Two shoots in one: “Diamond Disco”

So I’m finally getting around to that backlog of outfits that I’ve made this year but hadn’t shot in.  This outfit was made for AVN last January and got some nice visibility at Montreal Fetish Weekend but only got to shoot in just now.

This concept had a working title along the line of something like “Rhinestone Vegas”.
But few months back, I purchased this really over the top blonde afro wig, and well, that also worked for this outfit too.

And then “Rhinestone Vegas” didn’t fit as well as something like “Diamond Disco”, even though I’m not really pushing any other 70’s themes anywhere in it.  Anyway, what’s in a name anyway?  And rather than spin each variaton off into different shoots (that being the case I’d probably do different backgrounds), I just included both versions in this one.

So if you’re not too keen on the blue haired hentai look, there’s always the funky variation. Hope you like both of them!  Let me know which version is hotter!


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6 Responses to Two shoots in one: “Diamond Disco”

  1. Pitch45 says:

    Both look good darling,but I do prefer the hentai hair colours, I’m just a sucker for coloured hair

  2. Daniel says:

    Diamond Disco leaves me wanting more in afro and blue, though the 2nd to the last pic of afro with the cum shot leaves me wanting more and more…

    The creativeness in the outfits you make…impressive.

  3. Daniel says:

    Simply put sexually gorgeous. I know, so redundant.

  4. Sudo Nonimus says:

    They’re both very nice, but I think I prefer the hentai look. That monster blonde wig is so far over the top as to be down the other side and halfway into the next state.

    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a happy, productive and prosperous New Year.

    (Is your wishlist still active, since Christmas is nearly here? I’d better go and look)

  5. biandy40 says:

    I love both looks!
    You look judging by the state of your cock that you were enjoying yourself throughout the shoot.
    Loved the chunky blue cock ring and the way that outfit hugged your curves.
    Also love the curve on that glass dildo and the legs akimbo shots with your ass pushing it out.
    Hope to catch you on webcam during the holidays!

  6. robertoursini says:

    Yes I know, I’m an asshole but I have to write (say?) this: I don’t like your big lips! That’s it! And of course, me love you big time! (=;

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