“Flamingo Fuckdoll” and “Bitch Skool”

“Once more, into the breach!”  Well more like “Once more, into the pink and white striped background! ”      Okay, well with added green polkadots that is.
This costume is a new spin on the old “Pinwheel Pasties” outfit from waaaay back in 2012  This variation adds pink and white stripes, a collar, more pinwheels and just an overall amplification on the pink over-the-top hentai look.

Yeah, I know, it’s a look that I’ve done a zillion times before, but this is a nice spin on it and moving from the direction from reality to fantasy (the best way I can describe the main difference between the ’12 and ’18 version).

This shoot went up today, Aug 18th and there is also some video shot that’s being edited right now (It will be a upcoming update with videos of “Red Domina” and “Scarlet Fever”).  Not every shoot will be like this,  so if it’s not your taste, just wait a little while, maybe the next one is to your liking..
So I think I might have mentioned that I had been trying to get ahead of the game, as I’m not sure if I am going to lose my available studio space before securing/building a new space.  The best thing for me to do now is to crank out as much content.  Hence an early sneak peek at my back-to-school shoot “Bitch Skool”.

Okay okay, so it does have pink hair and some hentai overtones, but it’s still very different from “Flamingo Fuckdoll”.
I think this shoot came out excellent and it will come out either in the end of August or the beginning of September.  There may or may not be another shoot that comes out this week before it.  Depends on how I feel, but at the very least it is nice to be ahead of schedule for once.
See you soon and keep watch for my next video update which will contain videos of (at least) “Red Domina” “Scarlet Fever” and “Flamingo Fuckdoll”.



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9 Responses to “Flamingo Fuckdoll” and “Bitch Skool”

  1. Biandy40 says:

    Another intriguing shoot.
    There is an look of youth about your face in this shoot, with perhaps a slight Asian hint around the eyes, suggesting that Hentai fuckdoll persona.
    The outfit has so many facets, from the pinwheels on the heels and the sexy tutu/panty combo, along with those hooped stockings which show off your shapely legs so well.
    Love all of the raised arm poses that you make during the shoot as well, along with my personal favourite, that sexy tongue of yours appearing in a few of the photos.
    A thoroughly enticing shoot and without a dildo or a cumshot, neither of which are missed.
    I looking forward to the video shoots from this and Red domina and Scarlet fever.
    Bitch Skool looks naughty, with those amazing heels and the bulbous dildo and the return of the tats!

  2. christopher j rudi says:

    you always look so hot

  3. paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    a softer, more gentler Tara, i like it, a lot.

  4. Johnny Dollar says:


    You obviously have been working your ass off – and it has never looked better. And the rest of you for that matter. I know I have said it before, but the combination of your poses, facial expressions, make up and backgrounds/props are the total package; a 20 on a scale of 1-10. Love that inflatable flamingo! You can never have too much pink!
    Looking forward to “Bitch Skool”. Now there’s a young lady that needs detention; badly. And I am sure there would be no shortage of volunteers to stay late and participate in that rehabilitation effort. Only I think it would be the teacher that would be getting the education. Hmmm, and maybe not 🙂 – there might still be a few lessons for that young lady to learn.
    On a more serious note, I hope things are coming together on your studio and house. You are obviously really focused right now. Great to see that. Good Luck!
    Hope to ya sometime soon.


    • tara says:

      Sorry I haven’t been very active in the social media arena, though I have been busy with shoots and updates. Which is pretty strange because it seems like if I work my ass off doing shoots but don’t say much about it, it’s worse than just talking a lot about stuff I’ve already done.

      Hmmm.. not sure if this means I should just be more active promoting all I’ve done so far this year or what.

      As for what’s going on with the studio, I’ve told the owners that it’s extremely unlikely that I can buy it, and that they should take me out of consideration, though I’d appreciate having at least till the end of the year to sort out all my projects out there.

      Actually that’s what’s been taking over my life the last month or so. I seemed to have basically fallen into the trap of “get a huge building, let’s full it full of crap”, and to be honest, I don’t really need quite that much crap, nor that much building to put it all in. So I’m making some purges, though I don’t quite know if I’m quite ready to make some serious sacrifices yet.

      Actually what I’m hoping will happen is that I can build myself a little 2 or 3 car garage here in my yard which will tie me over (somewhat from a storage standpoint) until I begin construction on a proper replacement for my studio itself. Considering that there’s also a chance that I might be able to salvage some building materials from the studio I’m not buying (because the people who will buy it are more certainly going to demolish it), this might be a complete win-win for me. But let me see where I am at say, the end of October. Maybe I’m waaaay behind on things and in deep doo-doo with all the stuff I have. I don’t know.

      I will be putting together more new shoots, though truth be told, I have more than enough fantastically decorated nooks in my house to make endless shoots anyway, which sorta makes me wonder what good the studio is anyway. Well, that’s a silly question. It’s a wood workshop and a good space for working on cars, so I will need to replace those areas pretty soon.

      Oh, btw, I did receive the paypal donation Johnny Dollar! Thank you! So, yes, it did work, but paypal did trim a few bucks off the top, so I’m not sure if there’s a better way to do that which doesn’t? (i think if you say you “bought something” from me, that might eliminate the fees?

      But like the set I put together for

      • biandy40 says:

        Hope your studio plans go well, sounds like you have thought through some viable alternatives.
        You absence on social media is noticed, but it is understood that you have a life to live and are busy on projects, to spend time detailing your life on twitter and facebook.
        Intrigued by the end of this post I put together for…..
        for what?

  5. tara says:

    Bitch Skool just went up!

    • biandy40 says:

      Just the sort of dirty girl I would love to sit behind in class!
      Such a sexy outfit and again looking so innocent in the face.
      favourite shots:
      028 clitty rubbing on desk leaving a sticky trail for the next user?
      031 asshole looking so tight! How with what you fit into it!
      042 Platform heels to die for.
      047 The first of many hanging dildo shots, love them all.
      065 So sweet and innocent in the face and then you see what the dildo is doing!
      107 tongue! you know I love that.
      214 Always love it when ass ‘lips’ bulge around the string of a thong.
      215 love the way the panties act like a ball bag, with that big hard clitty standing proud.
      221 Sexy stretch of the thong.
      237 Can hear you groaning “Take me!”
      257 Shine of lube is always exciting on you and the dildo.
      288 loved all of the pencil and ruler action.
      342 Always love the way you mouth the dildo, knowing where it has been.
      356 Finally the Bitch has ‘cum’ to the end of her lesson.
      Just my favourites but the entire shoot is horny, thank you Tara, can’t wait for the next shoot/video!

  6. Daniel says:

    Two sexy photo shoots…as usual. Two totally different looks and personas, but the same tease when you spread your cheeks displaying that velvety pussy. No cum shots? Yes, I’m a bit greedy, but I am happy just to enjoy your creativity and how the camera captures your sexiness.

    And every time I visit I have to watch Warrior Princess…that video just does something too me. Glad your making the most of your studio.

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