Where was I? Part 5: The Central Nexelon…

All right, now I can finally get along with what’s been taking so much time in November/December.  Who knew that even posting a blog post about the big project would end up being such a big project.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned somewhere else, I’m losing my studio space, a 30,000 square foot warehouse that in a more financially secure universe, I would be buying up in an instant.  I’m not sure how much detail I’ve gone through in describing the situation, but suffice to say, the end of 2018 was a frantic race to “use up” the space as best as I can. The owners of the building are putting it on the market in January, and though I don’t think it will sell any time soon, I have to basically treat every day forward as a bonus, and be prepared to leave in an instant.

So I basically had also fallen into this trap of “Have a big building? Let’s fill it chock full of projects and future projects and things that might be projects…”  In this case, I had at some point in the late 00’s fallen under the spell of Free CRT Televisions!  So I had something like 10 extra TVs which all worked, and the idea was to use them in a scene for my ongoing sci fi trans space porn, “Up Uranus” (once upon a time called “Uranus Needs Shemales”).

Got TVs? Just stack them on top of each other! Heck, I remember my college back in the day made such a big deal about having a “video wall” which was like 16 CRTs stacked in a square. Who knew that 15- 20 years later, everyone could have their own video wall and it wouldn’t cost you a dime! In fact, it will only cost you to get rid of the CRTs! No really, I could go on and on about just how bad electronic waste is, and how probably 90% of what we get rid of is in perfect working condition, but for the purposes of this, I had these TVs that were going to be built into something cool, that’s what.

Add to this all the corrugated /dryer/vacuum cleaner hose that I have (seriously, I need to stick in a line somewhere in this movie that “these aliens have reached a Class 5 Dryer Hose technology level!”) and well, what else can I add to the mix?  Howabout leftover slightly used chromakey green paper and some aluminum pie plates?
Anyway, the set is for a character in the movie that’s some sort of central computer that controls all the sex robots in the distant retro future of 1997.  Call it the “Central Nexelon”, and as you can see, the set kind of grew organically from Whatever I had Laying Around, to make something that had a pretty clear silver/black/green circuit board theme.

I added my old St Andrews cross to the mix (it’s set for getting taken apart, because it’s super janky and further down the road I’ll build a better one) and just decorated the whole thing with whatever I could find.  Old VHS tapes made into sparkly streams of whateverthefuck?  Yeah, throw that in too.
Later on I stumbled across the idea to take all the junk motherboards (old PC’s some Mac Power PCs and G3’s that didn’t work) and make a cool “tunnel” that could be set up as a foreground element to make the whole background look like it was inside a computer.
So this is coming along all in mid-November, keeping in mind that all this stuffs gotta be out of here by the end of the year.  I just needed someone to play this “Central Nexelon” character and then I could shoot it all and basically everything could go away.
So I called upon the talents of an old friend in the Boston scene, Lilith Astaroth.    Actually, I had her specifically in mind for this part years ago when I wrote the script.     Lilith agreed it would be a neat cameo, but we had to make our schedules line up.     We attempted to shoot the scene in mid December but it ended up that I wasn’t ready, and hadn’t worked out all the bugs with whatever exactly was going to appear on the CRTs.

I had grand plans of shooting  my own little vignettes of close ups of cocks, boobs and dildos going into holes, but in the end had to settle for making a few VHS mix tapes of some fast-playing media overload of shots from my movies.  Ok, so I do play a character in this film, and it’s a little weird that I’m also the “subliminal sexual suggestions” that the Nexelon is seeing, but we won’t think too hard about the continuity in this universe, will we?

The costume Lilith wore for the shoot was pretty simple.   Essentially circuit board bits hot glued to gloves and  USB cables attached to pieces and parts of colorful car wiring harnesses.  Mostly the costume was going to be body paint and making the costume bits complicated was just going to be asking for trouble, so I kept it simple.

So as it turned out, we weren’t able to actually shoot the footage until the end of December.  Which was a cutting it a bit close with my self-imposed deadline of the end of the year.  The worst situation I wanted to be in would be where I didn’t get to shoot with it and somehow had to take it all down and all that work would go to waste.

So we shot the footage I needed at that time, and yes, the stills look really cool.  And I know exactly what you’re going to say.  Why didn’t I shoot a photo shoot with this?  Well, this set isn’t for a photo shoot for my site.  I didn’t want to steal any thunder from the project it was meant for.  Also,  there’s not a lot of good poses that you can shoot for a porn shoot on a set where you can only stand.  Yep. You get a few standing poses, but unless I like sat on the floor or built something else to sit on, there’s not a lot of variety you can get.  So this cool set wouldn’t have have worked well for that.  Lastly, since casting myself as this character for a photo shoot would have meant that I’d have to cover myself in silver body paint, which means silver body paint on EVERYTHING.

Also, it was getting cold and we really squeaked by doing this project before the deep cold of winter finally set in.  We got our one chance to wrap up this project and the results, well, the results will grace the final movie in like well, 37 seconds of footage in 3 scenes.  That’s how it always works.  You spend a month building something that will be seen for 37 seconds on screen.

So it looked really nice for the shoot, but the evening after the video shoot, it all came down, and then I had that satisfaction of getting rid of stuff.  That in itself is sometimes a greater accomplishment, not having the stuff cluttering up the place.  I found a friend who does video art who took away most of the tvs, and the paper and pie plates went in the recycling.  The mannequins were kept, but most everything else went into the trash

Oh smashy smashy!  But that’s how it goes.

So that’s it for what I did over the fall, and whats going on this winter?  Well, stay tuned.


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