Be patient, the wheels are turning. It’s Spring!

So, march was a shitty month for me. I got sick a lot (just with whatever cold was going around), and managed to squeeze out one shoot, which was my one-month late Valentine’s Day shoot…. Oops!

I actually wrote a long, agonizing post about it here, which actually took a dark turn.  Then I went through a couple of days of shit at the very end of the momth.  Just bad vibes.  I don’t really want to talk about it too much but when faced with this problem I did the right thing, but the whole experience  was the sort of thing that made me want to reconsider this whole career.    I actually announced on facebook that I was quitting it all, and that no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke.

Then a few friends helped me out and convinced me not to, and so I deleted a whole bunch of posts (including the one here about March), and then like a sign from above, the next day we got the first day of Spring where the sun came out and it actually felt like Spring.

The last 3 or 4 days have been a whirlwind of working on sets, and preparing outfits for a marathon shooting next 2 months.  You see, April and May are the perfect baby bear months for me working in my studio. It’s not so cold that you have to run the heat all day to get it to 60, and it’s not so hot that you’re melting under the lights.

But I haven’t thrown together all this progress onto a blog post yet.  I’m not sure how many people read this blog, but I know it’s a tiny fraction of like my twitter followers, or my tumblr, facebook or instagram. So I have been posting daily on instagram with behind the scenes stuff,  so I implore all of you to follow me there as it’s easier to update that than this blog.  There IS a wordpress app for my phones but it seems very problematic, and I can’t seem to update this from my phone unless i move pix to my laptop first. Anyway here’s my instagram

It’s a little tricky to get my finished photos censored and posted to it, but when I do, it automatically goes to my twitter, facebook and tumblr, so at the moment it’s my easiest way to get the word out.

So I’m working on sets, for the “Another Slice of Cherry Pie” shoot and then the dungeon set will be the scene for this outfit I made back in January.

I think this outfit, plus blonde hair, with black ballet boots, wrists suspended from the ceiling, could be hot. Not sure if I can get to this level of kinkiness while shooting by myself.  Might need a little assistance.

So, if you’ve been following my instagram (which you should), you may see that I shot a couple of time lapse movies of me working on the Cherry Pie set.   This set got put on the back burner all winter and I’m hoping to get the shoot out of the way pretty soon.

I know this is going to seem crazy, but I’m actually making a pretty crazy goal here, to do 10 shoots a month.  Now, that doesn’t mean 10 shoots a month posted on my site, or 10 shoots a month all edited.  Just shot. It actually takes days to edit the pictures, that only take 2 to 4  hours to shoot.  I figure if I do 2 -3 shoots a week that’s 20 in the next 2 months, almost enough to pretty much tie me over for the rest of the year while I work on finishing other projects like Uranus.

This means that some of the shoots might be crazy brand new ideas and some might be just new spins on old outfits. Here’s a quick primer on what might be on tap pretty soon, depending on when I finish various set pieces.  Of course I mentioned that black ballerina costume, and Cherry Pie redux…

Little filthy sketch i did yesterday to throw some ideas around for what the final shoot might look like.

Also, there’s that blue and white jumpsuit thing I made for Vegas. I was going to shoot in my blue and white room in my house but then decided the dark woodgrain furniture wasn’t going to look good with the outfit, so I’m working up reupholstering this little settee but that will take some time to do.  Actually, other than the tufted part, this is a relatively straightforward reupholstering job.

Thenthen I’m throwing something together on this set, not sure what that outfit’s going to be, but might be a variation of “Flowering Tara

I’m also rearranging some of the rooms in my house which will make it much easier to shoot in the rooms.  Things got kind of lopsided where like my little pink and white barbie doll sewing room, where I often cam from, was also doing triple duty with my old drafting table taking up space, while another bedroom (the one with the woodgrain walls, where I shot “Fur Closet”, “Ski Chalet” and “Goldicocks” ) was virtually not being used for anything but a spare bedroom, with corners largely empty of anything important.

So I’m shuffling things around here, and will make lots of instagram postings because I’m so surrounded by the craziness of my life that sometimes I don’t see how cool it is and how I should be sharing little bits of it with my fans.  Instgram is where it’s at for me now because I can just post little things here and there and not worry too much about them being anything more than little slices of my weird pornstar life.

I’m going to do a lot this month, then I can have a few months to not worry about any new shoots except working on Uranus.  Gonna get shit done this year, dammit.



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2 Responses to Be patient, the wheels are turning. It’s Spring!

  1. George Walton says:

    So glad to see things are looking brighter for you. Can’t wait to see some of your new shoots, sounds like a lot of exciting things going on.

  2. biandy40 says:

    Can’t wait for your new output!
    I understand your need to get everything perfect.
    Also your frustrations with sets and backgrounds, but have to admit it’s the person in the front that we all love Tara.

    Andy. x

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