“Courting Boat” Redux on it’s way…

Hey!  So I’m back, partially.  I’ve been working more than a week or so on my variation on the old “Courting Boat” outfit.  I had spent a heck of a lot of effort on this outfit, years back, but always felt that the final pictures were lacking.

I think what happened is that I made an outfit that didn’t lend itself to showing a lot of naughty bits, and though I tried to pull up the skirt and or take the skirt off,  It was clear that in order to keep the sleeves on, I’d have to keep the top corset on (they were attatched).  Well, there was that and the fact that I shot these indoors and I was trying to pass it off for outdoors.  Which of course didn’t look good at all.

But in any event, I decided that it might be cool to make a variation of this outfit that was a little bit more revealing, yet not going and recreating it from scratch.

Trouble is, I only had this much of the purple and white striped material left!    Yep, these 8 scraps.  Literally scraps.  And it was the sort of thing where I have no idea where I bought it from, and usually with fabric, unless you’re lucky to know the manufacturer (which of course no one knows that), than maybe you can track down more.     I went off and hit all my local shops and none of it was to be found.  So what I decided to do was make an open bra and garter belt, then make a little white waist cincher from the same kind of material as the old corset.  I calculated that I had enough purple and white scraps leftover to make the open bra and the garter belt, but that was about it.Trouble is, I wanted the same big puffy sleeves on this new version, yet I also didn’t want to destroy the old version (which covered the breasts).  I had to figure out a way to have my cake and eat it too.   What I ended up doing was transferring the big puffy sleeves to the open cup bra, and then taking the old corset top the sleeves were on, and making it into a finished off sleeveless thing that could go over the new open bra with sleeves, giving exactly the same effect.

The end result came out pretty close, though in the end I opted not to make the striped garters.

However, I got a bit of a late start shooting the photos (at about 5pm), so the decent indirect sunlight was moving around and not giving me the best light.  I did manage to shoot 170 or so, but I think less than half of them are that good.
I did choose a few to edit, but I’m just going to resume shooting this set tomorrow or the next day and start a few hours earlier. I may also try to get some shots in the full outfit as well.
So enjoy this little sneak peek!  I haven’t picked a name yet for this shoot.  I might find a variation of “Courting …”  but I’m sure it will come to me.  I do love shooting in the back yard but sometimes it’s a crap shoot with the light changing, and having to constantly change the camera and re-adjust the reflector etc.


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2 Responses to “Courting Boat” Redux on it’s way…

  1. Johnny Dollar says:

    Tara, I just viewed the entire set – Absolutely Gorgeous!

    You hit the mark on everything – reworking the outfit, the garden setting, and the Victorian lady showing what a horny cumslut she really is!

  2. Paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    i couldn`t ask for more, you, outdoors on a sunny day, beautiful costume, and you wearing glasses always does it for me.

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