“Flowering Tara” for Easter…

Okay, that might not quite be what I call this shoot (I had also thought of “Spring into Action”, but I’m not super thrilled with either title), but I’m about halfway through editing the photos, so right now my mind is sort of focused on one thing.

  • Spring, Sprang, SPROING!!!
  • As keen eyed observers may notice, this costume is the marriage of bits from two previous shoots, with some extra details added.  The corset first saw it’s appearance in “Bouquet”, way back in 2003 and “Flower Pasties” back in early 2004.  But what it really needed was the Hat That Crosses Two Time Zones of 2009’s “Easter Best”.

    Somethings in bloom!

    On the corset, I added little sleeve-type things on the shoulders, re-did all the silk flowers for trim, made a necklace and pasties, and completely changed the garter straps.   And in general I added more trim and fixed some frayed edges.  Basically I finished it, since it never really got finished properly.

    My studio has pretty much become my own personal dressing room and vanity.

    I hope you enjoy this enhancement of a classic outfit.  And shooting in front of an art deco vanity and some interesting “powder puff” stools I made.. well, I hope the whole concept pops a lot better now.


    Of course with the wonderful changes my body has been in the intervening years, I do fill out the costume much better than before.  Hmm..  Now I’m looking around to see what outfit needs to get a 2012 re-invention…

    But right now I have to put the Wacom tablet down and get some rest.  I actually have a LOT of news to blog about, it’s just very hard to pick which stories I need to focus on first.  I figure I’ll get the new shoot up and then I’ll  backtrack a little bit to my other exciting news!





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    22 Responses to “Flowering Tara” for Easter…

    1. Nick says:

      Damn fucking wow. My mind just exploded. The hotness of hotness. VIDEO PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE.

      • Nick says:

        Wish I was rich, would send you 10 Grands to put that on HD video right fucking now….

        • tara says:

          I have not shot video yet. It’s near impossible to shoot video by myself (it really needs the intamacy of a shooter). I may or may not shoot video becuase the mirror of the vanity makes it near impossible to shoot anything without the reflection of the shooter/camera person visible, but I’ll see what I can do while the set is still active.

          Plus I often shoot the photos and video at different times so I can capture do different cumshots (one in photo and the other in video)

          • Nick says:

            Well, it would be SUCH a big lost if this was not shot on video. The outfit is mind-blowingly incredible. Never saw something as beautiful as this. I just love corsets, but this one is so damn hot. Work of art. Add to that the stuff you’ve done with the hat, and the shoulders, and it makes the whole stuff so beautifully complete. This stuff is almost priceless. Thanks for the feedback though.

            • tara says:

              Well, I will try.. The set is relatively easy to set back up again for a video shoot though, and the pink and white striped backdrop/wall isn’t going anywhere for a little while. I just have to work out a day where I hire a videographer and set up a few of my recent set concepts anmaybe I bang out a few shoots in one night

              Actually, the video I need to finish is TS Pinups 2.. The bulk of the video is already edited. I just have to make a few more songs for it, and then that means I can free up a bit more hard drive space for UNS, which is still in production.


            • Nick says:

              (Have to reply to myself, reply doesn’t work on your comment.) Thanks a lot for thinking about it, and all your feedbacks and inputs. Feels great to see you are taking notice and taking the time to reply to me and others.

            • tara says:

              well, you’re in luck. I managed to get a friend to shoot some video of “Flowering Tara”.. It will probably take a bit longer to release than the photos though (which in themselves take like 3 or 4 days of tedious editing)..

        • Nick says:

          Wow….Love ya lol…

    2. subfortara says:

      looking great as usual Tara! love that cock!

    3. Nick says:

      Oh by the way. Top 10 shoots I would love to see on tape.

      1.Maid to Be Fucked (Mind blowing outfit and shoot)
      2.Flowering Tara
      3.Carnal Carnival
      5.Periwinkle Satin
      6.Revolutionary Whore
      8.Size Queen!
      9.Violet Vixens (Without Jade Vixen)
      10.Bad Ballerina (Without Jade Vixen)

      Saw the sexy hats with veils in the background of this shoot. You should do something with that kind of stuff. Veils are so sexy. Something like a Black Widow shoot would be great.

      • tara says:

        Periwinkle Satin is already on Delucious 5 I think.

        The Jade Vixen shoots probably won’t happen.. re-creating those exactly would be tougher than just shooting something new if she came to town.

        3, 4, and 6 are outfits that are being saved for a Marie Antionette themed porn project, which I’ll be working on a little this summer, but won’t be out till UNS is done.

        “Maid to be Fucked” could happen, as that set/furniture is within reach and could be easily re-created.

        Right now I need to get TS Pinups 2 and UNS done first.


        • Nick says:

          Can’t get my hands on the DVDs cause I don’t live is USA, would be cool to have Periwinkle Satin up on your website.

          Well I stated for the Jade Vixen shoots, it would be hot WITHOUT her :P. Not only the two outfits were amazing (The Bad Ballerina one being the best of both), your two looks were so unique. The hair styles of both, the make-up. It was something of a kind seriously. Again, would be such a waste not to revisit it in a solo, and on video.

          Yeah, I knew for 4 & 6, you already said it would be on a Marie Antoinette themed DVD, it’s just that I’m dying to see that happening. Didn’t know you would use 3 for this project though, but I agree it would suit it well.

          Maid to Be Fucked happening? I would be so happy. The job you did with this outfit, it’s amazing. I hope you realize the job you did with it is marvelous. And the make-up and your hair in the shoot was the cherry on the cake, made the whole thing perfect.

    4. Nick says:

      Sorry if I’m annoying lol…. But ideas for 2012 re-invent:

      1.Rose Rouge (Something like replacing the PVC with Satin and stuff0
      2. The Peacock Goddess (I know this shoot is somewhat recent, but maybe again something upgraded maybe, again replacing PVC with something else)
      3.Bubblegum Broadway (Again, maybe something else than PVC….)
      4.Pussy Cat (Never really been into these old shoots, but a reinvented sexy cat would be great. Not CatWomen Latex type, more like what is already there, but upgraded if you will)
      5.Brocade Burlesque (God I watched this clip so many, I don’t really see what can be improved with this one, but maybe there’s something to do)
      6.Valentine Boudoir (Another clip I can’t count how many times I watched it. Could it be improved? Maybe. A non-latex version maybe?)

      I’ll stop there cause the last shoots were already pretty recent…That’s just my thoughts. Maybe you would like to improve some other shoots. Personally either the old shoot I browsed were already perfect as they were, or I didn’t like the base stuff to begin with.

      • Nick says:

        One last thing…You’re fucking hot in blond. (Referring to this shoot and maid to Be Fucked)

        • Nick says:

          One last last thing :P….Whatever did happen with Lisa? That shot you did with her, Naughty Nurses, was hot. The shoot from ShemaleStrokers wasn’t bad either.

      • tara says:

        I’m definately doing “Cigarette Girl” again, as the original version of it was sorta flat. I have an exciting new direction for it that’s a lot more glam.

        I think I’m also going to revisit “Cherry Pie”, but in an outdoor, picnic sort of setup, once there’s a little more foliage on the trees and I can get away with shooting in my backyard without my neighbors seeing..


        • Nick says:

          I think Cherry Pie was perfect. I loved it. Yes, Cigarette Girl could be better, and the main idea is cool. Good idea.

    5. Jineuf says:

      Hello Tara

      I hallucinating! It is incredibly beautiful …

      I love the scenery, I love dressed, I love the poses, I love your face, your body … I love all of you …
      You make me really wanna draw but not only … 🙂
      I’ll draw a draw of you again …
      Sweet kisses

    6. Annette Darling says:

      That beautiful girl in Bouquet has grown into an even more beautiful Woman.
      You are Flowering, Tara!

      Just a question about Bouquet. I found a pic somewhere showing you on the steps of an antique railway train, wearing the exact outfit as in Bouquet (which seemed to be shot only at a house). Yet I’ve never seen any more of Tara on train pictures anywhere. I can’t imagine you went to the trouble of getting to the train for just one photo, so are there any more from this ‘train’ session. I’m genuinely interested, if you have time to reply. thankyou … xxx Annette

      • tara says:

        that was something someone else photoshopped

        • Annette Darling says:

          thanks for writing back. Yes, i went thru my Bouquet collection and found the pic they used. How incredible! *laughing* I’m amazed, why would anyone bother going to the effort of doing that i wonder, as if the house balcony you are actually on wasn’t good enough. Why a train? *still laughing* People astound me sometimes. Thanks for letting me know, although i am disappointed there isn’t a hidden archive showing more bouquet outfit pics. Anyway, wherever you are, you always look lovely. xx Annette

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