Back in form: “Flamenco” and “Heidi Ho”

Yay, there’s new stuff on my site.  First off I finally did a shoot in that Flamenco outfit, and for better or worse, I decided the background just needed to be a nicely appointed room.

It was one of those sort of things where I could have built a crazy, over the top Spanish-inspired set, but yeah.. not like you all wanted to wait another year for that shoot to happen.  So here it is, and the results came out fine.Honestly, good shoots are really more about how sexy the energy is, not the stupid little details that often delay the shoots from happening.  I have a few other shoots  and crazy outfits in the pipeline, but I always forget that I can just tweak and do new versions of old favorites and I doubt you’re all going to complain about that!So that’s how I came up with the other new shoot, “Heidi Ho!”, which is really just the Cocktoberfest outfit from way way back, though I did have to alter it to allow my new, larger tits to fit better.  Or in this case, just be exposed more.

For those of you longing for some more normal, less “futanari fuckdoll” type stuff, these two shoots should scratch that itch.  Sure, there are changes that you can see in my face and body, but they’re mostly for the better, right?
And who knows, maybe the next shoot I do will be really stripped down and the complete antithesis of the whole bimbo thing.  You never know what I’m going to do next!

So, I also went on a Vegas trip, that had nothing to do with AVN this year, but if I write about that, I wil save that for another post.

Back into the studio, for whatever is next!  Might be pink, might be not!



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6 Responses to Back in form: “Flamenco” and “Heidi Ho”

  1. biandy40 says:

    Thanks for your Flamenco shoot Tara.
    I thought I would give you some feedback on what I particularly liked about them.
    Loved the contrast of those sexy red lips and the blue of the outfit in Flamenco.
    086 was a lovely shot of you offering your tight little ring.
    110 was a fantastic legs up girly look pose.
    195 looked so hot with yo exposing your nipples.
    197 always love tongue licking shots, yours is so sexy.
    199 those lips look perfect from wrapping around a cock.
    204 can almost hear the groan as the dildo slides home.
    222 have always thought that in certain poses your balls look Heart shaped.

  2. biandy40 says:

    Thought I should comment on Heidi Ho as well.
    Had a quick look at the Cocktoberfest shoot first, and yes your bigger breasts would have made the modesty panel a difficult fit from the original shoot, but they are so damn erotic.
    Also missed the tiny panties from the original shoot, also liked the chunkier cockring, but this new shoot had so much more on offer.
    007 and 037 and 125 again That tongue!
    022 love the way your buttocks curve.
    031 The Heart shaped balls.
    038 want to suckle those fabulous breasts!
    062 love the way your cock curves on this one.
    064 looks like you are ready to squirt milk!
    088 wish these pics came with sound effects!
    097 and 135 that dildo looks like it really stretches you.
    147 Hmmmm so creamy!
    150 always love where you are big and hard, but something about the post cum flaccid cock shots make you look more girly?
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your photos and a little feedback about the ones that do it for me and why.
    Thanks again Tara! X

  3. biandy40 says:

    I agree that good shoots are really more about how sexy the energy is, The ones I enjoy tend to be the ones that you seems to be having fun! Other shoots and crazy outfits sounds promising and tweaking and doing new versions of old favourites are always welcome too as as well as seeing you in familiar outfits with a new boobs and looks is always fascinating and inspires me to go back and look at the older shoots and appreciate them all over again.

  4. Paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    leaving aside my usual complaint, you are as you said “Back in form ” though if you were not it was`t too noticeable. What i like about Flamenco, photos 109 and 12o show your often neglected legs off to great effect, the costume, with the blue suspenders seem to emphasize the paleness of your lovely legs. I have said in the past its a pity you sometimes kept your nipples covered for the whole shoot, so with photo 195 i felt like a kid at Christmas when what he wanted all year is finally revealed. The costume from cocktoberfest was always one of my favourites, i`m glad you have used it again, and yes your breasts do look bigger, i thought you had had more surgery done for a while, the pigtails, very sexy, and photo 147 a beautiful cum shot. These two shoots, almost perfect.

  5. Johnny Dollaar says:

    These two shoots really did “scratch the itch”. Great outfits with relatively simple settings. Gorgeous. The attitude/looks as the steamy/sultry Flamenco dancer and then the not-so-innocent bimbo Heidi-Ho came across incredibly. IT IS about the sexy energy that goes with the scenario. And you can certainly channel it.
    The Flamenco costume is a treat, amazing what you did with a few scraps of fabric. Love the tease effect of the outfit, and the stockings and heels you paired with it.
    Keep surprising us!!

    Johnny Dollar

  6. Daniel says:

    Quite exquisite. Your creativeness and reinvention is pleasant to watch. The new you in past attire is definitely works…so sexy.

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