“Red Domina” and 4 new videos.

Hey new stuff!  I called this set “Red Domina” although I’m not all that dominant looking in the photos.
Its a pretty hot shoot, though I guess I did have a red and black color scheme on my mind from the abandoned Molotov Cocktease shoot that didn’t happen (and probably won’t)

So I am going through a lot of stressful crap with the possibility of losing my studio space.  I’m not sure if I really want to go into too many details right now, though I did mention it on my tumblr blog.  Put simply, I might only have my studio for another couple of months, or who knows, it could still end up being years.   So regardless of what happens, the best thing for me to do is to get as many shoots done as possible and stock up on content.

This is going allright, though a summer heat wave finally hit and sucked a lot of energy out of me.  My studio building is a little too big to cool properly, which means I can’t really use it in the hottest days of the summer.  If it ends up that I do lose my studio, my other option is to build a smaller studio, something that suits my needs a bit better (and easier to cool)

With this push to get photo and video shoots done, there’s also a new video update up on my site!   Videos for “Jizzoline Queen”, “Let them Eat cock”, “Chastity Circus” and “Harlequin Romance” just went up.  I also shot for “Diamond Disco” but that didn’t make the update.  Also, I will be shooting video for “Red Domina” as well.  The way I usually do things is that I shoot the photos in one session, and then maybe a few days or even a week or a month later, while the set is still up and the costume is still handy, I go back in and shoot the video.  Sometimes this means that a set is up for months and months afterwards.

Once I’m satisfied that I’ve got enough video, then I break down the set and put things away, and it’s on to the next projects.  Sometimes though, I don’t get any video, which in the case of  “Tentacle Grape”, everything was super janky and falling apart that once I was finished with the photos, I decided that I’d just remount a whole different tentacle shoot if I wanted to revisit that theme.

So enjoy the new updates. I’ll make a separate post about my studio woes, as it’s a little too complicated to go into here in depth right now.


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4 Responses to “Red Domina” and 4 new videos.

  1. biandy40 says:

    Love Red Domina, from beautiful red lips and those huge red dildos!

    As for the videos, amazing costumes, gorgeous plump red lips and lots of tongue action!


  2. Paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    i am running out of superlatives, previously i thought “Let them eat cock” was the best thing you had done, then came “jizzoline Queen” which was better, and now this one which tops everything else. I think because you are the centre of attention from the start, though i do like most of your costumes, the outfit, if you can call it that only seems to accentuates your faboulous breasts and cock, the wig frames your face perfectly, and thigh boots does it for me every time.

  3. nc089 says:

    Red Domina is perfect. You look fantastic. Happy to be a subscriber.

  4. Netdrifter97 says:

    Superb videos! You in chastity is a sexy touch. Red Domina is hot and watching you cum is always a pleasure. Hopefully, your fans realize that your website is where the glory is rather than the glimpses on your Social Media sites.

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