The next Big Thing… “Tentacle Grape” (?)

Heeeeey.. and it’s a new shoot.  It’s the hentai tentcle shoot I’ve been planning forever.. Annnnd…   the results are… well… allright I guess.
So a little background first.  I have been planning this shoot for more than a year (actually more like since at least Nov ’16) and I think it was about a year ago that I first bought the pink pool noodles and sometime after that when I drizzled silicone caulk all over them, to simulate alien cum without using something that was actually sticky and a real mess.

And I sorta hemmed and hawed about what sort of outfit I wanted to use, and if it was going to really be any sort of clear anime character or something.  Anyway, I couldn’t quite get over the logistics of how I was going to self-shoot this since I usually shoot my own pictures with my camera-with-a-flip-out-screen-and-wireless-remote setup which even though these cameras are going on a decade old, it’s a process that actually works well for me.
And so I finally set things up in my studio though I had to make all sorts of compromises in the set, I had to mount the whole “couch” thingy made up of pink round cushions leftover from the Uranus set (which look like giant Tums if you ask me) up on blocks so that I could get the right angles without showing the floor.  So this is what the whole set up looked like out of frame.  Yeah, I brought out EVERY possible tripod and stand I had to hold these things.

And these things all had dowels on the end of them where the dildos would go,  glooped with silicone cum strings or whatever you’d call them. Probably the first thing you’re asking is why didn’t I get someone to help me on this shoot?  Well, more often than not, I’m ready to shoot when I can’t get people to help me, and I have people available to help me when I’m not ready.  And as it was, I had waited a month to get someone to help me shoot video of “Let Them Eat Cock” (coming soon), so once I decided I was ready for this shoot, well, I did it.

Anyway, back to the outfit.   My first idea was to use this old purple latex catsuit, but then I started getting some exciting ideas for anime inspired costumes.  And then I scaled it back since I didn’t know if shooting on all these pink tentacles and silicone cum was going to be a disaster or not.  So I decided the outfit wasn’t as crucial and there was only one way to find out if I could shoot this myself, and that was to run with what I had. The black and purple collar was a new thing I made for this, and the purple hair and elf ears were things that a wonderful fan got for me off my Amazon Wish List.  And the catsuit?  Well, it did have some problems so maybe It was better I got to use it one last time.  I’m not sure what you’d call this, but sometimes old latex clothing gets weird dark spots and thin spots on it as it ages.  And then it was extremely baggy in many places which looked terrible.  The only way I got it to work was a lot of photoshop work, which was fine.

But in general, I got some pretty good pictures, which wasn’t quite so terrible from a self timer even with my hands often wrapped up in tentacles.  I did the two camera set up where I set one camera low for low angles, and the other at the highest I could.  And eventually the catsuit ripped and came off, which was fine because it gave me a nice variety of photos.
So in conclusion, this shoot worked out pretty well, but there’s a lot going on and I thinkI need to get some different lights that, shall we say, don’t quite bathe everything in light.  Or I  just need to experiment with less light or targeted light, or strip down the idea to the bare essentials.  Which means that there is probably another, and better tentacle shoot in the future.  As for the name, “Tentacle Grape”?  Well..  let’s see if there’s an uproar over that, or not.  Since there was a lot of purple in the catsuit, well the working title stuck.

The whole set of 154 (and I was amazed I got that many useable shots) just went up at


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2 Responses to The next Big Thing… “Tentacle Grape” (?)

  1. Sudo Nonimus says:

    “Attack of the fifty-foot pool noodle”!

    It’s a wonderful shoot, thank you for doing it. (I never cease to be amazed by your inventiveness and versatility.)

  2. Johnny Dollar says:

    I had my doubts about what the end result of this shoot eventually would be when you posted the pic of the pool noodles a few months ago. Pool noodles as erotic tentacles?! But then you pulled off Jizzoline Queen and I thought, hmmm, Tara must be visualizing something really erotic and maybe those noodles can be devilishly evil!
    So I gave it a chance – sat back, ran the slide show and let my imagination go with it. Yep, it was way more than alright. You looked the part of the tempting treat having to submit to the multi-cocked alien creature, but then prevailing and actually taking him over the edge. Looking forward to another installment of this heroine!
    And I am amazed you were able to self-shoot.
    Grape Stuff!!! (ouch)

    PS: Since the latex catsuit was just about shot, I’m glad to see it went out in a blaze of glory!

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