersweet.

When I look at myself today, I don’t see the years so much, and often times, I can get the lighting perfect on a new shoot that not a lot of photoshop is needed.  When I look at these old shoots, it’s remarkable how little touch up I need to do.  Really just a blemish here or there, and some filters just to make the contrast pop.  But it’s bittersweet because it’s reminidng me of a much happier time.  I had my own apartment and I was living within my means, and chaos had yet to spiral out of control. I was making pretty good money and travelling all over the world for events and stuff.  I was dating a beautiful model and we were going to fetish events together.  These were GOOD years, and I see it looking at the raw pictures I shot.   And I know these were GOOD pictures too, even though it seems like I always had a horrible time with white balance on that particular camera.

Oh, new logo too!

The ulitamately tricky thing about going through all the trouble of these high res versions, is that it begs the question, will people notice the difference?  If you’re looking through the galleries and you have the pictues “scaled to fit”,  you’re probably not going to notice unless your screen is a 4k or 5k screen.  My own personal computer equipment is not that sophisitcated so I only notice the difference if they’re not scaled to fit.  Please, my fans  let me know what your monitor resolutions are so that I can get some feedback.

not for all of them- I actually switched logos part way through editing this set

My entire backlog of photo shoots is a great asset and one that should be made as marketable and as good looking as possible.   I’m not sure you could say that about a lot of other models.  Sadly, this is not as simple to do as taking my existing shoots and running them through Lightroom or pre-stored Photoshop actions.  I really do have to go back to the originals and work from them.    That “zoom in and enhance!” is only a trope you see on tv and in movies.  Software and pixels don’t work that way.

Anyway, Merry Christmas all. I’m still debating as to wether I try to whip up a new shoot for Xmas or what.


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