Periwinkle and Pink

Which about sums up my newest upcoming shoot.   Something simple to tie you over until the next Big Thing comes down the pike.  It seems like it’s taken forever for Spring to come but now that it’s warmed up, I’m working on a lot of fairly complicated shoots!
But yeah, this is just a simple shoot cobbled together from existing costume pieces and stuff.  I dont know why I never paired this periwinkle corset with the pink hat until now but they do go together very well indeed.

Add to it a nice pink chastity device that matches (thank you someone for getting this off my Amazon Wish List!) and it all works together quite nicely!I’m still editing the photos and the full set of over 150 photos should go up on my site by mid week.  Then it’s on to the first of my big crazy ideas!


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6 Responses to Periwinkle and Pink

  1. Paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    simple, but it all works to perfection, photos 17, 19 and 73 stand out for me, the first two for the way the straps from corset to stockings accentuate your beautiful thighs, and 73, you look relaxed and at ease, not as explicit as the rest of the shoot but i love them, but why only one photo without the hat ?

    • Biandy40 says:

      I agree with Paul a beautiful shoot, with so many facets.
      The Hat was good but agree you look beautiful in the one photo without it.

      • tara says:

        Yeah I think I had intended on having the hat on for the whole shoot but accidentally left it off for one picture. I do often forget that it’s not a bad idea to have a little bit of variety but usually I get pretty set on having the whole set look consistent as well.

  2. Biandy40 says:

    My favourite pictures?
    036, such a big dildo, how are you going to get it in your lovely bottom?
    048, love it when you taste yourself from the dildo.
    049, also love lube leakages.
    057, soooo deep!
    067, Always love your gape pictures.
    076, Such a sexy pink cage for your clitty! love the slit so that you can pee/leak pre-cum.
    141, Cleaning those lovely gloved fingers, how did they get so dirty?
    142, So beautiful with the hat off.
    160, love the glimpse of your sexy tongue.
    208, The way your balls are shaped like a heart sometimes.
    233, Dripping your lovecream.
    Thanks for a fabulous shoot Tara.

  3. Johnny Dollar says:

    This may have been something simple for us fans to “tie you over”, but it is a 10 as far as I am concerned. As always, your makeup is flawless, the expressions and poses are seductive and the outfit color combination is perfect. But hey, the periwinkle corset with the long gloves, white hose and the blue heels is always a winner for me. And the pink chastity device, yet another Tara surprise. Love it.
    As others mentioned, a few more photos without the hat next time, but we all know you love hats!
    Great stuff. Good luck with the next Big Thing. Thanks.

    • tara says:

      Thanks! The next Big Thing was something of a compromise (see the next entry on this blog), but came out overall successful!

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