Hiatus, again…

So hey, I vanished again for a month, but I’m back.  What happened? The last thing you saw, I had just done a ton of video updates and lots of work on my clips4sale store. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/21825/ts-goddess-tara-emory–

Then, on November 12th I had another one of those Trans All Star Parties strip night at EGO in Providence.   Actually, I was going through a troth of depression around that time, but I managed to pull myself together and attend.  I’m glad I did because I enjoyed myself.  The reasons I was depressed beforehand were pretty complicated.  For starters, I had an issue with a stalker, who was harassing me through texts and then every form of social media.  All of which had something to do with leftover drama from the Satin TS Dolls club from 2 years ago so it was really the ramblings of an unhinged, drugged up person, but they sought to make my life miserable leading up to the night at Ego.  This terrible person tried to get under my skin by pulling the whole “I Know What You Did Last Summer!” routine, where you’re second guessing everything you’ve done.  I literally cannot make sense of what she was rambing about, and what ANY of it had to do with me.  Some of it apparently had to do with thinking that I was cheating the IRS with assumed “under the table” income from a fantasy idea in her head as to what I was going to make at strip club, and threatening to report me to the IRS.  I guess when you’re a microcelebrity, you have to deal with stalkers and idiots.  It’s like all these people who think I’m rich  becuase my pictures look nice, and then somehow make me a target when they’re just bullying a struggling artist. I mean, “fuck you” is not strong enough words to say to this person.

So I’m afraid I didn’t promote the night very much.  And on top of it, I had another thing take priority anyway.

I changed homeowners insurance policies at the end of October, and my new company needed to do an evaluation of my house.  Thing is, when I bought the place in 2013 I went overboard with starting renovation projects and not really finishing them.  They’d been hanging over my head like a low, exposed beam with nails sticking out and electrical lines showing.  Actually thats not a metaphor, I literally had this exposed beam in my kitchen with nails sticking out of it and all sorts of stuff i had to resolve..   So I needed to at least wrap up some of these projects because everything kinda sorta looked like a person started to take the house apart and didn’t know how to put it back together.

I’m usually pretty upfront on social media about all my projects, including my house projects, but my desire to get things finished plus some stalker looking to rat me out as a porn star/sex worker or some right wing libertarian bullshit  That’s all I’m going to say about her,  point it, she’s a terrible toxic person, who i guess is convinced that trans girls are like gaming the health care system to take your hard earned tax money to  get new tits so they can be porn stars.  In any event, none of this had anything to do with anything I’ve ever done, but because of their delusions, I was the target of their harassment.

So I worked on my house for 3 weeks straight, which needed to be done.   My evaluation went along just fine, as it turns out, they just needed to count the amount of bathrooms and bedrooms and stuff like that, but still, it’s always prudent to put your best foot forward, and if that means it all lit a fire under my ass to finish things, so be it.

But it means I haven’t shot in a while, and I’m sorta trying to get myself back in that frame of mind.  As it turns out, I have one photo shoot that I did in October that I’ve decided I might as well release.

On the same day that I shot half of the Caravan Girl shoot I did this indoor shoot, in the “Confection” outfit.  I did this shoot in October because I planned to paint over the pink and white striped wall, and figured let’s get one more shoot in while it’s still there.  The original plan was that I was getting next year’s Valentine’s Day shoot done early, but I decided that there’s a few reasons to just get it out of the way now.  It is pretty similar to Confection, in a lot of ways, so you really can’t say it breaks new ground.

Plus, maybe this look with the pink wig and all the puffs is a look that I’m going to phase out anyway sometime next year.  Also, I could get a much much better idea when next February rolls around so might as well release it now.

But mostly its because I need something up there, as the sets/outfit situation is in a bit of a tizzy anyway.  I started on this set which had an old motorcycle, some steampunk gears and some oil barrels that I painted “Toxic waste”.. Trouble is, I don’t have an outfit to go with this set. I’ve designed some stuff, but as of yet those outfits don’t exist.

To make things even more frustrating,  I have the “Flamenco” and “Vegas Rhinestone” (working titles) outfits, but don’t have set to shoot them on (or a clean room in a complimentary color scheme.  I mean, yeah- I guess I could shoot on the set I made, but that’d be all wrong.  A set inbrowns, blacks and reds and an outfit in blue and white? Yeah.. it just wouldn’t work.  Plus, I have other ideas for the ideal sets for these other shoots, so I’d kind of wreck things by shooting outfit A on Set B). Bottom line is that I had two photoshoot project that were both half done, and the house work got in the way of finishing them. Or think of it this way, you’ve got two cars you can use, but each of them have 2 flat tires, but they’re different sizes, so you can’t put all 4 on one and get where you’re going.  Frustrating!

But now that the house stuff is done, I’m going to refocus my energy on the next batch of shoots (Lets just call them “Toxic Ringleader”, “Vegas Rhinestones” and “Flamenco”), plus a few other ideas I’ve been cooking up (there was that thing with the buttplug/fox tail, and also “Mecha Tara”).   And I might try something Christmas-y too, but till whichever of those shoots comes first, have what was going to be my next Valentine’s day shoot to tie you over.  I’m about about halfway through the editing so the whole set sould go up December 1st.

And I’ve made the decision that once this next batch of shoots are done, I’m doing to finish my Uranus movie.  Yep, for real.


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2 Responses to Hiatus, again…

  1. Daniel Morrow says:

    Look forward to the new posted shoot whether it’s a Valentine’s Day shoot or another holiday.

    I just joined a few days ago and so far, I can definitely say it’s some of the most sexy and creative content I have ever seen. Mostly, I’ve enjoyed viewing how you evolved over time. Quite amazing. Thank you for being you.

  2. Bea Laugharne says:

    For me, straightening out a house full of bits and pieces and making it tidy helps me sort out my head too.

    Hope it does for you, too.



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