Where was I? Part 1: Polkadot Perfection

Hey all.  It’s been a rough couple of months.  I’m not sure where to start, but seeing as I haven’t made a blog post since mid-October, I guess I’ll start with what I have gotten done since then, instead of lamenting about whatever I would have liked to have gotten done  by now.

First off, somehow it escaped my blog that I had a new shoot, “Polkadot Perfection”.

This outfit is rather standard fare for me.  Yadda yadda, we’ve seen this sort of stuff before, but then again, a lot of my fans are like “MORE!” and even if that’s more of the same, well, it is a good shoot.
The set for “Polkadot Perfection” was thrown together with whatever I had, and some red polkdots for the background (which I had to spray paint red too).    So now that I’m done, the red dots can go in the bin, and then someone took back their inversion table (that thingy on the left which ended up too complicated to even use in a shoot, unless I was like getting dominated or something).

The St Andrews cross, however, would live on a little longer for the next big project…




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2 Responses to Where was I? Part 1: Polkadot Perfection

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  2. Biandy40 says:

    How many years have you been coming up with inventive shoots? There are hundreds and everyone has something individual and inventive.
    Thank you Tara.

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