Have Another Slice of Cherry Pie!

So hey, finally the new Cherry Pie shoot is done!  I think it came out pretty good!

If you compared it with the old version of this outfit, I’d say the new version is way more trashier and truck-stop-waitress sluttier!  The hair is bigger, the skirt is puffier, and this time there’s cute puffy sleeves too!

Oh, and roller skates too, why not?  Of course the big thing was the set I took time over the course of a couple of months to put together.  I had been putting off doing this shoot for a while because there were a few details to work out and a few props that I was still collecting.
Obviously the shoot is not about the set, but the set needs to be expansive so that there’s always something behind me.  Sometimes that means that the details don’t really matter. In retrospect, I really did not need to bother with putting the bistro table on the left and getting a salt and pepper shaker and napkin holder, and a glass dome to put over a cherry pie, which I took a couple hours to bake – when really those things are only visible in a few pictures…  yeah, I know complain complain, again…

None of that is really as important as the performance of the model, which I’m happy to say was pretty good overall.  So what if the set is mostly made out of cardboard and number plates, we all know that’s not really what you’re looking at.

Yeah, and fun with whipped cream too!

Lots of fun with whipped cream, that’s for sure.

And since the cherry pie I (barely) baked came out so messy, I figured go for the whole messy thing all the way.I’m such a clutz trying to wait tables on roller skates, that means sooner or later I’m gonna drop cherry pie all over the floor!  What a mess!!

So I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I enjoyed making it (and for how long it took to come to fruition!).  The entire set will go up next week on www.tara-ts.com as the April 30th shoot.  And with that, I’m very happy to say that all this hard work has gotten me back up to my impossible-target of 3 shoots per month (lets say every 10 days).  After quite a bit of a dry spell this winter, I think we’re all happy spring is here, and let’s hope I can keep this momentum up!



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4 Responses to Have Another Slice of Cherry Pie!

  1. George Walton says:

    I’m certainly happy that spring is here and I’m very happy to see your new shoot. So sweet and spectacular!

  2. harriette says:

    Miss Tara, what a wonderful set! I’ve been an admirer for quite a few years! Is there any way we can chat again?

  3. biandy40 says:

    A fantastic shoot. Sexy outfit and poses a new meaning to the phrase ‘dirty girl’. Nice to see leaking ass shots, like the ones from strawberries and cream.
    Well worth all of the effort you put into this shoot.
    I agree with you, that I am usually focusing on yourself in the pictures, but occasionally the small background details are important. Love that Support your local firefighters plaque on the wall, where did you get that from? Perhaps an idea for a future shoot with you as a sexy firefighter, red-haired and fiery with some latex lots of long hoses and wetness, almost like a tentacle shoot?

  4. fvc says:

    Best photo shoot! How I would love to lick those cherrys and cream off your nipples and lick that cream from you ass! I would love you to cum all over a slice of cherry pie, I would definatly eat it. Yummy!

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