Better Late than Never, it’s “Valentine’s Day Every Day”!

So hey, I did it! I had a couple of issues that delayed this shoot, but I got through them, and considered that since I had done most of the work, not to abandon it.

I had hot-glued the roses to the corset, but soon discovered that hot glue did not stick well to vinyl.  A few fell off when I wore the early version of this outfit to the Fetish Fleamarket which was a source of irritation.

I had planned on making the sleeves out of pink vinyl covered with roses, but with the glue not sticking, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how I was going to make them work.  Finally I figured out that swapping out the vinyl for satin made them stick pretty much permanently.

Well I need not have worried how the sleeves came out, because the came out better than expected! I shot like 300-something pictures, and have edited half of the roughly 200 that I’ll release very soon!

So I’m just letting you know that it’s on it’s way!!  I think it’s one of the hottest versions of this pink haired hentai thing I’m doing.


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