Ok, so that was a disaster…

So what can I say? That didn’t go very well!
(Editor’s note:  I wrote the bulk of this  blog post on August 26th, but did not post it till today, Sept 9th)

Last night after many technical difficulties I attempted to do a camshow with that Jules Verne fucking machine and at best I would say it was a wash..

Of course the first question I should ask myself is why did I even try to attempt this in the first place? As you might remember I had a great photo shoot three years ago where I built the cool Jules Verne fucking machine by taking an actual functional fucking machine and removing the coverings, so that the guts were exposed, and then adding lots of crazy gears and what not to it to make it all very cool looking.  But I  but the whole thing was really made out of scraps of wood and PVC pipe and held together with drywall screws and a prayer.  It had been made just for a shoot (and also a scene in UNS) but hadn’t been made to last.

But being so large, and cool looking, I decided to keep it around and recently though that if I was going to get rid of it, I might as well do a live show with it.

And though I hardly gave my fans much notice as to the live show, I did spend the night before the show setting up the camera on a tripod so that I didn’t have to use the built in camera on my laptop.

This actually was a pretty sound idea, because I could use the zoom on the camera to either show a nice detail, or zoom out to show the whole thing.  It meant that I had to screw down a couple of milk crates where I would have my laptop off to the side. I did a dry run that night, and then I took the laptop off the 2 milk crates, so that I could secure the crates down.

And that’s where it happened.  I managed to drop one of the crates directly onto my laptop screen, while the computer was on.  I pretty much wrecked the screen though the rest of the computer seems unaffected.

After I had a good old cry, I did go ahead with the camshow though, by hooking up an external monitor.  I had a couple of viewers, on streamate and on my site, but not in any huge numbers and it wasn’t though I made enough that night to replace my laptop either!

Also, about a half hour into the show, it was pretty clear that the fucking machine itself was flying apart from all the vibrations.  So, a couple of people got to see it in action, but that was about it.   So I went over to a nearby couch and finished my show there.  I managed to salvage something for the show, but it was clear that my ideal fell short of my reach.

And as for the fucking machine itself, I’m just going to rebuild it into some sort of futuristic hentai fucking machine.   Don’t worry, it won’t go to waste.  But I think I did get some shoots out of it and, well, that’s enough. To be honest,  I need to learn to part with those old sets and props that end up hanging around my studio, so that I can make room for the new ones.    But you do need to take shit apart and break sets down if you’re going to make something new and better.

I did post about all this on instagram and tumblr, and I got a bunch of donations, to fix my laptop so I will be back up and running pretty soon.

Next up, my Montreal Fetish Weekend report..



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4 Responses to Ok, so that was a disaster…

  1. Sudo Nonimus says:

    Dear Tara, it wasn’t a complete wash. True, the machine that worked fine as a static display for photoshoots was less than suitable for video, but for the short periods when it did all come together it looked amazing. I was sorry to hear of your mishap with the laptop, and hope enough of your fans chipped in sufficient money to get the screen (or more likely the entire lid) replaced.

    The last two photosets have been Simply Superb, and very exciting to look at.

    Not to mention the Tumblr posts from Montreal. The Infinite Cat project has been running for years, but you seem to have outclassed this with the Infinite Tara Project; long may it continue to delight us all.




    Thank you for sharing your beauty, your talent, and your inventiveness with us all.


  2. Ritch Neill says:

    Sorry about the trouble you had with your show. I have most of the components for a fuck machine motor (dc) and the speed controller, disk for the motor and the rod that attaches to it. You might just use it all for one of your creations or use your machine and this stuff to make a whole new one the way you want it. You can have it if you want it.
    It all worth about 4 or 5 hundred if you bought the stuff from Graingers I do not need it so if you want it you need to get back so I can send it. Hang in there Tara your an artist
    and all plans don’t go perfect

    • tara says:

      There’s nothing wrong with the fucking machine part of it, it was all the stuff I added around it to make it look like this huge Jules Verne Time Machine type of thing. So it was the seat and the other stuff that was all wobbly and held together with drywall screws. The rest is fine, though it used to have this plastic cover over it that I threw away (and I sort of regret that). But that’s ok, I can make a new box to put it all in anyway

  3. Scott says:

    Hi Tara, love your photoshoots and see that you do a lot of work in Montreal. I go there for work for one week per year and would love to take you out to dinner sometime. 😉

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