Lazy? No, just taking a break…

Heeeey, Y’all probably have noticed you I’ve been pretty dormant the 2 weeks since I’ve been back from Florida.  I just sorta needed a break from the adult business to pursue other projects.  And actually, the other projects I worked on actually made some money, so I guess that means I can call that work.  In any event, I wasn’t “screwing around”.  But I did sorta fell out of feeling constantly horny all the time.   Probably Florida took a lot of that out of  my system.  In any event, I needed to recharge AWAY from porn and fetish and everything I do.  Now I’m getting back in the swing of things, and have gotten on cam the last few nights to try out some interesting new living-hentai looks.

I’m thinking about sets to go with these things too, and really don’t want to settle for less than an assault of pastel colored candy stripes. Lets see where this direction takes me?

So, expect a shoot that’s some thing brand new later this month.  Till then, I really want to push the live shows, and maybe try another marathon.  I’m shocked by how many of my members have yet to catch my show.  There must be a better way than twitter to get the word out that I’m camming..  What’s the best way to tell my members that I’m going on cam?


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6 Responses to Lazy? No, just taking a break…

  1. Quinton says:

    Love the pewter hair, And those Beautiful juicy breasts

    • tara says:

      thanks! though I think it’s more of a lavender. Though if you want to think of it as pewter, or some varation of silver, does that mean I’m bypassing T-Milf porn to go straight to T -GMILF porn? Maybe its those glasses that do it. Hmmm I’m going to have to think about this look…

  2. Joe Binkley says:

    i could look at you hot body day and night…your tits are beyond awesome,your cock is phenominal,and your lips are luscious as well…but you already know this…

  3. Plateg says:

    I suggest a little more advanced notice on Twitter like a day ahead. I don’t live on Twitter, I usually stop by just to check your status. 🙂 Doesn’t even have to be a firm schedule, just say you *might* be doing a cam at X PM on XX/YY and send another notification like an hour ahead of the actual show time to confirm.

  4. tara says:

    This break has sorta turned out a bit longer than I anticipated.

    mostly because i was involved in a few other activities, one that involved a weekend away with family members. Which is great for many reasons but even though they’re fine with me, it basically makes me tone down my presentation a few notches. Next thing you know, you’re not thinking about anything sexy much, and you’re not camming, nor thinking of new shoots or outfits.

    I did have some decent money come in from my rather productive month of April/May, but it dried up a bit and though i told myself that I “wasn’t going to worry where the money came from”… well. I think I need to actually worry where the money is coming from.

    I gotta get back to it but springtime sorta was the only time to get some yardwork problems resolved. Once it gets too hot and I’m stuck indoors in AC more, then I’ll probably get involved in editing more video.

    trying to put my head together about how to be better on social media. Trouble is, the endless male entitlement and sending of dick pics and unexpected and unwanted video calls really turned me off and right now, I’m not super compelled to share ANY of my life with a bunch of chronic masturbating young douchebags who think they can get sexy camshow time for free on facebook.

    Yeah, ^^^^ that’ll kill it for a while.

  5. fuboy blue says:

    hmmm darling

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