Travel to the post-apocalyptic future with “Jizzoline Queen”

And oh hey, here’s the final result of the other shoot I did, when we had that little heat wave in February (come to think of it, it’s also about 60˚ F out today too).

I had the rusty motorcycle for a while and set up with bits of the set for months, but the original outfit I designed was very different, and not quite right.  It was  more “Mad Moxxi” and far more colorful, and less brown and steampunk.  So that sort of became it’s own concept for a later shoot and that left me with having to come up with something different for this shoot.

Its the old Aviatrix corset and belt with some very different hair, and other different accessories as well.  The hair puffs or whatever you’d call them were pretty fun to make.  They’re made out of the decades old red  bob wigs I had from when I first started out.  So yeah, I guess I can’t ever throw anything away as it might get used as raw materials later.

Of course, the other new bit is the lovely lovely chastity cage that features in this shoot.  I know we’ll be seeing a lot more of this, and for this shoot, it was fitting addition.
This might be one of my favorite recent shoots, and the total tally of pictures in this set is well over 200.  The full set goes up on my site this weekend!  Gonna keep the momentum going, and see what new spin I can make on some old outfits next! 

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13 Responses to Travel to the post-apocalyptic future with “Jizzoline Queen”

  1. Johnny Dollar says:

    First we travel to the past, and now the future! And what a future!I didn’t think this theme would be so erotic, now I can’t wait to see the entire set. Great make-up, costume and background. Looks like you are on a roll. As you said, keep it going!
    The chastity cage adds a whole other dimension, jizz must be as valuable as gasoline. The question is, who has that key?!

  2. daz says:

    Can’t keep that monster caged for long 😉

  3. biandy40 says:

    Wonderful! The moment I opened 001 there was the cock cage in all of it’s glory. Does it hurt/stop erections? The outfit looks amazing with all of the little touches that come out during the shoot with pics from different angles. Background looks amazing, especially the handlebars on that bike.

  4. biandy40 says:

    Some of my favourite photos: 086 , you know how I love to see your tongue licking those fabulous lips. 101 shows your figure well and love the curve of your clitty in that cage. 263 where the dildo is stretching your ring to the fullest extent!
    318 the tiny hole in the top of the cage? could a sound fit in there? Or milking tube for Jizz? 370, imagined the can would have Jizz written on the side and you were just about to drip in the last load to fill it. My other thought was that the bike ran on Jizz and you would refill the tank.
    A fantastic shoot, thank you Tara.

  5. Paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    i thought “Let them eat cock” was one of your best but this is even better, i love everything about it, even your lips, and the chastity cage is a turn-on, forgive my ignorance, can you get an erection wearing it ?

    • tara says:

      I can get a little bit of an erection.. And a few days ago I did the video shoot for this -tt’s pretty normal that the photo shoot and the video shoot (if it happens) are often weeks or months apart- I was wearing the device and really going to town with that multiple-buttplug dildo, and I was leaking cum the whole way.

      So yeah, the video shoot is going to be pretty intense, I think..

  6. Daniel says:

    An incredible and sexy photo array of your utter sexiness, but more important you creativeness in reinventing another version of Tara Emory. And the chasitiy device is an extraordinary touch. A gift no doubt that I am sure gives all a pleasure to see. Photo 211 is my favorite, those wanting lips and velvety hole. A true pleasure to observe you in action.

  7. Daniel says:

    And love the boots!

    • tara says:

      actually there’s a sad story about the boots. They’re something like 15 years old and I barely used them and the minute i put them on about a month ago, all the glue let go where the sole and the platform meet.

      So I was going to trash them, but instead decided to screw the sole to the platform with a few drywall screws, and just spray paint them brown. So they worked well for this shoot, but aren’t comfortable and I wouldn’t walk very far in them. I’m not sure I could properly re-glue them or not. There’s too much dead glue on them already, so its almost impossible for new glue to grip on anything with any bite to it.

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  9. Cassilda Eldritch says:

    It’s very expensive, and I know you’re on a budget for costumes, but there’s an Aussie outfit that makes a functional steel replica of the chastity belt from Mad Max: Fury Road. They even do a version with a penis tube instead of the toothed mouth, so if you ever get a windfall (and I mean nearly sixteen hundred Australian dollars windfall) you can add a nice touch to the costume! (Mind you, it’s amazing as is, althou how any outfit could fail to be so with you inside it is beyond comprehension!)

    If you’d like to window shop, the belt is here: https://fancysteel. com. au/collections/frontpage/products/custom-comic-con-chastity-belt

    And this blog collected some high rez pics that the page doesn’t have: https:// wasteland_harlot.bdsmlr. com/post/12097879

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