Massive huge video update/upgrade in the works

You may have noticed a lot of activity in my twitter or tumblr feed about videos for sale up on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

Yes, I’ve been reworking a lot of stuff that was previously released in pretty crappy resolution and quality.  I’ve pretty much been chained to my computers for the better part of a week, which is good, I’ve actually gotten a LOT done.

There is also some new stuff out there, and many of the new edits are longer than what was previously available.

And yes, they are all coming to  I just wanted to get my Many Vids site up and running and actually making some money first before committing myself to sorting out the complete mess that is the video section of

Please don’t feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick, it’s just that on those video sites, it’s fairly easy to update those pages and upload those videos through a browser, but to update my video page on my members site its far more fiddly, going through a program and making buttons and all that. (although I’ll try to re-use what I can)

So I wanted to get to a certain point with getting enough new material ready so that I have to update the members video area less often.  What will be going up on this site is the first half of a total overhaul, the second half to go online by the end of March.

Suffice to say, I’m basically throwing out ALL the current videos on my site, with a few exceptions:

  1. Valentines Day Every Day
  2. High Rise Hooker
  3. Sweet Tart Fuckdoll
  4. National Pornographic
  5. Another Slice of Cherry Pie
  6. Domestic Doll
  7. Pigtailed Fucktoy
  8. Pearls and Polkadots
  9. Strawberries and Cream
  10. Coquette Cumpot
  11. Cherry Bomb
  12. Slut in the Butt
  13. Minty Fresh
  14. Sugar Rush

All these are currently in HD on my site, but I may replace a few of the them with better versions as I think a few might have been exported with a lousy bitrate.

Also, all the .mov and .m4v formats are going bye bye.  It seems like .mp4 is the way to go.  The HD clips are in 1280 x 720 many are in 1920 x 1080 and I can’t tell the difference. My camera is a 1080i so when I output them at the bigger size, I get some interlacing that you can see that you can’t see on the 720 versions.  Some actually look better in 720 than in 1080 but probably all the new ones I’m going to make will be in 1080.

Speaking of new videos there are also 2 new videos going up that you haven’t seen before!

  • 15. Revolutionary Whore
  • 16. Carousel Rider.

Actually Revolutionary Whore is leftover from a few years back but never got released, because I was waiting around to do a whole DVD of Marie Antionette type stuff.   But then I got new boobs so this scene won’t fit in with that project, and it got forgotten about.  Also this scene is just on a swing, and that proposed project was going to have a script and everything, so best to release that old scene now.

I also have just shot video of Jizzoline Queen, which I will edit as soon as I can.  I also plan to shoot video of Let Them Eat Cock as that set is still up and running.

Ok, here’s where it gets complicated.  As you can see I have a lot of work ahead of me.

  • 17. Sweet Lolita
  • 18. Aviatrix
  • 19. Tara Overboard
  • 20. Pot O Gold
  • 21, Cherry RideI have gone and re-edited #17-21 in HD from the original footage.   This is a fair amount of work but sometimes I can whip out a couple of new edits in a day.  If I’m lucky, I just use the same Edit Decision List in Final Cut Pro, but I swap out the old SD captured footage for new HD clips using the same name and I just re-render it.  I’m actually surprised it’s this easy to do.Anyway, I still have to do the same thing with these following videos:
  • 22.  Big Top Tara
  • 23 . CandyLand
  • 24. Smoking Sexpot
  • 25. Showgirl
  • 26. Flowering Tara
  • 27. Diamonds are Hard
  • 28. Cotton Candyass
  • 29. Pony Play
  • 30. Smoke Latex
  • 31. Blue Rubber
  • 32. Cream of hearts
  • 33. Tight Spender
  • 34. Room Service
  • 35. Sleazy Rider
  • 36. Warrior Princess
  • 37. Throbbing valentine
  • 38 Gift

But since those will take me some time, i went and on a different computer, i’ve gone and tackled the older material, that was shot in standard def (720 x 480).   But probably the versions of these that are on the members site were even worse resolution that that, so i have gone and made 720 x 480 mp4s of these, using a  fairly high bitrate so they don;t look like crap.  Actually on one of them I tried blowing it up to 1280×720 HD and it looked exactly the same as looking at a 720 x 480 movie blown up, so there’s no way to “upscale” these.  These new versions of these videos are -as good as they are ever going to get.

  • 39. Easter Best
  • 40. Steeplechase Slut
  • 41. Snow Princess
  • 42. Dainty Dots
  • 43. Stripes and Garters (i tried an HD blow up of this, and it wasn’t worth it)
  • 44. valentine boudoir
  • 45. Filthy Habits (now in full 22 minute version)
  • 46. Animal instinct (called latex in the jungle on those other sites, because “animal” was a banned word!)
  • 47. Periwinkle Satin
  • 48. Brocade Burlesque
  • 49. Cocktoberfest
  • 50. Daisy Dick
  • 51. Peacock Goddess
  • 52. Bubblegum Broadway
  • 53. Ice Follies
  • 54. Birthday girl
  • 55. Pink Polka Plushie
  • 56. Polka Hearts
  • 57. Rawhide

So yeah, those videos are already done over, and the new as-high-quality-as-possible versions will go up on the next update  I still have to do the following ones though.  I can whip out several of these new mp4s in a day as i don’t have to re-edit them or anything.

  • 58. Naughty Elf
  • 59. Smoking sexpot (2004)
  • 60. Ahoy Tara
  • 61 Rouge Roses
  • 62 Valentine Tart
  • 63 Lucky (2003)
  • 64 Zebra Ponygirl
  • 65 Cleotara
  • 66 Little Ho Peep
  • 67 Cherry Pie 2003
  • 68 mouse trap
  • 69 nurses
  • 70 Tutu
  • 71 Mardi Gras
  • 72 Candystripe
  • 73 Pink and Black Dots
  • 74 Black Rubber ballet Boots
  • 75 picnic
  • 76 Amsterdam
  • 77 toy soldier
  • 78 feather tail
  • and whatever else were dvd extras of bonuses or things that I discover while I’m digging.

… and I’m sure I missed a few.   I’m sure there’s another 10 I’ve forgotten about, and since I have a few in the pipeline (and also some scenes I will release from the Uranus project), that will bring the total amount up to around 100 videos.  Also, when I made the previous versions of these scenes, I sometimes made them shorter than what was available on my DVD. Aat the time i was concerned that the video clips might cut into DVD sales. Of course, nowadays, that’s a moot point.  All these scenes are as long as they can be. In some cases like “Filthy Habits” they have grown to over 20 minutes of wanktrance.z

I also found some old footage of a scene I shot in the “Drink Me” Alice in Wonderland outfit, where I’m in that tiny little dollhouse room.  Yes, that was from like 2007 and it never got released. I was actually going to do a whole movie around that scene and it didn’t happen, so really, that scene should come to light.

Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you are saying.. Why am I even bothering with this old stuff?  Well, because anyone who is a new or long time member should get access to the highest quality versions of all my videos.   Also, I get more than a few complaints from people who join my site and say that the videos look like crap.  Which is true, a lot of the stuff on the bottom of the videos page DO look like crap.

So get everything looking as good as it can, and then let’s move FORWARD with regular NEW video updates!.  But I just need to clear out some space on my hard drives and clear out all the old before moving on with the new.  Yeah, I dropped the ball with the video section and yes, i should have been making video constantly over the last 10 years, but i wasn’t as productive as I should have been.  I can’t change the past, but I can get it looking as good as possible so that I can get more productive in the future.

And yeah, .mov and .m4v files totally suck.   I don’t know what I was thinking with those formats.

So watch the video page on my site for updates!  I will be chucking virtually everything on there, and replacing it with new versions, though for the time being, the standard def  720x 480 versions of videos #23- #38 will stay up and more slowly get replaced since I have to re-edit them.  But 1-21 are all done in HD, and 39-57 in highest SD quality and are ready to upload as soon as I tweak the pages themselves.   Probably videos listed 58 and up on this list, the old versions will just vanish until I put up newer mp4s of them as soon as I can.  I’m not sure if I will keep the super old webcam clips from like 2009 though.  Maybe it’s time they go, since they also look like crap anyway.

So in a nutshell, whatever you’ve previously downloaded from my site, well, you might as well just throw it in the trash and download the new ones (especially when we get the HD versions of  #22-38).

And then once I get everything looking as good as it can I’m going to go after the tube sites like a ton of bricks.  Ironically what is kind of funny about doing this is that the tiny crunchy 320 x 240 versions are more than welcome to stay on those lousy pirate sites!  You guys are getting the good stuff (which , it goes without saying, please don’t post them on the tube sites!)

So yeah, even though there’s only a handful of new stuff, this is necessary to get this big project out of the way before really moving on to more new stuff!  And Uranus, that’s happening, bear with me. It will be worth the wait..


PS  Actually one way to tell which video clips are newly made is that they will be the ones that have animated gifs like these.  That’s probably the easiest way to tell

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New Shoot: Chastity Circus

So I’ve been pretty quiet the last week or so as I’ve been pretty deeply ensconced in my office room doing lots of video editing and outputting video.  I’ll make the next blog post about that (because it’s a pretty big project), but in the meantime, yes, I also did a new shoot a few days ago.

So there might be a fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous.  Maybe I crossed it?  Maybe I don’t care if I did!  And if I did,  I crossed it in 10 inch heels.

So I did this shoot on the 12th of March, which was the same day I also did a video shoot of “Jizzoline Queen” (coming eventually to a video update).  As it is, my makeup was still flawless, my studio was warm, and I had bits and pieces of outfits in pink and black, so I threw them together and came up with this totally new outfit.

I have to admit, that more often than not, I get TOO obsessed with details and have a  hard time seeing that I can usually make a concept out of bits and pieces of other outfits.    Sometimes I get in that place where “Perfect is the enemy of good” and what happens is that nothing happens instead.
The only new bit I made for this costume was the hat, which I whipped up in a half hour.  And the ten? eleven? inch high oxford boots I had for like a year and almost forgot that I even had them, but it’s perfect for this outfit.  The hot pink clown wig was something that I bought to make into puffs, but after seeing how well I liked “Diamond Disco” I decided that ridiculous and over-the-top was what this outfit needed.

Oh, and what is it that I’m sitting on? It’s what’s left of the Captain’s chair from Uranus Needs Shemales/Up Uranus (whatever it will be called).  And yeah, I could have done like full clown makeup, but maybe that would have been a step beyond a step too far.  As it is, this is a nice shoot for those of you (and yeah, I know, it’s not ALL of you), who like the pink hentai craziness.  But hey, if you don’t like one of my shoots, just wait a while, you might LOVE the next one!
But yeah.  This shoot shows you all that really, I have no excuse for like being able to whip off a couple of shoots a week really.  Yeah, I know.. The idea of doing a few shoots a week (when I know that you’re lucky if you see 2 or 3 shoots a month) sounds impossible.  Actually, the spring is the best time for my productivity, and it’s the sweet spot between too cold to heat my studio, and so hot under the lights that no amount of A/C will keep the sweat off my face.  Truth is, my studio building is a little too big to economically heat and cool, and means that there are long dry spells in the winter where I can’t produce much out there.  Oh but once spring comes.. Watch out.  If I really , really really get my shit together (and like I said, I’m preparing another post about what else is going on), then I could probably shoot all my content for the year in a span of a few months.

But, first things first. I have a mountain of video to handle.  I admit. I have dropped the ball on my video production, and I’m in the beginning steps to picking up that ball and smashing it through the neighbor’s plate glass window.

Stay tuned for the next post, and what’s to come.  But for now, for my members, enjoy “Chastity Circus”.


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Travel to the post-apocalyptic future with “Jizzoline Queen”

And oh hey, here’s the final result of the other shoot I did, when we had that little heat wave in February (come to think of it, it’s also about 60˚ F out today too).

I had the rusty motorcycle for a while and set up with bits of the set for months, but the original outfit I designed was very different, and not quite right.  It was  more “Mad Moxxi” and far more colorful, and less brown and steampunk.  So that sort of became it’s own concept for a later shoot and that left me with having to come up with something different for this shoot.

Its the old Aviatrix corset and belt with some very different hair, and other different accessories as well.  The hair puffs or whatever you’d call them were pretty fun to make.  They’re made out of the decades old red  bob wigs I had from when I first started out.  So yeah, I guess I can’t ever throw anything away as it might get used as raw materials later.

Of course, the other new bit is the lovely lovely chastity cage that features in this shoot.  I know we’ll be seeing a lot more of this, and for this shoot, it was fitting addition.
This might be one of my favorite recent shoots, and the total tally of pictures in this set is well over 200.  The full set goes up on my site this weekend!  Gonna keep the momentum going, and see what new spin I can make on some old outfits next! 

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Let’s travel to the past with “Let them Eat Cock!”

So my newest shoot is up, called “Let them eat cock!”

It’s essentially the same outfit as a shoot I did back in 2010 called “Masquerade”, but with panniers and some refinement to the outfit and set.   Oh, and I really, really do fill out the corset much better than 7 years ago!  For those of you who miss my old boobs, you really don’t have to look any further than comparing the above picture to 2010 and you can see just how much better proportioned the new ones are.

Actually, you can see the difference in my forehead/brow lift and the improvements in my makeup skills and of course, those ridiculously large lips (yeah, I know some of you don’t like them, but well, I feel they balance out the other aspects of my face).

Oh and the urethral beads are back! Plus a really amazing but obviously not 18th century black dildo. (Who knows, maybe it  is period?)

All in all, a really nice outfit and nice shoot and I’m happy this outfit has held up well over the years.  The entire set of 224 pictures just went up today!



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Back in form: “Flamenco” and “Heidi Ho”

Yay, there’s new stuff on my site.  First off I finally did a shoot in that Flamenco outfit, and for better or worse, I decided the background just needed to be a nicely appointed room.

It was one of those sort of things where I could have built a crazy, over the top Spanish-inspired set, but yeah.. not like you all wanted to wait another year for that shoot to happen.  So here it is, and the results came out fine.Honestly, good shoots are really more about how sexy the energy is, not the stupid little details that often delay the shoots from happening.  I have a few other shoots  and crazy outfits in the pipeline, but I always forget that I can just tweak and do new versions of old favorites and I doubt you’re all going to complain about that!So that’s how I came up with the other new shoot, “Heidi Ho!”, which is really just the Cocktoberfest outfit from way way back, though I did have to alter it to allow my new, larger tits to fit better.  Or in this case, just be exposed more.

For those of you longing for some more normal, less “futanari fuckdoll” type stuff, these two shoots should scratch that itch.  Sure, there are changes that you can see in my face and body, but they’re mostly for the better, right?
And who knows, maybe the next shoot I do will be really stripped down and the complete antithesis of the whole bimbo thing.  You never know what I’m going to do next!

So, I also went on a Vegas trip, that had nothing to do with AVN this year, but if I write about that, I wil save that for another post.

Back into the studio, for whatever is next!  Might be pink, might be not!



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Two classic Christmas shoots upscaled, and put into a “Ultimate Xmas Collection” gallery.

So I hemmed and hawed a bit about doing a holiday themed shoot, and in the end I decided that I couldn’t really improve on any of the previous Christmas shoots I had done in the past.  Looking at many of those shoots, i noticed they really needed the upscaling treatment.  So, I’ve gone and remastered “Naughty Elf” from 2005 and “The Island of Misfit Sex Toys” from 2008.  The change in size is most noticable in “Naughty Elf” going from something like 900 pixels to 2000 pixels in the largest dimension.  For “Misfit Toys” that also had a similar jump in resolution.
Both shoots may have grown in size as I picked some different pictures that I might had rejected the first time around.    And then I have made a seperate page for all the Christmas shoots, easily accessible.  And as with all the upscaled shoots, they are easily noticable on the gallery pages by the much larger rollover button to access the gallery.  Eventually I will get to all of the galleries, and the biggest jump in quality will be probably for the 2005-2009 galleries.  Later on, I did start inching up the size, so I’m not sure if it’s worth re-mastering the ones where the current finals are like 1700 or 1800 pixels right now.

But anyway, it’s a nice treat to see these classic shoots in far more detail.  Although now looking at them, I can see that I really could have re-shot either outfit with my bigger tits and better makeup skills, and yeah, I could have outdone them easily today!  But eh..  let’s look forward instead of looking back, and I’m more excited about whatever shoot is coming next.  But until that comes out, let’s get this dose of classic Tara!


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Two shoots in one: “Diamond Disco”

So I’m finally getting around to that backlog of outfits that I’ve made this year but hadn’t shot in.  This outfit was made for AVN last January and got some nice visibility at Montreal Fetish Weekend but only got to shoot in just now.

This concept had a working title along the line of something like “Rhinestone Vegas”.
But few months back, I purchased this really over the top blonde afro wig, and well, that also worked for this outfit too.

And then “Rhinestone Vegas” didn’t fit as well as something like “Diamond Disco”, even though I’m not really pushing any other 70’s themes anywhere in it.  Anyway, what’s in a name anyway?  And rather than spin each variaton off into different shoots (that being the case I’d probably do different backgrounds), I just included both versions in this one.

So if you’re not too keen on the blue haired hentai look, there’s always the funky variation. Hope you like both of them!  Let me know which version is hotter!


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Dancing in New York Dec 6th

At the Satin Dolls Gentlemen’s Club. 689 8th Avenue an 43rd St, 2nd floor.   No relation to the old Satin Doll club in Providence, as far as I know.  In fact, I think every couple hundred miles of so in each metropolitan area, there’s a strip club named “Satin Doll”.

The plan is to drive in, dance, make some money and drive back that night if nothing fun presents itself for an afterparty (We are talking a Wednesday night here, of course).

Hope to meet my NYC fans there!


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Hiatus, again…

So hey, I vanished again for a month, but I’m back.  What happened? The last thing you saw, I had just done a ton of video updates and lots of work on my clips4sale store.–

Then, on November 12th I had another one of those Trans All Star Parties strip night at EGO in Providence.   Actually, I was going through a troth of depression around that time, but I managed to pull myself together and attend.  I’m glad I did because I enjoyed myself.  The reasons I was depressed beforehand were pretty complicated.  For starters, I had an issue with a stalker, who was harassing me through texts and then every form of social media.  All of which had something to do with leftover drama from the Satin TS Dolls club from 2 years ago so it was really the ramblings of an unhinged, drugged up person, but they sought to make my life miserable leading up to the night at Ego.  This terrible person tried to get under my skin by pulling the whole “I Know What You Did Last Summer!” routine, where you’re second guessing everything you’ve done.  I literally cannot make sense of what she was rambing about, and what ANY of it had to do with me.  Some of it apparently had to do with thinking that I was cheating the IRS with assumed “under the table” income from a fantasy idea in her head as to what I was going to make at strip club, and threatening to report me to the IRS.  I guess when you’re a microcelebrity, you have to deal with stalkers and idiots.  It’s like all these people who think I’m rich  becuase my pictures look nice, and then somehow make me a target when they’re just bullying a struggling artist. I mean, “fuck you” is not strong enough words to say to this person.

So I’m afraid I didn’t promote the night very much.  And on top of it, I had another thing take priority anyway.

I changed homeowners insurance policies at the end of October, and my new company needed to do an evaluation of my house.  Thing is, when I bought the place in 2013 I went overboard with starting renovation projects and not really finishing them.  They’d been hanging over my head like a low, exposed beam with nails sticking out and electrical lines showing.  Actually thats not a metaphor, I literally had this exposed beam in my kitchen with nails sticking out of it and all sorts of stuff i had to resolve..   So I needed to at least wrap up some of these projects because everything kinda sorta looked like a person started to take the house apart and didn’t know how to put it back together.

I’m usually pretty upfront on social media about all my projects, including my house projects, but my desire to get things finished plus some stalker looking to rat me out as a porn star/sex worker or some right wing libertarian bullshit  That’s all I’m going to say about her,  point it, she’s a terrible toxic person, who i guess is convinced that trans girls are like gaming the health care system to take your hard earned tax money to  get new tits so they can be porn stars.  In any event, none of this had anything to do with anything I’ve ever done, but because of their delusions, I was the target of their harassment.

So I worked on my house for 3 weeks straight, which needed to be done.   My evaluation went along just fine, as it turns out, they just needed to count the amount of bathrooms and bedrooms and stuff like that, but still, it’s always prudent to put your best foot forward, and if that means it all lit a fire under my ass to finish things, so be it.

But it means I haven’t shot in a while, and I’m sorta trying to get myself back in that frame of mind.  As it turns out, I have one photo shoot that I did in October that I’ve decided I might as well release.

On the same day that I shot half of the Caravan Girl shoot I did this indoor shoot, in the “Confection” outfit.  I did this shoot in October because I planned to paint over the pink and white striped wall, and figured let’s get one more shoot in while it’s still there.  The original plan was that I was getting next year’s Valentine’s Day shoot done early, but I decided that there’s a few reasons to just get it out of the way now.  It is pretty similar to Confection, in a lot of ways, so you really can’t say it breaks new ground.

Plus, maybe this look with the pink wig and all the puffs is a look that I’m going to phase out anyway sometime next year.  Also, I could get a much much better idea when next February rolls around so might as well release it now.

But mostly its because I need something up there, as the sets/outfit situation is in a bit of a tizzy anyway.  I started on this set which had an old motorcycle, some steampunk gears and some oil barrels that I painted “Toxic waste”.. Trouble is, I don’t have an outfit to go with this set. I’ve designed some stuff, but as of yet those outfits don’t exist.

To make things even more frustrating,  I have the “Flamenco” and “Vegas Rhinestone” (working titles) outfits, but don’t have set to shoot them on (or a clean room in a complimentary color scheme.  I mean, yeah- I guess I could shoot on the set I made, but that’d be all wrong.  A set inbrowns, blacks and reds and an outfit in blue and white? Yeah.. it just wouldn’t work.  Plus, I have other ideas for the ideal sets for these other shoots, so I’d kind of wreck things by shooting outfit A on Set B). Bottom line is that I had two photoshoot project that were both half done, and the house work got in the way of finishing them. Or think of it this way, you’ve got two cars you can use, but each of them have 2 flat tires, but they’re different sizes, so you can’t put all 4 on one and get where you’re going.  Frustrating!

But now that the house stuff is done, I’m going to refocus my energy on the next batch of shoots (Lets just call them “Toxic Ringleader”, “Vegas Rhinestones” and “Flamenco”), plus a few other ideas I’ve been cooking up (there was that thing with the buttplug/fox tail, and also “Mecha Tara”).   And I might try something Christmas-y too, but till whichever of those shoots comes first, have what was going to be my next Valentine’s day shoot to tie you over.  I’m about about halfway through the editing so the whole set sould go up December 1st.

And I’ve made the decision that once this next batch of shoots are done, I’m doing to finish my Uranus movie.  Yep, for real.


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New Videos, upgraded videos, and unreleased videos to come!

So yeah, I know, things have been quiet on the new shoot front, but that’s ok, I’ve been working a lot on adding videos to the videos section, and also to my clips4sale store, which had been sadly neglected for years..–

So what’s new?  Well, we have the “Valentine’s Day Every Day” shoot, at 15 minutes long.  And since my clips4sale store generated a gif of it, allow me to dangle this shiny blinky object in front of you.

Next up is a brand new video – “Another Slice of Cherry Pie” in all it’s over the top-ness.

I think the following videos shot with Christian might have been available on his site, but here for the first time we get “High Rise Hooker” and “Sweet Tart Fuckdoll”

Last up is a brand new edit of National Pornographic in HD.

This was an experiment to see how quickly I could do a re edit in HD of something that I previously shot in HD but edited in Standard Def (because I was still thinking of DVD releases, which -amazingly- still sell in 2017).  Pretty much all my video that I have shot since lets say- 2010 has actually been shot in HD but captured and edited in the lower quality.   So to re-edit them means going back and recapturing the source video in HD and basing the new edit on my old edit points.  Yeah, lots of fiddling with timecode and stuff.  But it only took a day to make the new edit, and the bump in quality looks great.  I mean, I know it’s no 4k or whatever, but it seems like a good idea in general to make what I have the best quality it can be.  It does seem like mp4 is the way to go for formats too.

So you can expect to see more videos pop up in the coming months.  One video I have not finished editing yet is “Carousel Rider” and looking over old tapes, it seems like I have a few scenes I never released because they were part of video projects that never panned out.

Enjoy these new videos!  I don’t have anything specific planned for Halloween, (mostly because I do costumes all year and I don’t want to be pressured to think of Halloween as a deadline).  But I am cooking some things up in the studio, as the autumn between too hot to work out there and too cold to work out there means I’ll probably have a week or two of constant shooting, once I get my ducks in a row.



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