So the Tentacle shoot is taking a bit longer to set up, so I moved over the Goldicocks, which presented itself with multiple challenges

So I’m about halfway through editing this set, which has me getting very cozy with Papa Bear.  Too big?  Not quite big enough!

Papa Bear looks like a hung, horny teddy bear!  I think maybe Goldicocks wanted Papa Bear to catch her eating their porridge!

So it’ll be a few more days to slog through this set, then it’ll be going up on my site as soon as I can!  See you soon, I just wanted you to know that something was in the pipeline!



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4 Responses to Goldicocks!

  1. Biandy40 says:

    Looks like this shoot might be too hot!

  2. Caricar says:

    Tara, oh Tara! Goldicocks slideshow is really Good mood shoot! Sunny feelings,
    smiling emotions deep in soul and somehow, hm, very erotic teddy bear story.
    As we have seen in your camming performances, your body has never been as
    good shape as now, and this shoot shows and underscores, how beautiful you
    are! Perfect shoot, in the middle of these dark times!

    After this session, Papa Bear eats the porridge only with Goldicocks, milk and
    honeyyyy, and lick the plate. Sweet dreams by Tara for dessert!

  3. George Walton says:

    Yet another awesome photo set! Your outfit is stunning and your face is beautiful beyond compare. Altogether you are just drop dead gorgeous.

    And your figure is just so impressive, I am blown away. I apologize if you have already answered this question before, but what are your measurements now?

    • tara says:

      Hmm not sure. this corset did come out really nice though. veryyyyyy tight. BTW that last picture I posted, there’s no photoshop manipulation at all, save a tiny bit of exposure tweaking and skin touch up/filters , which is the only way photoshop should be used.

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