“Red Domina” and 4 new videos.

Hey new stuff!  I called this set “Red Domina” although I’m not all that dominant looking in the photos.
Its a pretty hot shoot, though I guess I did have a red and black color scheme on my mind from the abandoned Molotov Cocktease shoot that didn’t happen (and probably won’t)

So I am going through a lot of stressful crap with the possibility of losing my studio space.  I’m not sure if I really want to go into too many details right now, though I did mention it on my tumblr blog.  Put simply, I might only have my studio for another couple of months, or who knows, it could still end up being years.   So regardless of what happens, the best thing for me to do is to get as many shoots done as possible and stock up on content.

This is going allright, though a summer heat wave finally hit and sucked a lot of energy out of me.  My studio building is a little too big to cool properly, which means I can’t really use it in the hottest days of the summer.  If it ends up that I do lose my studio, my other option is to build a smaller studio, something that suits my needs a bit better (and easier to cool)

With this push to get photo and video shoots done, there’s also a new video update up on my site!   Videos for “Jizzoline Queen”, “Let them Eat cock”, “Chastity Circus” and “Harlequin Romance” just went up.  I also shot for “Diamond Disco” but that didn’t make the update.  Also, I will be shooting video for “Red Domina” as well.  The way I usually do things is that I shoot the photos in one session, and then maybe a few days or even a week or a month later, while the set is still up and the costume is still handy, I go back in and shoot the video.  Sometimes this means that a set is up for months and months afterwards.

Once I’m satisfied that I’ve got enough video, then I break down the set and put things away, and it’s on to the next projects.  Sometimes though, I don’t get any video, which in the case of  “Tentacle Grape”, everything was super janky and falling apart that once I was finished with the photos, I decided that I’d just remount a whole different tentacle shoot if I wanted to revisit that theme.

So enjoy the new updates. I’ll make a separate post about my studio woes, as it’s a little too complicated to go into here in depth right now.


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You win some, you lose some. (“Harlequin Romance” and… ?)

Well, I had a little spurt of activity lately, where I did a shoot and a half last week.  Or maybe just one shoot because my attempt at a second shoot really didn’t produce anything worthwhile and I’m not even sure that it’s worth going back into to finish it.

So, let’s start with the good, because well, chronologically that’s how things panned out anyway.

So I made this outfit ages ago (actually almost 10 years ago!) to match a Venetian mask I bought somewhere. This outfit has held up really well as I rarely wore it to events and since it wasn’t made out of PVC, it didn’t just naturally fall apart (some of those earliest ones are sadly gone now.  I do get people asking me what happens to my old outfit.  Well, sometimes they just disintegrate into a pile off goo, really)

When I did this outfit before I called it “Carnal Carnivale” and I have to say the big difference between how I did shoots 10 years ago and now – other than my plastic enhancements – is how I’m much better at getting down to business of showing the dirty bits, right?
But yeah, the new version “Harlequin Romance” is good stuff.  Right to the point, and using my studio instead of my house gave me a little bit more freedom with the lighting and so forth.

But this shoot came out really well. It’s another one I did with my two camera set up. And as it sometimes happens, I had another area set up for another shoot, so that I could take advantage of my makeup and also being in the mood to take more horny pictures.  You’d be surprised how sometimes it takes me a while just to get into “porn star” mode.

But the second shoot.  eh.. not sure it was meant to be.  Backtracking a little bit, I had made a great Molotov Cocktease outfit in something like 2014 for a sci-fi/anime convention, but never really figured out a way to do a shoot in it.  Actually, if you google image search “Molotov Cocktease cosplay”, this picture of me at Arisia comes up pretty much on the first page. (actually image #20)

Anyway, I had an old beat up Jaguar parts car that I’m probably going to get rid of this year (its a parts car to another one that I have in better condition that’s actually right-hand-drive which is kinda cool)  The windshield was broken so I made a few “bullet holes” in it and thought it would be cool to set up the lights around it and do the shoot at night.

Well, things didn’t go that well.  The flashes on my studio lights are activated by the flash on my camera, and this tends to work pretty well in a studio environment.  But outdoors in the dark, I guess there’s less light to bounce off of things, so about half of the pictures didn’t trip off the flashes at ALL.

Then it turned out that sitting on the roof or on the hood of the car put me, the model in very awkward places where normally it’s not good for the model to move closer or further away from the lights.

Also, the fact that the only light sources outside were the studio lights meant that something as simple as going back to the cameras and hitting the buttons meant that I was working in the dark, so that was Yet Another Thing to worry about when I’m really supposed to figure out the best poses and how to stay horny.

So, if you’re wondering how the pictures came out, I think I shot about 50, and of them, only 25 or so had usable exposure, and then out of those, here are the best two.  And if this was a regular shoot, even these two wouldn’t even make the final cut.

To make things worse, the eye patch meant that since I had to get on and off  the car and constantly fiddle with the camera settings, I either had to endure not having any depth perception and risk bumping into my camera on tripods (potentially fatal if one fell over), or keep flipping it up and messing up my hair, etc.

After about an hour of this bullshit, I decided to call it quits as there were way too many variables there to screw up a shoot, and getting myself into a good groove just wasn’t going to happen.    I also sorta  had to hold my catsuit together where the cleavage is because I might have to rethink the way I had sorta double sided sticky taped them down (which works ok if I’m at a con, but not so much if you’re constantly bending over and stressing the catsuit.

So I gave up on this for now.  Maybe this is just one of those shoots that I can’t bang off on my own.  I’m sure many people are wondering why I don’t always use a photographer for my shoots, and I guess this is as good a place as any to describe my work process and why I do things the way I do.

First off, I’m NEVER ready when I say I’m ready, so the idea that I’m going to be ready a 8pm on a Wednesday night when so and so it coming over to shoot. Well, that rarely happens.  Shooting on my own time means just what I did here, that I was able to shoot when I was ready (like 1 am) after hours of experimenting with the lights and whatever.

Secondly, As you know, I do pretty much all the costumes and pretty much all the set dressing, and well, all the lighting, so a photographer really has to be adding something to that mix otherwise they’re really no different than a self timer.  And I have had a few photographers who literally have just had their camera on a tripod and shot the pictures where everything else was “me”..  Which made me wonder, what do I even need them for?  I know that sounds kind of dickish, and geez, why would anyone want to work with me now, knowing what a primadonna I am… but….  if there’s literally no difference between a photographer and self shooting with a tripod on my own time, I’ll choose the latter each time, and yep, be able to take all the credit.  Because that does make you wonder, who owns the photographs at that point?   The person who takes it or the person modelling?

But yeah, if a photographer worked with me and was able to do amazing things I couldn’t (and I agree, there are compromises when I self-shoot), then that would be a different story.

As to whether I’m going to continue on the the Molotov Cocktease shoot, I don’t know.  I’m not entirely convinced I can pull it off (though if I got the lighting perfect, and found the perfect spot to sit, then I guess I can), and also I’m not entirely convinced that I can “porn-ify” the outfit sufficiently to make it into a pornographic shoot.  That was kind of the problem anyway.  Too many potential disasters to keep track of so that getting hard and exposing myself wasn’t even on the cards at all.  I could go back into the studio and try to shoot in there but then the whole background would have to be done differently (which maybe isn’t a bad idea anyway). As to rolling the Jaguar into the garage, well, it doesn’t run, period and those things weigh several tons and had multiple flat tires so even rolling it downhill would end up being a nightmare.

I may do some kind of different outfit/junkyard shoot with it maybe in the daytime, who knows?  I also have a really cool idea to revisit the Snow White costume where she is attacked by horny trees in the Haunted Forest.  The idea being that I would bring my lights over to a woodsy area near my studio and  set them all up at  night.  But it’s going to take some more experimentation to figure out how to get the lights to go off reliably.

But enjoy “Harlequin Romance” for now.  I think what I do next will be a little bit more in that vein, something I can predict what the outcome will look like!


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The next Big Thing… “Tentacle Grape” (?)

Heeeeey.. and it’s a new shoot.  It’s the hentai tentcle shoot I’ve been planning forever.. Annnnd…   the results are… well… allright I guess.
So a little background first.  I have been planning this shoot for more than a year (actually more like since at least Nov ’16) and I think it was about a year ago that I first bought the pink pool noodles and sometime after that when I drizzled silicone caulk all over them, to simulate alien cum without using something that was actually sticky and a real mess.

And I sorta hemmed and hawed about what sort of outfit I wanted to use, and if it was going to really be any sort of clear anime character or something.  Anyway, I couldn’t quite get over the logistics of how I was going to self-shoot this since I usually shoot my own pictures with my camera-with-a-flip-out-screen-and-wireless-remote setup which even though these cameras are going on a decade old, it’s a process that actually works well for me.
And so I finally set things up in my studio though I had to make all sorts of compromises in the set, I had to mount the whole “couch” thingy made up of pink round cushions leftover from the Uranus set (which look like giant Tums if you ask me) up on blocks so that I could get the right angles without showing the floor.  So this is what the whole set up looked like out of frame.  Yeah, I brought out EVERY possible tripod and stand I had to hold these things.

And these things all had dowels on the end of them where the dildos would go,  glooped with silicone cum strings or whatever you’d call them. Probably the first thing you’re asking is why didn’t I get someone to help me on this shoot?  Well, more often than not, I’m ready to shoot when I can’t get people to help me, and I have people available to help me when I’m not ready.  And as it was, I had waited a month to get someone to help me shoot video of “Let Them Eat Cock” (coming soon), so once I decided I was ready for this shoot, well, I did it.

Anyway, back to the outfit.   My first idea was to use this old purple latex catsuit, but then I started getting some exciting ideas for anime inspired costumes.  And then I scaled it back since I didn’t know if shooting on all these pink tentacles and silicone cum was going to be a disaster or not.  So I decided the outfit wasn’t as crucial and there was only one way to find out if I could shoot this myself, and that was to run with what I had. The black and purple collar was a new thing I made for this, and the purple hair and elf ears were things that a wonderful fan got for me off my Amazon Wish List.  And the catsuit?  Well, it did have some problems so maybe It was better I got to use it one last time.  I’m not sure what you’d call this, but sometimes old latex clothing gets weird dark spots and thin spots on it as it ages.  And then it was extremely baggy in many places which looked terrible.  The only way I got it to work was a lot of photoshop work, which was fine.

But in general, I got some pretty good pictures, which wasn’t quite so terrible from a self timer even with my hands often wrapped up in tentacles.  I did the two camera set up where I set one camera low for low angles, and the other at the highest I could.  And eventually the catsuit ripped and came off, which was fine because it gave me a nice variety of photos.
So in conclusion, this shoot worked out pretty well, but there’s a lot going on and I thinkI need to get some different lights that, shall we say, don’t quite bathe everything in light.  Or I  just need to experiment with less light or targeted light, or strip down the idea to the bare essentials.  Which means that there is probably another, and better tentacle shoot in the future.  As for the name, “Tentacle Grape”?  Well..  let’s see if there’s an uproar over that, or not.  Since there was a lot of purple in the catsuit, well the working title stuck.

The whole set of 154 (and I was amazed I got that many useable shots) just went up at www.tara-ts.com


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Periwinkle and Pink

Which about sums up my newest upcoming shoot.   Something simple to tie you over until the next Big Thing comes down the pike.  It seems like it’s taken forever for Spring to come but now that it’s warmed up, I’m working on a lot of fairly complicated shoots!
But yeah, this is just a simple shoot cobbled together from existing costume pieces and stuff.  I dont know why I never paired this periwinkle corset with the pink hat until now but they do go together very well indeed.

Add to it a nice pink chastity device that matches (thank you someone for getting this off my Amazon Wish List!) and it all works together quite nicely!I’m still editing the photos and the full set of over 150 photos should go up on my site by mid week.  Then it’s on to the first of my big crazy ideas!


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Been feeling cruddy since Easter, but still updating video though!

So round the Monday after Easter I guess I caught the cold or flu that had been going around.  Why is it that it’s always at the tail end of the season when it starts to warm up, you get walloped with a bad cold?
So that’s why I haven’t been that active on social media, or even my ManyVids site.  Actually the first half of April has been dismal (income wise) in comparison to the second half of March.  That’s a little depressing but just tells me that my sales on that site are a direct reflection of how hard I am promoting and updating my ManyVids store.

Anyway, so I’ve caught up with the video updates here, updating most of the older stuff (standard def) and upgrading “Cotton Candyass”, “Flowering Tara” and “Sleazy Rider” to HD versions.

I do think though, that I need to get a brand new shoot of something done this week.. Also, I have video that I need to edit of “Jizzoline Queen” which of course is not a re-release of something you’re seen before..

So keep your eyes peeled this week! And check the video section for more videos as I add them.



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Massive huge video update/upgrade in the works

You may have noticed a lot of activity in my twitter or tumblr feed about videos for sale up on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

Yes, I’ve been reworking a lot of stuff that was previously released in pretty crappy resolution and quality.  I’ve pretty much been chained to my computers for the better part of a week, which is good, I’ve actually gotten a LOT done.

There is also some new stuff out there, and many of the new edits are longer than what was previously available.

And yes, they are all coming to www.taraemory.com.  I just wanted to get my Many Vids site up and running and actually making some money first before committing myself to sorting out the complete mess that is the video section of taraemory.com.

Please don’t feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick, it’s just that on those video sites, it’s fairly easy to update those pages and upload those videos through a browser, but to update my video page on my members site its far more fiddly, going through a program and making buttons and all that. (although I’ll try to re-use what I can)

So I wanted to get to a certain point with getting enough new material ready so that I have to update the members video area less often.  What will be going up on this site is the first half of a total overhaul, the second half to go online by the end of March.

Suffice to say, I’m basically throwing out ALL the current videos on my site, with a few exceptions:

  1. Valentines Day Every Day
  2. High Rise Hooker
  3. Sweet Tart Fuckdoll
  4. National Pornographic
  5. Another Slice of Cherry Pie
  6. Domestic Doll
  7. Pigtailed Fucktoy
  8. Pearls and Polkadots
  9. Strawberries and Cream
  10. Coquette Cumpot
  11. Cherry Bomb
  12. Slut in the Butt
  13. Minty Fresh
  14. Sugar Rush

All these are currently in HD on my site, but I may replace a few of the them with better versions as I think a few might have been exported with a lousy bitrate.

Also, all the .mov and .m4v formats are going bye bye.  It seems like .mp4 is the way to go.  The HD clips are in 1280 x 720 many are in 1920 x 1080 and I can’t tell the difference. My camera is a 1080i so when I output them at the bigger size, I get some interlacing that you can see that you can’t see on the 720 versions.  Some actually look better in 720 than in 1080 but probably all the new ones I’m going to make will be in 1080.

Speaking of new videos there are also 2 new videos going up that you haven’t seen before!

  • 15. Revolutionary Whore
  • 16. Carousel Rider.

Actually Revolutionary Whore is leftover from a few years back but never got released, because I was waiting around to do a whole DVD of Marie Antionette type stuff.   But then I got new boobs so this scene won’t fit in with that project, and it got forgotten about.  Also this scene is just on a swing, and that proposed project was going to have a script and everything, so best to release that old scene now.

I also have just shot video of Jizzoline Queen, which I will edit as soon as I can.  I also plan to shoot video of Let Them Eat Cock as that set is still up and running.

Ok, here’s where it gets complicated.  As you can see I have a lot of work ahead of me.

  • 17. Sweet Lolita
  • 18. Aviatrix
  • 19. Tara Overboard
  • 20. Pot O Gold
  • 21, Cherry RideI have gone and re-edited #17-21 in HD from the original footage.   This is a fair amount of work but sometimes I can whip out a couple of new edits in a day.  If I’m lucky, I just use the same Edit Decision List in Final Cut Pro, but I swap out the old SD captured footage for new HD clips using the same name and I just re-render it.  I’m actually surprised it’s this easy to do.Anyway, I still have to do the same thing with these following videos:
  • 22.  Big Top Tara
  • 23 . CandyLand
  • 24. Smoking Sexpot
  • 25. Showgirl
  • 26. Flowering Tara
  • 27. Diamonds are Hard
  • 28. Cotton Candyass
  • 29. Pony Play
  • 30. Smoke Latex
  • 31. Blue Rubber
  • 32. Cream of hearts
  • 33. Tight Spender
  • 34. Room Service
  • 35. Sleazy Rider
  • 36. Warrior Princess
  • 37. Throbbing valentine
  • 38 Gift

But since those will take me some time, i went and on a different computer, i’ve gone and tackled the older material, that was shot in standard def (720 x 480).   But probably the versions of these that are on the members site were even worse resolution that that, so i have gone and made 720 x 480 mp4s of these, using a  fairly high bitrate so they don;t look like crap.  Actually on one of them I tried blowing it up to 1280×720 HD and it looked exactly the same as looking at a 720 x 480 movie blown up, so there’s no way to “upscale” these.  These new versions of these videos are -as good as they are ever going to get.

  • 39. Easter Best
  • 40. Steeplechase Slut
  • 41. Snow Princess
  • 42. Dainty Dots
  • 43. Stripes and Garters (i tried an HD blow up of this, and it wasn’t worth it)
  • 44. valentine boudoir
  • 45. Filthy Habits (now in full 22 minute version)
  • 46. Animal instinct (called latex in the jungle on those other sites, because “animal” was a banned word!)
  • 47. Periwinkle Satin
  • 48. Brocade Burlesque
  • 49. Cocktoberfest
  • 50. Daisy Dick
  • 51. Peacock Goddess
  • 52. Bubblegum Broadway
  • 53. Ice Follies
  • 54. Birthday girl
  • 55. Pink Polka Plushie
  • 56. Polka Hearts
  • 57. Rawhide

So yeah, those videos are already done over, and the new as-high-quality-as-possible versions will go up on the next update  I still have to do the following ones though.  I can whip out several of these new mp4s in a day as i don’t have to re-edit them or anything.

  • 58. Naughty Elf
  • 59. Smoking sexpot (2004)
  • 60. Ahoy Tara
  • 61 Rouge Roses
  • 62 Valentine Tart
  • 63 Lucky (2003)
  • 64 Zebra Ponygirl
  • 65 Cleotara
  • 66 Little Ho Peep
  • 67 Cherry Pie 2003
  • 68 mouse trap
  • 69 nurses
  • 70 Tutu
  • 71 Mardi Gras
  • 72 Candystripe
  • 73 Pink and Black Dots
  • 74 Black Rubber ballet Boots
  • 75 picnic
  • 76 Amsterdam
  • 77 toy soldier
  • 78 feather tail
  • and whatever else were dvd extras of bonuses or things that I discover while I’m digging.

… and I’m sure I missed a few.   I’m sure there’s another 10 I’ve forgotten about, and since I have a few in the pipeline (and also some scenes I will release from the Uranus project), that will bring the total amount up to around 100 videos.  Also, when I made the previous versions of these scenes, I sometimes made them shorter than what was available on my DVD. Aat the time i was concerned that the video clips might cut into DVD sales. Of course, nowadays, that’s a moot point.  All these scenes are as long as they can be. In some cases like “Filthy Habits” they have grown to over 20 minutes of wanktrance.z

I also found some old footage of a scene I shot in the “Drink Me” Alice in Wonderland outfit, where I’m in that tiny little dollhouse room.  Yes, that was from like 2007 and it never got released. I was actually going to do a whole movie around that scene and it didn’t happen, so really, that scene should come to light.

Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you are saying.. Why am I even bothering with this old stuff?  Well, because anyone who is a new or long time member should get access to the highest quality versions of all my videos.   Also, I get more than a few complaints from people who join my site and say that the videos look like crap.  Which is true, a lot of the stuff on the bottom of the videos page DO look like crap.

So get everything looking as good as it can, and then let’s move FORWARD with regular NEW video updates!.  But I just need to clear out some space on my hard drives and clear out all the old before moving on with the new.  Yeah, I dropped the ball with the video section and yes, i should have been making video constantly over the last 10 years, but i wasn’t as productive as I should have been.  I can’t change the past, but I can get it looking as good as possible so that I can get more productive in the future.

And yeah, .mov and .m4v files totally suck.   I don’t know what I was thinking with those formats.

So watch the video page on my site for updates!  I will be chucking virtually everything on there, and replacing it with new versions, though for the time being, the standard def  720x 480 versions of videos #23- #38 will stay up and more slowly get replaced since I have to re-edit them.  But 1-21 are all done in HD, and 39-57 in highest SD quality and are ready to upload as soon as I tweak the pages themselves.   Probably videos listed 58 and up on this list, the old versions will just vanish until I put up newer mp4s of them as soon as I can.  I’m not sure if I will keep the super old webcam clips from like 2009 though.  Maybe it’s time they go, since they also look like crap anyway.

So in a nutshell, whatever you’ve previously downloaded from my site, well, you might as well just throw it in the trash and download the new ones (especially when we get the HD versions of  #22-38).

And then once I get everything looking as good as it can I’m going to go after the tube sites like a ton of bricks.  Ironically what is kind of funny about doing this is that the tiny crunchy 320 x 240 versions are more than welcome to stay on those lousy pirate sites!  You guys are getting the good stuff (which , it goes without saying, please don’t post them on the tube sites!)

So yeah, even though there’s only a handful of new stuff, this is necessary to get this big project out of the way before really moving on to more new stuff!  And Uranus, that’s happening, bear with me. It will be worth the wait..


PS  Actually one way to tell which video clips are newly made is that they will be the ones that have animated gifs like these.  That’s probably the easiest way to tell

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New Shoot: Chastity Circus

So I’ve been pretty quiet the last week or so as I’ve been pretty deeply ensconced in my office room doing lots of video editing and outputting video.  I’ll make the next blog post about that (because it’s a pretty big project), but in the meantime, yes, I also did a new shoot a few days ago.

So there might be a fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous.  Maybe I crossed it?  Maybe I don’t care if I did!  And if I did,  I crossed it in 10 inch heels.

So I did this shoot on the 12th of March, which was the same day I also did a video shoot of “Jizzoline Queen” (coming eventually to a video update).  As it is, my makeup was still flawless, my studio was warm, and I had bits and pieces of outfits in pink and black, so I threw them together and came up with this totally new outfit.

I have to admit, that more often than not, I get TOO obsessed with details and have a  hard time seeing that I can usually make a concept out of bits and pieces of other outfits.    Sometimes I get in that place where “Perfect is the enemy of good” and what happens is that nothing happens instead.
The only new bit I made for this costume was the hat, which I whipped up in a half hour.  And the ten? eleven? inch high oxford boots I had for like a year and almost forgot that I even had them, but it’s perfect for this outfit.  The hot pink clown wig was something that I bought to make into puffs, but after seeing how well I liked “Diamond Disco” I decided that ridiculous and over-the-top was what this outfit needed.

Oh, and what is it that I’m sitting on? It’s what’s left of the Captain’s chair from Uranus Needs Shemales/Up Uranus (whatever it will be called).  And yeah, I could have done like full clown makeup, but maybe that would have been a step beyond a step too far.  As it is, this is a nice shoot for those of you (and yeah, I know, it’s not ALL of you), who like the pink hentai craziness.  But hey, if you don’t like one of my shoots, just wait a while, you might LOVE the next one!
But yeah.  This shoot shows you all that really, I have no excuse for like being able to whip off a couple of shoots a week really.  Yeah, I know.. The idea of doing a few shoots a week (when I know that you’re lucky if you see 2 or 3 shoots a month) sounds impossible.  Actually, the spring is the best time for my productivity, and it’s the sweet spot between too cold to heat my studio, and so hot under the lights that no amount of A/C will keep the sweat off my face.  Truth is, my studio building is a little too big to economically heat and cool, and means that there are long dry spells in the winter where I can’t produce much out there.  Oh but once spring comes.. Watch out.  If I really , really really get my shit together (and like I said, I’m preparing another post about what else is going on), then I could probably shoot all my content for the year in a span of a few months.

But, first things first. I have a mountain of video to handle.  I admit. I have dropped the ball on my video production, and I’m in the beginning steps to picking up that ball and smashing it through the neighbor’s plate glass window.

Stay tuned for the next post, and what’s to come.  But for now, for my members, enjoy “Chastity Circus”.


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Travel to the post-apocalyptic future with “Jizzoline Queen”

And oh hey, here’s the final result of the other shoot I did, when we had that little heat wave in February (come to think of it, it’s also about 60˚ F out today too).

I had the rusty motorcycle for a while and set up with bits of the set for months, but the original outfit I designed was very different, and not quite right.  It was  more “Mad Moxxi” and far more colorful, and less brown and steampunk.  So that sort of became it’s own concept for a later shoot and that left me with having to come up with something different for this shoot.

Its the old Aviatrix corset and belt with some very different hair, and other different accessories as well.  The hair puffs or whatever you’d call them were pretty fun to make.  They’re made out of the decades old red  bob wigs I had from when I first started out.  So yeah, I guess I can’t ever throw anything away as it might get used as raw materials later.

Of course, the other new bit is the lovely lovely chastity cage that features in this shoot.  I know we’ll be seeing a lot more of this, and for this shoot, it was fitting addition.
This might be one of my favorite recent shoots, and the total tally of pictures in this set is well over 200.  The full set goes up on my site this weekend!  Gonna keep the momentum going, and see what new spin I can make on some old outfits next! 

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Let’s travel to the past with “Let them Eat Cock!”

So my newest shoot is up, called “Let them eat cock!”

It’s essentially the same outfit as a shoot I did back in 2010 called “Masquerade”, but with panniers and some refinement to the outfit and set.   Oh, and I really, really do fill out the corset much better than 7 years ago!  For those of you who miss my old boobs, you really don’t have to look any further than comparing the above picture to 2010 and you can see just how much better proportioned the new ones are.

Actually, you can see the difference in my forehead/brow lift and the improvements in my makeup skills and of course, those ridiculously large lips (yeah, I know some of you don’t like them, but well, I feel they balance out the other aspects of my face).

Oh and the urethral beads are back! Plus a really amazing but obviously not 18th century black dildo. (Who knows, maybe it  is period?)

All in all, a really nice outfit and nice shoot and I’m happy this outfit has held up well over the years.  The entire set of 224 pictures just went up today!



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Back in form: “Flamenco” and “Heidi Ho”

Yay, there’s new stuff on my site.  First off I finally did a shoot in that Flamenco outfit, and for better or worse, I decided the background just needed to be a nicely appointed room.

It was one of those sort of things where I could have built a crazy, over the top Spanish-inspired set, but yeah.. not like you all wanted to wait another year for that shoot to happen.  So here it is, and the results came out fine.Honestly, good shoots are really more about how sexy the energy is, not the stupid little details that often delay the shoots from happening.  I have a few other shoots  and crazy outfits in the pipeline, but I always forget that I can just tweak and do new versions of old favorites and I doubt you’re all going to complain about that!So that’s how I came up with the other new shoot, “Heidi Ho!”, which is really just the Cocktoberfest outfit from way way back, though I did have to alter it to allow my new, larger tits to fit better.  Or in this case, just be exposed more.

For those of you longing for some more normal, less “futanari fuckdoll” type stuff, these two shoots should scratch that itch.  Sure, there are changes that you can see in my face and body, but they’re mostly for the better, right?
And who knows, maybe the next shoot I do will be really stripped down and the complete antithesis of the whole bimbo thing.  You never know what I’m going to do next!

So, I also went on a Vegas trip, that had nothing to do with AVN this year, but if I write about that, I wil save that for another post.

Back into the studio, for whatever is next!  Might be pink, might be not!



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