More new stuff, call it “Burlesque or Bust”

New shoot, called “Burlesque or Bust” which just went up on my site.

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Jibber jabber, Tara, tara, tara.  Talk about self.

Talkity talkity something something something.

Something something, whoa!  Cock in the air,  blah blah blah.

Feathers feathers, little hats,  same old same old.  blah blah blah.

Yep, business as usual.



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3 Responses to More new stuff, call it “Burlesque or Bust”

  1. nc0089 says:

    There’s never enough cock in the air… 😉 Wonderful preview. Super sexy and desirable as always.

  2. Biandy40 says:

    Some excellent pics here Tara.
    Different angles and a gorgeous outfit.
    Don’t ever give up.

  3. paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    i like the outfits in this shoot and carousel rider, your waist looks really slim in that blue polkadot costume, and you should wear glasses more often, my only quibble, you kept those lovely nipples covered throughout the set, but as both sets had a burlesque theme it worked.
    You are not one of those models that has only one facial expression, you tease in some, laugh in some and have a sexy glint in your eyes in others, its what turned me on when i first saw you, your truly gorgeous.

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