Been feeling cruddy since Easter, but still updating video though!

So round the Monday after Easter I guess I caught the cold or flu that had been going around.  Why is it that it’s always at the tail end of the season when it starts to warm up, you get walloped with a bad cold?
So that’s why I haven’t been that active on social media, or even my ManyVids site.  Actually the first half of April has been dismal (income wise) in comparison to the second half of March.  That’s a little depressing but just tells me that my sales on that site are a direct reflection of how hard I am promoting and updating my ManyVids store.

Anyway, so I’ve caught up with the video updates here, updating most of the older stuff (standard def) and upgrading “Cotton Candyass”, “Flowering Tara” and “Sleazy Rider” to HD versions.

I do think though, that I need to get a brand new shoot of something done this week.. Also, I have video that I need to edit of “Jizzoline Queen” which of course is not a re-release of something you’re seen before..

So keep your eyes peeled this week! And check the video section for more videos as I add them.



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