My latest – “Pinwheel Pasties”!

It’s time for some naughty backyard summer fun with your favorite tranny porn starlet, yours truly!

Lounging in the backyard in hot pink with white polkadots and hot green trim.  Hmmm, green and pink – sounds like a watermelon color scheme!
And just as tasty as a watermelon hard candy!

Oh wait!  Looks like I spoke too soon.. I joked recently that I had just had sex with a watermelon.  And people had to pause and think about that for a second, to wonder wether I was the top or the bottom.

Well, as hard as I try, that huge thing isn’t going into me, so yes, I topped the watermelon.  Felt sticky and wet!  And still just as yummy afterwards!

“Pinwheel Pasties” will grace my site tonight, June 30th

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6 Responses to My latest – “Pinwheel Pasties”!

  1. alex says:

    Tara you are the best .. i’dreaming about serving you all day and night ..
    you’re such a beauty

  2. Tom Bradley says:

    Dear Tara,

    The obvious comes first: in this portfolio you look beautiful, charming and intelligent. Oh yes! And the sun will come up tomorrow.

    A few years back, when you were just starting in porno I wrote you about how appealing you were in them. You were nice enough to write back and reveal you weren’t satisfied with the lighting in one of them. Recently I read you appreciate so many wanting to be your friend but you had enough now. Totally honest. Totally understandable. I’d love to be you friend on the codicil that it on a space ship to Europa, I am 30 years younger and we both live forever. As that is unlikely (it is, isn’t it?) I just wanted to reiterate my appreciation for you and ask we have sushi when I visit.

    Ho ho.


  3. Danlay says:

    Tara, you are absolutely perfect…Just PERFECT !!!!

  4. Sam says:

    For some reason, you remind me of the mother on Family Guy, except you’re so much hotter. I think you’d look hot dressed up as the mother on Family Guy. All you’d need is a green shirt. You could tie it around your waist.

  5. Baldilox says:

    I fancy eating that watermelon after you’ve fucked it and spunked your load inside it. Definitely yummy.

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