Massive huge video update/upgrade in the works

You may have noticed a lot of activity in my twitter or tumblr feed about videos for sale up on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

Yes, I’ve been reworking a lot of stuff that was previously released in pretty crappy resolution and quality.  I’ve pretty much been chained to my computers for the better part of a week, which is good, I’ve actually gotten a LOT done.

There is also some new stuff out there, and many of the new edits are longer than what was previously available.

And yes, they are all coming to  I just wanted to get my Many Vids site up and running and actually making some money first before committing myself to sorting out the complete mess that is the video section of

Please don’t feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick, it’s just that on those video sites, it’s fairly easy to update those pages and upload those videos through a browser, but to update my video page on my members site its far more fiddly, going through a program and making buttons and all that. (although I’ll try to re-use what I can)

So I wanted to get to a certain point with getting enough new material ready so that I have to update the members video area less often.  What will be going up on this site is the first half of a total overhaul, the second half to go online by the end of March.

Suffice to say, I’m basically throwing out ALL the current videos on my site, with a few exceptions:

  1. Valentines Day Every Day
  2. High Rise Hooker
  3. Sweet Tart Fuckdoll
  4. National Pornographic
  5. Another Slice of Cherry Pie
  6. Domestic Doll
  7. Pigtailed Fucktoy
  8. Pearls and Polkadots
  9. Strawberries and Cream
  10. Coquette Cumpot
  11. Cherry Bomb
  12. Slut in the Butt
  13. Minty Fresh
  14. Sugar Rush

All these are currently in HD on my site, but I may replace a few of the them with better versions as I think a few might have been exported with a lousy bitrate.

Also, all the .mov and .m4v formats are going bye bye.  It seems like .mp4 is the way to go.  The HD clips are in 1280 x 720 many are in 1920 x 1080 and I can’t tell the difference. My camera is a 1080i so when I output them at the bigger size, I get some interlacing that you can see that you can’t see on the 720 versions.  Some actually look better in 720 than in 1080 but probably all the new ones I’m going to make will be in 1080.

Speaking of new videos there are also 2 new videos going up that you haven’t seen before!

  • 15. Revolutionary Whore
  • 16. Carousel Rider.

Actually Revolutionary Whore is leftover from a few years back but never got released, because I was waiting around to do a whole DVD of Marie Antionette type stuff.   But then I got new boobs so this scene won’t fit in with that project, and it got forgotten about.  Also this scene is just on a swing, and that proposed project was going to have a script and everything, so best to release that old scene now.

I also have just shot video of Jizzoline Queen, which I will edit as soon as I can.  I also plan to shoot video of Let Them Eat Cock as that set is still up and running.

Ok, here’s where it gets complicated.  As you can see I have a lot of work ahead of me.

  • 17. Sweet Lolita
  • 18. Aviatrix
  • 19. Tara Overboard
  • 20. Pot O Gold
  • 21, Cherry RideI have gone and re-edited #17-21 in HD from the original footage.   This is a fair amount of work but sometimes I can whip out a couple of new edits in a day.  If I’m lucky, I just use the same Edit Decision List in Final Cut Pro, but I swap out the old SD captured footage for new HD clips using the same name and I just re-render it.  I’m actually surprised it’s this easy to do.Anyway, I still have to do the same thing with these following videos:
  • 22.  Big Top Tara
  • 23 . CandyLand
  • 24. Smoking Sexpot
  • 25. Showgirl
  • 26. Flowering Tara
  • 27. Diamonds are Hard
  • 28. Cotton Candyass
  • 29. Pony Play
  • 30. Smoke Latex
  • 31. Blue Rubber
  • 32. Cream of hearts
  • 33. Tight Spender
  • 34. Room Service
  • 35. Sleazy Rider
  • 36. Warrior Princess
  • 37. Throbbing valentine
  • 38 Gift

But since those will take me some time, i went and on a different computer, i’ve gone and tackled the older material, that was shot in standard def (720 x 480).   But probably the versions of these that are on the members site were even worse resolution that that, so i have gone and made 720 x 480 mp4s of these, using a  fairly high bitrate so they don;t look like crap.  Actually on one of them I tried blowing it up to 1280×720 HD and it looked exactly the same as looking at a 720 x 480 movie blown up, so there’s no way to “upscale” these.  These new versions of these videos are -as good as they are ever going to get.

  • 39. Easter Best
  • 40. Steeplechase Slut
  • 41. Snow Princess
  • 42. Dainty Dots
  • 43. Stripes and Garters (i tried an HD blow up of this, and it wasn’t worth it)
  • 44. valentine boudoir
  • 45. Filthy Habits (now in full 22 minute version)
  • 46. Animal instinct (called latex in the jungle on those other sites, because “animal” was a banned word!)
  • 47. Periwinkle Satin
  • 48. Brocade Burlesque
  • 49. Cocktoberfest
  • 50. Daisy Dick
  • 51. Peacock Goddess
  • 52. Bubblegum Broadway
  • 53. Ice Follies
  • 54. Birthday girl
  • 55. Pink Polka Plushie
  • 56. Polka Hearts
  • 57. Rawhide

So yeah, those videos are already done over, and the new as-high-quality-as-possible versions will go up on the next update  I still have to do the following ones though.  I can whip out several of these new mp4s in a day as i don’t have to re-edit them or anything.

  • 58. Naughty Elf
  • 59. Smoking sexpot (2004)
  • 60. Ahoy Tara
  • 61 Rouge Roses
  • 62 Valentine Tart
  • 63 Lucky (2003)
  • 64 Zebra Ponygirl
  • 65 Cleotara
  • 66 Little Ho Peep
  • 67 Cherry Pie 2003
  • 68 mouse trap
  • 69 nurses
  • 70 Tutu
  • 71 Mardi Gras
  • 72 Candystripe
  • 73 Pink and Black Dots
  • 74 Black Rubber ballet Boots
  • 75 picnic
  • 76 Amsterdam
  • 77 toy soldier
  • 78 feather tail
  • and whatever else were dvd extras of bonuses or things that I discover while I’m digging.

… and I’m sure I missed a few.   I’m sure there’s another 10 I’ve forgotten about, and since I have a few in the pipeline (and also some scenes I will release from the Uranus project), that will bring the total amount up to around 100 videos.  Also, when I made the previous versions of these scenes, I sometimes made them shorter than what was available on my DVD. Aat the time i was concerned that the video clips might cut into DVD sales. Of course, nowadays, that’s a moot point.  All these scenes are as long as they can be. In some cases like “Filthy Habits” they have grown to over 20 minutes of wanktrance.z

I also found some old footage of a scene I shot in the “Drink Me” Alice in Wonderland outfit, where I’m in that tiny little dollhouse room.  Yes, that was from like 2007 and it never got released. I was actually going to do a whole movie around that scene and it didn’t happen, so really, that scene should come to light.

Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you are saying.. Why am I even bothering with this old stuff?  Well, because anyone who is a new or long time member should get access to the highest quality versions of all my videos.   Also, I get more than a few complaints from people who join my site and say that the videos look like crap.  Which is true, a lot of the stuff on the bottom of the videos page DO look like crap.

So get everything looking as good as it can, and then let’s move FORWARD with regular NEW video updates!.  But I just need to clear out some space on my hard drives and clear out all the old before moving on with the new.  Yeah, I dropped the ball with the video section and yes, i should have been making video constantly over the last 10 years, but i wasn’t as productive as I should have been.  I can’t change the past, but I can get it looking as good as possible so that I can get more productive in the future.

And yeah, .mov and .m4v files totally suck.   I don’t know what I was thinking with those formats.

So watch the video page on my site for updates!  I will be chucking virtually everything on there, and replacing it with new versions, though for the time being, the standard def  720x 480 versions of videos #23- #38 will stay up and more slowly get replaced since I have to re-edit them.  But 1-21 are all done in HD, and 39-57 in highest SD quality and are ready to upload as soon as I tweak the pages themselves.   Probably videos listed 58 and up on this list, the old versions will just vanish until I put up newer mp4s of them as soon as I can.  I’m not sure if I will keep the super old webcam clips from like 2009 though.  Maybe it’s time they go, since they also look like crap anyway.

So in a nutshell, whatever you’ve previously downloaded from my site, well, you might as well just throw it in the trash and download the new ones (especially when we get the HD versions of  #22-38).

And then once I get everything looking as good as it can I’m going to go after the tube sites like a ton of bricks.  Ironically what is kind of funny about doing this is that the tiny crunchy 320 x 240 versions are more than welcome to stay on those lousy pirate sites!  You guys are getting the good stuff (which , it goes without saying, please don’t post them on the tube sites!)

So yeah, even though there’s only a handful of new stuff, this is necessary to get this big project out of the way before really moving on to more new stuff!  And Uranus, that’s happening, bear with me. It will be worth the wait..


PS  Actually one way to tell which video clips are newly made is that they will be the ones that have animated gifs like these.  That’s probably the easiest way to tell

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10 Responses to Massive huge video update/upgrade in the works

  1. Sudo Nonimus says:

    Hurrah for new and HD video of your wonderful self!

    Please do keep the old webcam footage though, it’s a glimpse of the “real Tara” doing stuff for an audience, and rather exciting (if I say so myself).

  2. tara says:

    The upload is happening right now, but damn, my ftp program is slow on the upload, and I have to check to make sure each video is properly fully uploaded. I’m testing some pages that aren’t connected to the rest of the site right now.

    Everything looks great. With the standard def stuff (which I spun off to a seperate “Standard Def archives”, many of the videos have doubled in length. Back in the day when DVDs were still the priority, I tended to make the clips on the site be shorter. Maybe even not including the cumshots. So what you’re getting with the old stuff is as good as it will ever get. The new HD edits going up look fantastic compared to what came before.

    At the moment I’m leaving some of the old videos up there until they get replaced. So a lot of the old stuff is still buggy but I have so much momentum going I feel that will all be replaced within a month.

  3. tara says:

    And they’re up! Probably the next video update will be posting of the “jizzoline Queen” scene, something else brand new, maybe 3 or 4 new HD edits of scenes that were SD before, and 10 or 15 new exports of older SD scenes.

    All of it will be hitting the manyvids and clip4sale sites too, which are gaining momentum. Actually that’s the whole thrust of all this. It dawned on me that I really needed to get these videos out on sites like these, since people will actually pay the same amount for a couple of videos as they do for a month membership to my site (yeah, that makes no sense at all, but hey, I’m not complaining).

    So yes, this is encouraging and is spurning me on to make more content. I do admit I sorta dropped the ball in making new video content. I had married myself to the idea that I needed to compose music to each scene (which maybe some of you don’t even like, who knows?), and when I ran out of loops I liked on GarageBand, then video scenes kept piling up and taking forever to get released.

    you know, the whole “perfect is the enemy of good” problem. So getting this stuff out and out of the way and keeping a good schedule of 4 or 5 new videos a month, that’s a good idea.

    Now on to Uranus..

  4. Daniel says:

    The HD videos look amazing. And though I look forward to more of Uranus, I am totally enthralled in videos like Bonbons, Slutinthebutt, harlequin, Natporno, and Bubblegumbroadway which I must admit, I watched 5 times.

    Thanks for all the hard work uploading the video in HD and for creating some of the best and sexiest videos. I hope you never lose your inspiration or desire.

    • tara says:

      thanks. I DO lose me inspiration and desire sometimes. I was sick the first week of April, and I’m slowly rediscovering myself here..

  5. Daniel says:

    Oh, and out of curiosity, did you ever make videos of Armed Domme, Strapping in Leather, and Pussycock in Boots? Those galleries are so, fucking hot!

    • tara says:

      No, I never made videos of those. I think wherever I shot strapping in leather, that location isn’t even available any more, and it was someone else’s fetish clothes I wore for that shoot. Since those three shoots are so long ago, I doubt i would try to recreate them, though maybe I could do a new variation of “Pussycock in Boots”

      anyway, I just uploaded the HD versions of “Throbbing Valentine”, “Warrior Princess”, “Room Service” and “Hey Tight Spender” and many of the new HD edits are way longer than what was on there before.

      In the update is also new SD edits of “Cherry Pie ” (the first one) “Harlequin Hardon. “mouse Trap”, “tutu”, “Bathing Bouquet”, “Ho Peep ” (from 2003), “Cirque De Rubber”, “Zebra Ponygirl”, “The Island of Misfit toys” “Rouge Roses”, “Ole me” “Ahoy Tara”, “Valentine Tart” and “Cigarette girl” “Santa Baby” “Chicks with Dickens” “Naughty Elf” and “Bellhop2”

      Many of those scenes have tripled in length, as these are the cuts that were made for my DVD series, so they’re the final edits, cumshots and all. Whatever was on the site before sometimes were made a bit shorter (or lacking the cumshot, or the final music). Anyway, enjoy!!

  6. Johnny Dollar says:

    Fantastic job. We members are the big winners, we finally get to see all these videos smoothly running in delightful clarity to their ultimate “climax” . Looking forward to new vids in your newer outfits cumming in the future. For now, this is quite an Easter basket of goodies to enjoy.
    Yep, this is quite a “Tara fix” for your fans.
    And all the non-members at manyvids get a tempting intro to Tara Emory.

    Johnny Dollar

    • tara says:

      So sorry the new shoots sorta took a back seat as I get more videos up, but the updates for the videos are pretty ongoing (sorta doing a few new HD edits per week). I might not announce each mini- update though. You’ll just have to check back to see what’s next. the next batch will be:

      Flowering Tara HD, Sleazy Rider HD

      And then in SD, there’s Easter Bunny, Pink Polka Dot, White Feather Tail, Blue Ballet Boots, Picnic, Candystripe (2001) and Toy soldier (2002).

      After that, most of the videos remaining to be done will be the HD edits of the stuff that a few years old, but not over a decade old

  7. tara says:

    But whatever is coming up for my next photo shoot, it will be great!

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