Tara is the future of sexdolls in “Sweet-tart Fuckdoll”

Porn stars Christian XXX and Kelli Lox have brought home a new toy to play with!  An anamitronic hentai catgirl sex doll!

Artificial but with flesh better than reality, this virtual cartoon come to life can be delivered straight to your penthouse apartment.  It’s all the rage of the urban elites looking for that next frontier in fucking!

The simulated sexual orifices of the Tara sexdoll are better than reality, utilizing a onboard supercomputer with a thousand gigaquads of data dedicated to sensory programming of her pleasure holes.

But we know you want that vapid look in it’s eye, so we’ve equipped the Sweet Tart Fuckdoll with a paltry 64k of memory for her brain.  For those seeking even less brain power, an optional 16k model is also available.

The Sweet tart Fuckdoll can be had for you for only $199,995 today!  Don’t wait, order one today!

The whole shoot went up today, and the next update will  contain videos for this scene and a few recent scenes as well.




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One Response to Tara is the future of sexdolls in “Sweet-tart Fuckdoll”

  1. Sudo Nonimus says:

    That is one gorgeous piece of tail…

    …attached to the very lovely and exceptionally talented Tara.

    Simply superb.

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