Going Upscale: Two new versions of old shoots added, more on the way!

I  just uploaded two new final output versions of two old shoots.  “Kidskin Corset” from 2003 and “An Exhibitionist in Amsterdam”.

It turned out that I had re-edited Kidskin a few years back, but never uploaded them to the site.  They’re at 1800 pixels in the highest dimension.

For Exhibitionist in Amsterdam (2002), I pushed  it to 2000 pixels, which might have been a stretch considering the source material.    Generally any shoots before August 2003’s  “Here Comes the Bride” have been shot on a variety of cameras but mostly on a crappy 1 megapixel Sony mini-DV video camera on still mode, but there are shoots here and there shot on other photographers’ cameras, as was the case in Amsterdam.   Not all of them will upscale well, but some will.

Oh hey!  Look,  here’s an outtake from Amsterdam where I was reviewing the video footage on that very same Sony mini-DV camera!  Yeah, I do get nostalgic for cameras, especially when it’s the cameras that helped start my career, and liberated me from having to have X-rated picutures on film develop at the local CVS!  (oh btw, this picture was a reject, so it’s not even on the site.  Perhaps someday I will comb through all my photosets and find the best of the worst of the rejects, and release that as a photo set).

I do admit that there’s really no rhyme or reason to which old photsets I’m picking to upscale.  Honestly I ought to just pick a gallery of a specific year, and try to bump it all up to current specs.  That being said, I’ve gone and noticed that over the last year or so, I’ve actually started work upscaling a lot of old material, to lose interst in it on the way.

So I was going through things and I had a bunch of work half done that just needed a little more to finish.   There are a few more almost ready to be re-released – “Cold War Thaw” from 2004, Bonbons from 2002 (this will be an attempt to see just how much quality I can coax out of something so small to begin with), and “Pitstop Cutie” from 2003.  Here are some samples so  you can click on them to see the full size verions.   You might then click on the version resized for your screen to see the full version. I’d like feedback from anyone who uses a computer with a 4k or 5k screen, please let me know if the change is noticable.

I do admit, it’s going to be a challenge to coax high resolution out of Bonbons, but if it works, then the majority of the worst resolution shoots will still have a measured bump in quality.

In most cases, as I go through the orignals, I’m choosing many of the same pictures, so the new versions should roughly have the same quantity as the old ones.  Some might get trimmed down to only the best ones, and some might grow in size. I know Kidskin Corset grew by about 10 shots.  As I go through these old sets with new eyes, I often find I like different pictures than I used to.

As before, the best way to tell if there’s an upscaled shoot is go browse through each year’s gallery, and if you see larger buttons that resemble what you’re used to from the last few years, that means it’s upscaled.

An old button for an old gallery

A new, upscaled gallery

Oh, and it looks like I did about half of the shots for “Santa Baby” from 2006.  That’s my problem, I’m easily bored, and I can’t maintain my interest in re-editing shoots for more than a few days, or even an afternoon.  Sadly, you can’t just take the old smaller finals and upscale them-  There is no magic “enhance” button like you see in Hollywood movies.  I gotta work right from the originals and basically re-do everything.

But what would help is that I know many of you new fans out there have mentioned older shoots that are favorites of yours.  If I knew there was a demand for a particular shoot to get the royal treatment, I’d be happy to have that one move to the top of the list!

So what about it, give me some suggstions!  Right now I’d like to stick to shoots from 2008 and older.  Over the years I slowly upped the resolution on the finals so taking something from 2012 (where my finals were 1500 pix on the largest side) won’t give as dramatic an improvement as ones between the years 2003 and 2008.

I’ll take each one on a case by case basis, but I’d love to hear my fans’ input.  Right now, “Santa Baby” and “Cold War Thaw” are the nearest completion.


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8 Responses to Going Upscale: Two new versions of old shoots added, more on the way!

  1. biandy40 says:

    Loving the detail on the new pics.
    Here are my favourites from each year:
    2008 A touch of Ass
    2007 Bewitching
    2006 Silver Bullet
    2005 Polka Dot overload
    2004 Harlequin hard-on
    2003 Screen Siren
    although would be happy with any of them being given a make-over.

  2. Sudo Nonimus says:

    2007 – Chicks with Dickens
    2006 -Size Queen
    2005 – Naughty Elf & Polka Dot Overload
    2004 – Home Run
    2003 – Vixen

    …and if you go back to 2001, Pink Polka Dot has always been a particular favourite.

  3. Johnny says:

    Looking forward to whatever you upscale. Great work. My choices:

    2008 – Space Station 69
    2007 – Tits in Glasses/Periwinkle Satin
    2006 – Dear Diary/ Silver Bullet
    2005 – Virginal
    2004 – Lingerie Lover
    2003 – Bouquet/ Sex Ed

    And yes, there are some recurring themes!

  4. Johnny Dollar says:

    A few that I’d like to see the pictures really jump out of the screen! Your work on these is amazing.
    2008 – Space Station 69
    2007 – Tits in Glasses/Periwinkle Satin
    2006 – Dear Diary
    2005 – Pink French Lingerie
    2004 – Tight Laced Tara
    2003 – Sex Ed/ Bouquet

  5. George Walton says:

    I hadn’t looked at your older shoots for so long I had forgotten how awesome they were! Here are some of my favorites:
    2003 : Here Comes the Bride
    2004: Cold War Thaw
    2005: Pink French Lingerie
    2006: Santa Baby
    2007: So Sweet
    2008: The Peacock Goddess

  6. tara says:

    ooh ok lots of votes there! Like I said, Santa Baby is pretty much next (actually going up tonight), Cold War Thaw is half edited, I just gotta slog though the rest of them. Looks like there’s a consensus that Silver Bullet is a favorite, I’ll see what i can get to

    Actually, I;ve been sick for about a week, and you’d think that means I’d just sit at home and work on pictures, but often is the case, my state of mind while having a bad cold, is so bad, that I can’t stand sitting at the computer for very long. I’ve only started to feel better today, and I need to think of what’s the next big shoot really. March has sorta been a dry month for me.

  7. biandy40 says:

    Good work on Santa Baby.

  8. George Walton says:

    Just wanted to mention that your latest galleries are spectacular. I particularly love Mistress of Submission and Squeaky Clean. I may be different than many of your other fans in that I prefer your more demure shots, where you are posed as an alluring beauty, teasing us with your charms.

    I hope the spring weather is breaking thru up north and making your days brighter.

    Best wishes!

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