Tara Emory vs the Sex Machine Live Camshow August 25th!

Hey I know this is rather short notice, but I’ve got this lovely lovely steampunk fucking machine that I hardly ever use, so I figured, why not use it in a live show and hype it up a bit?

Okay so perhaps that’s a touch dramatic, but hey, I gotta push this thing, right?  See you Friday night, let’s see who wins!  I’m guessing this rickety antique will shatter to pieces.  (and by that,  I meant the steampunk fucking machine)

And while I’m at it, here’s a sneak peek at my recent shoot, which will probably be what I wear for the camshow.

I don’t quite know what I’ll call this shoot yet, but it will probably go up by the end of the month as there’s another one in the queue that’s almost completely ready to post.

I don’t know yet what I’ll call this shoot, but the working title so far is along the lines of “The Swedish Bikini Bimbo Team” or something.  I did have fun making that hat though, and decorating the background too.

See you all Friday I hope!


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“Courting Boat” Redux on it’s way…

Hey!  So I’m back, partially.  I’ve been working more than a week or so on my variation on the old “Courting Boat” outfit.  I had spent a heck of a lot of effort on this outfit, years back, but always felt that the final pictures were lacking.

I think what happened is that I made an outfit that didn’t lend itself to showing a lot of naughty bits, and though I tried to pull up the skirt and or take the skirt off,  It was clear that in order to keep the sleeves on, I’d have to keep the top corset on (they were attatched).  Well, there was that and the fact that I shot these indoors and I was trying to pass it off for outdoors.  Which of course didn’t look good at all.

But in any event, I decided that it might be cool to make a variation of this outfit that was a little bit more revealing, yet not going and recreating it from scratch.

Trouble is, I only had this much of the purple and white striped material left!    Yep, these 8 scraps.  Literally scraps.  And it was the sort of thing where I have no idea where I bought it from, and usually with fabric, unless you’re lucky to know the manufacturer (which of course no one knows that), than maybe you can track down more.     I went off and hit all my local shops and none of it was to be found.  So what I decided to do was make an open bra and garter belt, then make a little white waist cincher from the same kind of material as the old corset.  I calculated that I had enough purple and white scraps leftover to make the open bra and the garter belt, but that was about it.Trouble is, I wanted the same big puffy sleeves on this new version, yet I also didn’t want to destroy the old version (which covered the breasts).  I had to figure out a way to have my cake and eat it too.   What I ended up doing was transferring the big puffy sleeves to the open cup bra, and then taking the old corset top the sleeves were on, and making it into a finished off sleeveless thing that could go over the new open bra with sleeves, giving exactly the same effect.

The end result came out pretty close, though in the end I opted not to make the striped garters.

However, I got a bit of a late start shooting the photos (at about 5pm), so the decent indirect sunlight was moving around and not giving me the best light.  I did manage to shoot 170 or so, but I think less than half of them are that good.
I did choose a few to edit, but I’m just going to resume shooting this set tomorrow or the next day and start a few hours earlier. I may also try to get some shots in the full outfit as well.
So enjoy this little sneak peek!  I haven’t picked a name yet for this shoot.  I might find a variation of “Courting …”  but I’m sure it will come to me.  I do love shooting in the back yard but sometimes it’s a crap shoot with the light changing, and having to constantly change the camera and re-adjust the reflector etc.


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Goodbye Leonidas


So I’ve tried to write this blog post a few times.  Wrote something.  Deleted it.  wrote something again.  Let it sit for a week, deleted it too.

I lost one of my most beloved kitties last week.  July 25th.  And this was right on the heels of learning of the deaths of Nicci Tristan and January Seraph.  I didn’t know Nicci that well but she was a fixture in the international fetish scene.   January and I was closer, and we shared a room together in Jamaica for the Miss Fetish Queen of the Universe Pageant.  So we were pretty close, and I knew her well enough to know her life had it’s ups and downs.

This isn’t a fitting place for a proper tribute to my colleagues. I dunno.  January will be missed.  Though it had been a few years since I’d seen her last (probably Montreal Fetish Weekend), you’d always expect to see her at the next event.

So it was with this heavy heart that I decided that I really needed to pay attention to the things around me, and that I should stay indoors and spend time with my ailing kitty.  I also had some really important artwork to do, so it turned out Leonidas was shut in that same part of the house the drawing table it set up in.

So him and I spent the whole day together. He was eating, going up and down the stairs okay (though I had put a pillow at the bottom of the stairs in case he had a tumble), taking his medicine and pooping like he should.  He purred and sat on my lap and was pretty excited to spend the whole day with me.  He got to roam the house a bit and get visits from the other cats.  It was very sweet.  I actually got my artwork all done, and that was a huge relief since this was a paid commission I had been procrastinating finishing up for months.

At about 5 am, I took Leonidas back from the other part of the house (I let him roam free, he wanted to be with the other cats),  and had to shut him back in that one section again

He meowed. as I went off to bed.  I woke up around noon and when I went to check on him, he was basically in his death spasms.  Called the vet and brought him in, at which time putting him to sleep was just a formality.   Wether it was a heart attack or stroke at this point who knows.  He was only 9, but was down to less than 6 pounds and skin and bones.   He died in my arms and the concluded that it was probably some sort of pancreatic cancer,  because whatever I was doing to help him should have helped if it wasn’t cancer.  Here’s what I looked like when he was a full grown kitten.

So, I’m pretty depressed right now.  Yeah, I know, it’s just a cat.  But 9 is too early to go, and though he was always going to be a cat with chronic health issues (he had a constant sneezing thing too), I thought, or had convinced myself that he was getting better.

Oh poor Leonidas.  Leonitus.  Leonidus.  The vets always spelled his name wrong, and I could never remember which way was right, and I found myself spelling it 3 different ways.  Anyway.  When you’re a person who is probably never going to have children, its like yeah, losing one of your children.

But it’s weird how things happen. If I hadn’t have stayed indoors and worked on that artwork, I wouldn’t have gotten that last, full. solid day with him.  If he had died a few days earlier when I thought I had been neglecting him (visiting him only to feed him and jam an eyedropper of foul tasting liquid down his gullet), I know I’d be feeling even worse.

He was a good kitty.   A real good kitty. One of the best I’ve ever had, and gone before his time.

So. I’m trying now to throw myself into that work.    It’s not like I haven’t gotten anything done, I did do some video shooting the day after, and I’m currently finishing up a new variation on an old shoot, which I will shoot later this week (it’s August now).  But in general I have been trying to not force myself into doing things, and just try to let my feeling and my

In short, I’ve been more socially introverted lately, which isn’t great if you need to be constantly promoting  yourself.

So I’m gonna hit “publish” and just throw this up there.  The other project posts can all be separate. I sorta have to separate them, even I feel it’s weird mixing my porn posts with post about my departed pet.

But if your’e wondering where I’ve disappeared, that’s why.  I’ll be back soon, don’t worry.



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More new stuff, call it “Burlesque or Bust”

New shoot, called “Burlesque or Bust” which just went up on my site.

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Jibber jabber, Tara, tara, tara.  Talk about self.

Talkity talkity something something something.

Something something, whoa!  Cock in the air,  blah blah blah.

Feathers feathers, little hats,  same old same old.  blah blah blah.

Yep, business as usual.



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What’s colorful, plastic and hung like a horse??

Okay, so harumph, I got some shoots done.  First off, there’s this one, which I’m calling “Carousel Rider”.
It’s not quite red, white and blue (for the 4th of July), but its pink white and blue (and a few purples in between), which is pretty close.
Looks like Trigger is getting a little playful, and Seabiscuit is getting jealous!

Whoa horsie!

This was a big set, and I shot over 300, so I’m currently whittling it down to the best 200 or so.  I still have a pretty big slog to go through, so it’ll be a few days.  Bottom line is, I’m back, and soon enough I’ll show you some samples of the other shoot I got done.

Back to work!  It’s good to be back.  I’ll reflect more on my time off (it’s not quite as simple to just say, “I’m back”, but right now Priority #1 is getting a new shoot on my site) pretty soon.

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Crisis of Confidence.

This little troth I’m in is taking a bit longer to get out of.

I may be backtracking a little bit here, but after I came back from Florida at the end of May, I was a little disillusioned with my career.  It wasn’t anything specific that happened In Florida, just a general feeling I had when I got back, and I took advantage of the spring weather to switch gears and work on some car and yardwork related projects.

I had a car show weekend coming up in June and I worked a bit of a few cars but really not got anything specific finished in time.  The magnitude of all the projects is starting to wear my down.  And then the car show itself was a thing I attended with family members which has a way of sorta cramping one’s flamboyant style.

And it’s not anything specific that my family does to me, I mean, they more or less accept me as I am, but also expect me to still so things around the house that utilize some aspects of male gender roles.  This usually means that I need to maintain their property and it’s more than just mowing the lawn.  Its’ dealing with a lot of crap i don’t want to deal with

Sadly these are responsibilities that i can’t really get out of, in fact me doing them is me “doing my part”.  I don’t think they really understand how doing this stuff doesn’t fit in with my gender identity.  Sure, I don’t mind doing some things that I carry over from my boy life, but not everything.

And no, for various reasons, I can’t get someone else to do them.  Please don’t offer. I have my reasons and I can’t accept help in this area.  I’ll elaborate a bit more later maybe.  I was considering making a fundraiser for something that needs to be done that will free up more time for me to do shoots and save me time and effort and backbreaking labor, so I can do shoots instead.

I do have a bunch of solid concepts that I’m working on for shoots.  Though none of them are easy because they all all ambitious.  But I know the lack of new content on the site is making people lose interest.  Couple that with CCBill needing to deduct a lot from my paycheck for my Visa and MC merchant renewal fees and I’m not looking at good summer unless I turn things around.

Fuck, i hope I’m not coming down with Lyme disease again. Oh great. there goes my anxieties.  Like I said, I’m working on some concept and ideas and it looks like we have a nice solid week of  nice days and cool nights so this is the time to get some content out of the way .

Problem is, the model isn’t ready.  A big part of me being able to do what i do is based on me having that independence, and yes, even a certain amount of narcissism.   I have to get myself into the Tara Emory Universe to be comfortable back in front of the camera. It’ll happen, hopefully in a week or so.

I’ll report more later.


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Lazy? No, just taking a break…

Heeeey, Y’all probably have noticed you I’ve been pretty dormant the 2 weeks since I’ve been back from Florida.  I just sorta needed a break from the adult business to pursue other projects.  And actually, the other projects I worked on actually made some money, so I guess that means I can call that work.  In any event, I wasn’t “screwing around”.  But I did sorta fell out of feeling constantly horny all the time.   Probably Florida took a lot of that out of  my system.  In any event, I needed to recharge AWAY from porn and fetish and everything I do.  Now I’m getting back in the swing of things, and have gotten on cam the last few nights to try out some interesting new living-hentai looks.

I’m thinking about sets to go with these things too, and really don’t want to settle for less than an assault of pastel colored candy stripes. Lets see where this direction takes me?

So, expect a shoot that’s some thing brand new later this month.  Till then, I really want to push the live shows, and maybe try another marathon.  I’m shocked by how many of my members have yet to catch my show.  There must be a better way than twitter to get the word out that I’m camming..  What’s the best way to tell my members that I’m going on cam?


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And I’m more or less off to Fetish Factory in Florida!! Yay!!

So, I’ve been super busy the last few days, getting ready for Florida.

I do apologize for not getting video update up.  I have two videos already edited that are in the can, and a further two videos that I captured all the video on, so I got really close to the update.

I thought a lot about making something brand new and really amazing for Florida, but all my really ambitious designs I have are also extremely bulky (like picture huge furry purple skunk tails or robot.  So the newest thing I did was do some alterations to the old Goldicocks outfit.  I’m playing around a bit with painting stripes on this really cool iridescent pink PVC, and I’m replacing the light pink bows on the old version with these.
I’m sorta at some point I’ll make an outfit made of nothing but this, with a matching corset, but for now I’m just going to add these to Goldicocks and make a variation of it. This is sorta what I have in mind ..  (well, not just the costume, but the scene as well!)

The other outfits I packed, I’m amazed they all fit in a carry-on and checked bag.  Including the huge hat, which hopefully won’t get too damaged.  Plus like 4 pairs of stripper heels and like 4 or 5 wigs I think.  So all these costume fit in.  Pretty much the only way they did is because I pretty much didn’t pack a single pair of sensible shoes or a mundane outfit at all.  If I can squeeze it it, maybe I’ll stick in a pair of pants and a blouse.

Yes, most of this squishes pretty easily, and hopefully will all fluff up when I unpack.

Watch this blog for updates, as well as on my other social media.  I’ve got a somewhat better phone situation this year, so I’ll be hammering the social media stuff home pretty hard.

But now it’s off to sleep, which is rare before I fly out.  Usually I’m up all night but the first parties are tomorrow night, so I want to be well-rested for those.


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Tara is the future of sexdolls in “Sweet-tart Fuckdoll”

Porn stars Christian XXX and Kelli Lox have brought home a new toy to play with!  An anamitronic hentai catgirl sex doll!

Artificial but with flesh better than reality, this virtual cartoon come to life can be delivered straight to your penthouse apartment.  It’s all the rage of the urban elites looking for that next frontier in fucking!

The simulated sexual orifices of the Tara sexdoll are better than reality, utilizing a onboard supercomputer with a thousand gigaquads of data dedicated to sensory programming of her pleasure holes.

But we know you want that vapid look in it’s eye, so we’ve equipped the Sweet Tart Fuckdoll with a paltry 64k of memory for her brain.  For those seeking even less brain power, an optional 16k model is also available.

The Sweet tart Fuckdoll can be had for you for only $199,995 today!  Don’t wait, order one today!

The whole shoot went up today, and the next update will  contain videos for this scene and a few recent scenes as well.




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What a difference a month makes… but… every silver lining has a cloud.

So, a little over a month ago I was in a pretty crappy place, and I even said some crap on social media about basically walking away from the business.

And then I got my shit together and came up with three shoots, Black Swan, Blossoming Bouquet and Another Slice of Cherry Pie.  Lets bask in their beauty again because I’m not sure when things will calm down and I can move on to whatever is next…

So I had these three shoots come out every 10 days like what had always been my intent on my site (updates on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month), but rarely happens because life gets in the way.

And I wish the rest of the focus of this post was about the awesome things I have coming up, but it won’t be.  So allow me to touch briefly upon some more of the good news before I move on to the bad news.

So I don’t quite yet know if getting back to the three shoots a month routine has a tangible effect on my website income and memberships, but I can’t imagine it would make them worse. And I did do a pretty good job of hyping the shoots on social media and basically  getting my visibility up there.    It may (or may not) have also just improved my karma in the grand scheme of things.

So, at the end of the month was my birthday (April 28th) and I am so very thankful that so many fans wished me a happy birthday and gifted me so many things off my Amazon Wish List.   So many things that I think my wishlist is depleted and I’ll have to go and go add many things to that again.

But I think maybe there was something working on another level here too, and that’s what I mean when I speak of karma.    You see, I was not planning on going to Fetish Factory’s Anniversary Weekend event in Florida, which is in Ft Lauderdale on Memorial Day weekend.  Way back in December the host hotel had filled up, and since they do a hotel takeover, it’s really not the same if you can’t get into the host hotel.

So I had given up on that, and besides, I had a crappy winter, so I didn’t really have the money.  Usually I get hit with a big tax  bill in April, so the springtime is often a squeaker while I get back to productivity.

But then a friend who was going to FF told me about another mutual friend who was seeking  a hotel roommate for the event.  Would I like to go?  Well, YES, as  long as i can still secure a ticket to the event and secure a plane ticket before they become too expensive.

Then I had my new accountant do my taxes.  For some reason (and maybe this reason is not a good one , but more on that later), I was going to get a refund this year.  And then around my birthday, not only did I get some wonderful gifts off my wish list, but a few fans sent me some unexpected money orders too.

So, it’s like the universe was telling me, YES TARA GO TO FLORIDA, here’s what you need to go.  Another friend going to the event had a pass already.  Unexpected windfall from fans,  And a tax return to boot.  And oh, 3 shoots out this month so that’ll probably keep the members happy (well, as long as I can resolve the server issues, which may or may not be in the process of  being fixed as I write this).

So yes, I’m going to Florida.  Which maybe that seems like a frivolous vacation for most of you, but for me it’s very important to keep my visibility in this scene, because I’m in this scene as a career, and I’m in it for a long haul.  My hope is that in a few years or so, I’ll be enough of a presence in the fetish scene that maybe, maybe I can be emceeing events and performing at more of them.  There’s a lot of evidence to support that the longer I stay in this, the more my cache grows, the bigger my legend becomes.  But enough about me, lets talk about me for a while?

Okay okay, you get the picture.

On a smaller scale, This coming Sunday, May 7th, I’ll be headlining at the Trans AllStar party at Club EGO in Providence, like I have several times before.

I kind of got onboard with this a little late (like a week before it’s actually happening).  And if you’re wondering why  you’re only hearing about it now, well, there’s a reason for that too.

Okay, everything that you read in this blog post before the EGO flyer above, I wrote like 3 days ago.  Actually, I was going through some server issues and my server guys moved the entire site over to another server at the same time I was posting the original blog post.

See how the title of this is  that every silver lining has a cloud?  Well, apparently, the entire second half (the bad news) vanished in the either in the server move.

What that second half was about is (and I’m going to see if I can retrieve it from the server guys tomorrow during business hours) was pretty simple, and I don’t really want to rewrite it.

Basically, my taxes are being audited by the state. (not the IRS).  It’s a nightmare, of sorts, though i really haven’t done anything wrong.  Actually, it might be a blessing in disquise that the original second half of this blog post vanished, as it was mainly bitching, whining and complaining.  Suffice to say I am going to be spending a bit of time in the next week or so building up a case to the tax office showing them where I spend my money.  And I used to be coy about my business affairs with them, just out of respect that I doubt that they want to have to view porn.  Well no more!  They want to see where I spend my money, they’re gonna have to see, regardless of if they need to wash their eyes out with bleach afterwards.

So yeah, that’s what I’m going through right now. It’s sorta taken the highest priority and if I’m “phoning in” my performance tonight, so be it. I think me “phoning it in” is probably more ambitious than other people’s Big Productions.



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