Two shoots done- “Black Swan” and “Blossoming Bouquet”- more to come!

So, yes, I’ve gotten two shoots done this week, though the black strappy outfit shoot (Black Swan) happened in two bursts over a week long period while I was working on other sets and getting other outfits ready.

What happened was about a week ago I shot a bunch of pictures, but wasn’t feeling like I was getting the variety of poses that I wanted, so I quit after shooting about 130 pictures.  I decided I’d look at the pictures and see what I could improve when I resumed shooting.  It turned out that my backlight/rim light did not fire in most of the pictures so it was a good thing that I was able to go back and do more.  I also didn’t like the way the skirt was a bit too big and draping weird off the underwire support under it. It’s kind of hard to describe but if you can imagine the tutu/skirt going horizontal and then being too large for the underwire so that it draped down a few inches, it sort of made it cover a little bit more than I wanted it to.   So I was able to trim the skirt and make it a little tighter and stiffer, and tutu-like.  Here’s the changes, subtle but effective.

Yeah, you can barely see the rim light here (its most noticeable in the strands of blonde hair), and I swear in half the pictures I shot in the second batch, it didn’t go off.  Frustrating damn lights, I swear they are only firing like  half the time, and the light sensors that detect when the other lights are flashing- are in weird places where they can easily not catch the flashes from the other strobes.  Anyway blah blah  blah, complain complain.  Bottom line is that when you self shoot your own pictures, compromises are inevitable.
Aha! In this one you can actually see the rim light doing a little bit.  I wanted it to make the black bow and the tutu skirt pop, but it’s barely doing it.  Anyway, at least in the reshoot, I got some nice sex toy shots and some good sitting/squatting poses.  Every pose can’t be a standing pose, that gets dull pretty quickly.

So I’ve got like 300 pictures to slog through, and with the lighting problems (though sometimes when the strobes failed to flash, it gave some dramatic results), it should be enough to yield a good sized shoot.  However, later that night I powered through and downed another 2 RockStar energy drinks and did this little number, which again, was a “simple” shoot that turned into something gargantuan.

You may recall how my recent Valentine’s Day shoot that I did in March (whoops!) had these really cool sleeves that looked like bouquets.  Well, I liked the idea so much I did it again.  But I needed them to match a pre-existing Big Hat I had made.  So, several trips to the craft and dollar stores in the area cleaned out their stocks of white and light pink fake flowers.  About 37 sticks of hot glue later and a lot of burned fingertips, and the result came out quite nicely indeed.

So this shoot has sorta zipped to the front of the line so I could get it out to more or less line up with Easter weekend, though I’ve gone and called it “Blossoming Bouquet” because that works and it’s not using up any of the other words I’m saving for other shoots with somewhat stronger concepts.  You can imagine that I have a piece of paper with infinite combos of names on it, with really amazing combinations like “Pollyanna Cumdump”. “Bloomin’ Harlot” and “Fuckdoll Junction”.  When one comes up with names like that, they end up driving their own concepts, so I’ll just let your imagination run wild with what those shoots might end up looking like.
So I’m about halfway through editing about 160 chosen pictures for this gallery, but there’s a fetish club night tonight and well, it’d be a shame not to actually wear this outfit out to an actual club, so I’m off to that I think.

So once I get these done, they’ll hit the site pretty rapid fire, plus there’s some video I’ve been sitting on and still a shoot I did with Christian out in Vegas that I haven’t worked on yet (it’s huge, so I really have to trim it down to the cream of the crop).  So yeah, stuff’s in the pipeline and the dam is about to burst.  That’s not to mention that my Cherry Pie redux set is all done and I’ve gone and made the alterations to that outfit, so that shoot in on tap for next week.   Like I said somewhere else, I do plan on doing 2-3 shoots a week in the coming few months so I’ll have a big backlog of content to work on once it gets too hot and I just want to shut myself in a tiny, air conditioned room.  Here’s one more for the road…

See you very soon!

Note- The entire set when up Easter evening, at about 156 pictures.  I ended settling on “Blossoming Bouquet”.  As for the other shoot, for some reason, I keep coming back to “Black Swan” and I think I’m just going to stick with that.


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4 Responses to Two shoots done- “Black Swan” and “Blossoming Bouquet”- more to come!

  1. Johnny Dollar says:

    Happy Easter!

    There’s been a resurrection in my pants!

    These new shoots look to be superior. Thanks for the variety. I love it.

  2. George Walton says:

    I just love the Easter Candy photo shoot, what an awesome outfit! You put an awful lot of work into your costumes and it shows.

  3. tara says:

    I went and made a few alterations to this posting to reflect the names I’ve picked for the two shoots, “Black Swan” and “Blossoming Bouquet”, as well as hinting at a few names of upcoming shoot concepts. I tend to just have this list of words that I throw around and sometimes shoot concept names become so strong, that I save them for later.

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