Where was I? Part 2: Video updates

So “Polkadot Perfection” hit the site in November, (October? I don’t recall), and that’s when the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan with the whole I’m-losing-my-studio-and-have-to-get-tons-of-crap-done situation.   I had lots of video shoots in the can, so between November and well, today, January 6th, I had something like 6 new videos hit the site.  “Scarlet Fever”, “Dripping Latex Doll”, “Flamingo Fuckdoll”, “Bitch Skool”, and “Trophy Blonde” were all videos that are new.  Some of them were shot 8 months ago, and some shot in like September.

Actually, despite “Trophy Blonde:The photoshoot” coming out a year or so ago, the video shoot was a re-mount using all the props I had while I still had them all.

And because I’m lazy and don’t want to drag up pictures from these video shoots, here’s some seizure-inducing gifs instead…

But back to the cleanup.  As my followers may or may not know,  I’m going to lose my studio by the end of the year.  So I needed to get any video work I wanted to do, and that’s why this rather large backlog got built up.  In the process of cleaning, I had to let go of quite a lot of props from past shoot, including this thing, whatever this thing actually is.  It’ not really a bomb or a torpedo, but that didn’t stop it from playing one in a porno.

The idea behind “Bitch Skool” is that I had this nice laminate floor in an office room I built in my studio, so it was nice to use up that area too, and turn it into a school room. Once the shoot and the video were done, the room itself came down, and the desk itself also went into the scrap metal pile

I did however, rescue that yellow 50’s tanker desk, but I had to get it apart to put in storage.  The reason for keeping all the building materials is that I was under something of a deadline to to some work on a garage and a shed at my  house.  As it turns out, the garage and shed needed to be finished anyway so that I’d have storage space for my lots and lots of stuff.  So a lot of November and December was spent doing siding and roofing, and all this climaxed a few weeks before Christmas, and I will say it was exhausting work.  But I will leave those details for Part 3 of this update series.

But now I’m fresh out of videos, and I had hoped to make more before my January 1st deadline.  But as it is, it turns out I pretty much have access to my studio until.. well.. until the owners sell it to someone else, and I can’t imagine that will be any time soon.  That day might come in a week, or in 6 months.  But for now, let’s move along to show you what has really been taking up all my time and energy this fall..



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One Response to Where was I? Part 2: Video updates

  1. Biandy40 says:

    So much Stuff in your (ex) Studio! It is an amazing tribute to your life as Tara.

    Love the new videos, especially Trophy Blonde as I remember you showing a shooting of on webcam that I remember watching in Austria of all places.

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