New Shoot: Chastity Circus

So I’ve been pretty quiet the last week or so as I’ve been pretty deeply ensconced in my office room doing lots of video editing and outputting video.  I’ll make the next blog post about that (because it’s a pretty big project), but in the meantime, yes, I also did a new shoot a few days ago.

So there might be a fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous.  Maybe I crossed it?  Maybe I don’t care if I did!  And if I did,  I crossed it in 10 inch heels.

So I did this shoot on the 12th of March, which was the same day I also did a video shoot of “Jizzoline Queen” (coming eventually to a video update).  As it is, my makeup was still flawless, my studio was warm, and I had bits and pieces of outfits in pink and black, so I threw them together and came up with this totally new outfit.

I have to admit, that more often than not, I get TOO obsessed with details and have a  hard time seeing that I can usually make a concept out of bits and pieces of other outfits.    Sometimes I get in that place where “Perfect is the enemy of good” and what happens is that nothing happens instead.
The only new bit I made for this costume was the hat, which I whipped up in a half hour.  And the ten? eleven? inch high oxford boots I had for like a year and almost forgot that I even had them, but it’s perfect for this outfit.  The hot pink clown wig was something that I bought to make into puffs, but after seeing how well I liked “Diamond Disco” I decided that ridiculous and over-the-top was what this outfit needed.

Oh, and what is it that I’m sitting on? It’s what’s left of the Captain’s chair from Uranus Needs Shemales/Up Uranus (whatever it will be called).  And yeah, I could have done like full clown makeup, but maybe that would have been a step beyond a step too far.  As it is, this is a nice shoot for those of you (and yeah, I know, it’s not ALL of you), who like the pink hentai craziness.  But hey, if you don’t like one of my shoots, just wait a while, you might LOVE the next one!
But yeah.  This shoot shows you all that really, I have no excuse for like being able to whip off a couple of shoots a week really.  Yeah, I know.. The idea of doing a few shoots a week (when I know that you’re lucky if you see 2 or 3 shoots a month) sounds impossible.  Actually, the spring is the best time for my productivity, and it’s the sweet spot between too cold to heat my studio, and so hot under the lights that no amount of A/C will keep the sweat off my face.  Truth is, my studio building is a little too big to economically heat and cool, and means that there are long dry spells in the winter where I can’t produce much out there.  Oh but once spring comes.. Watch out.  If I really , really really get my shit together (and like I said, I’m preparing another post about what else is going on), then I could probably shoot all my content for the year in a span of a few months.

But, first things first. I have a mountain of video to handle.  I admit. I have dropped the ball on my video production, and I’m in the beginning steps to picking up that ball and smashing it through the neighbor’s plate glass window.

Stay tuned for the next post, and what’s to come.  But for now, for my members, enjoy “Chastity Circus”.


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3 Responses to New Shoot: Chastity Circus

  1. Daniel says:


    The new shoot was amazing! Not over the top, but a simple combination of different creative ideas- costumes from the past. You in chastity is so hot and the boots are awesome. And the anal plug-dildo? I thought I read somewhere that you could take it all…

  2. Paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    the wig, garish, the boots would give health and safety people heart attacks, it is slightly ott, but i like this shoot. The best thing of all though, you have used the chastity cage again which i find very erotic, and you have left the key in, a nice touch.

  3. Sissy Deedee says:

    These are awesome. I love them :D. Question: Could you point us into a direction in how you do your lips, I’m here for the whole package, but your lips are the extra that takes the whole things through the ceiling!

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