“Steam Doll”, plus some new videos

Heya.  Things have been going a little slow here at my studio, but cooler temperatures have arrived and it’s finally the ideal time to crank out a bunch of content.

A while back I mentioned somewhere on social media that I wanted to do a sequel to “National Pornographic” and so this is the result.  “Steam Doll”.  Actually, I had some different plans that used more of the original outfit bits (the full corset and puffy white sleeves), but for some reason I went with this new open bra and garter belt set as a different enough version.  If there’s one thing people notice about my shoots is that if I shoot in the same outfit, I do like to change it up a bit.

So the main different bit is that hat of course, which I can admit was something I  bought at Savers (!) and hot glued some gears on it.  Yep, it’s not really that much more difficult than that.  Actually, now that Halloween is approaching, it does remind me that there are things available in stores that might be harder to find at the rest of the year, so time to stock up for future concepts!

So I just posted the full set up on my site, which came out to 182 pictures.  And since I was thinking of making another variation on this, I might see if there’s another steampunk-y sort of thing I can do while this set is up.

Also included in this update, are the videos for “Diamond Disco” and “Red Domina”.  I have several more videos in the can that I haven’t edited yet, but will be doing soon.  And I also have another shoot planned for this week, so I will be getting back to more frequent updates!



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  1. BobC says:

    Love those succulent lips, heaving breasts, ringed stinger, and especially that inviting tunnel of love gorgeous lady. The non subscribers just don’t know what they’re missing. Your sexy site the best deal on the Internet darling Miss Tara.

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