Where have I been? Well super busy prepping for Montreal Fetish Weekend.

So, I sorta vanished off the face of the earth there for about a week.  It wasn’t because I stopped doing things – on the contrary – I was so busy sewing things and making outfits that I barely had time to post anything on any social media at all.   I often get like this and it’s sorta like having blinders – and everything else gets tuned out.

Well, I planned to make 5 new outfits for Montreal, but ended up only getting one new outfit ready, and the second one was a further development of an older one.

A third outfit got about as far as having the pieces cut out of it, but I really needed more material to proceed, and I might have to hit some cloth stores in Connecticut in order to finish it.  The fourth and fifth outfits were designed and material was bought, but both were to be constructed out of unconventional materials, so that was sort of uncharted territory for me.

So, what did I get done?  Well, the big one that did make it’s debut, was “Goldicocks”.  Yeah, that’s the name I picked for it.  I think you can pretty much guess what this one will be about.  Here’s some selfies I shot in the hotel room.

I pretty much was working like mad on this one, and it came down the wire so much that even on the Saturday of the event (I drove up to Montreal on Friday, and it’s club nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday) – I was still sewing the bolero jacket and adding bows and trim to this one.  I’ll probably still do some tweaks before the actual shoot, which if you can guess might have some actual plushie action (uh oh!)

Yep, still sewing on the floor of the Montreal hotel...

Outfit #2 doesn’t really have a specific name yet, but you may recognize some of it.  It’s actually a development on the “Sugar Rush” corset.  What happened is that the marabou trim on it didn’t hold up too well, so it needed to be replaced by something else.  And since I still had several yards of that pink and white satin material, it gave me the opportunity to make a lot more bits and pieces and push the whole outfit way further into crazy candy land territory.

So ,there’s more that I’m going to make for this, but what I got done here was make a bolero jacket with sleeves, and a little hat which sits well between the clip on puffs in that over the top pink wig.  At the event I had a few people ask if I was influenced by the Hunger Games.  Hmm, maybe a little bit, but I think a lot of what I do is certainly a progression of what I’ve been doing over he past 10-15 years.  But I suppose all the color and extra frills is also a reflection of what’s available today in wigs as opposed to what you could get 10 years ago.

So, the days leading up to driving up for the event were a bit hectic.  I managed to not pull any all nighters, but I was down to the wire making stuff, and my sewing room looked like this most of the time- just bits of outfits everywhere, pure chaos.  There’s a floor here somewhere, I assure you.

You may notice the other sewing machine in the background.  Well, that’s because at the 11th hour, my main sewing machine decided to have some of the plastic break on it.  Really, it’s when you desperately need something to not break, that’s when it does it.  There a plastic wheel you pull out when you want to disengage most of the mechanism of the needle going up and down, so that you can wind a bobbin instead. (If you’ve ever used a sewing machine you’ll have a rough idea what I’m talking about).

There was no time to replace the part so I ended up jury rigging by tightening it down with lots of lock washers and it managed to work ok for the trip.  But if I was sewing on a corset and like hit a piece of steel boning, that would pretty much break my repair.  Yeah, I’m pretty hard on sewing machines.  But this particular machine has a few key features that they don’t seem to do anymore that I need in order to sew things like PVC.

So what was outfit #3?  Well, it’s working title is “Flamenco” so you can expect lots of ruffles and it’s made out of white sateen with blue polkadots.  The sort of working sketch I settled on came out something like this.

But I only had 2 yards of the material I bought months ago so I wasn’t sure it would be enough to do that many ruffles on the sleeves.   The problem about buying cloth is it’s not like a brand name of thing that you can walk into another store and get the exact same stuff.  And no, you can’t buy cloth over the internet unless you know EXACTLY what you’re getting.  Like I’d buy charoplex over the internet because it’s a brand name of printed oilcloth and I’ve used it before, and I know what I’m getting.  In fact, I’ve used charoplex for several outfits, and it’s one of my favorite materials.

But cloth?  Who know who makes what, and especially if it’s at a discount place, eh, you might have a tough time finding more if you’ve found a bunch before.  In fact, I went back to the store to find more blue on white polkadot sateen, and instead I found 2 yards of red on pink sateen clearly made by the same company.  Well, that’s nice for a different outfit but it’s not going to help my problem..

But the store I got it from in RI has a few satellite stores in Connecticut and maybe I’ll make the road trip out there later and get a few more yards, so that I can go overboard with the ruffles on the sleeves.  I did cut everything out and I had it in the back of my mind that I would be sewing things while in Montreal, but the reality is that once I got there, all I wanted to wrap up was “Goldicocks” and I thought  Aw fuck itscrew flamenco- if I try to finish it now, it’s just gonna be a compromise..

So yeah, that one’s tabled until later.  And then outfit #4 and #5 are really nuts, and they have the working titles of “Neko Skunk” and “Mecha Tara”

“Neko Skunk”  is kinda a dirty anthropomorphic thing, not so much a fursuit fetish thing, but more like splitting the difference between one and just having ears and a tail.  And oh, that tail!

So the tail is pretty ambitious, as I envisioned it as a cockring attached to a metal strap running up the butt crack, connected to a buttplug, and then attaching to a fairly large tail and a strap that connects to a collar around the neck. I know that sound complicated but it makes sense to me.  Well, I have all the purple faux fur and white fur and things to finish it, but the cockering/buttplug/tail involves a small amount of welding, so..  with a couple of days left I decided to not quite finish this one and leave this one home.  I also had some reservations as to wether there was any way I could make this outfit PG-rated enough to wear it to an actual nightclub too.

And the last outfit, Mecha Tara, is going to be mostly made out hot glued styrofoam, carved into the shapes I want it in, though I hadn’t quite worked all that out yet. I got as far as buying a big piece of styrofoam at Home Depot, and a ton of hot glue, and the design, but I knew there was challenges ahead with this one.

But what’s tantalizing about these two future outfits is that they are unlike anything that I’ve done before, and are a further development of the whole “Tara Emory Futanari Fuckdoll” thing.  There’s pushing the cartoony anime boundaries a little further, so we’ll see how they eventually come out.   If they do come out well, I can imagine them being amazing outfits for performances or just being on stage at events.   One thing I had in mind for “Mecha Tara” was the idea that I could make it as huge as I wanted it to be for Montreal Fetish Weekend because I drive to that event, and what I bring is only limited by the space in my car.  So I can really GO BIG at that event.

Of course, now that I’ve done many Fetish Weekends, I can only imagine how terrible it would have been to try to get into a building or walk in a crowded club in something like that.  Add to that the fact that it would mostly be made out of styrofoam (for lightness), probably would make it a sure bet that it would have gotten trashed.

So how was the event? Well, I could have driven up Thursday but I was still too busy making stuff, so I drove up Friday, the day of the first event that night, and drove back Monday.  I wore all the outfits I finished here, and when it came to the Exhibitionist Photo Tour on Sunday, I wore “Coquette Cumpot” which well, wasn’t new, but it’s new to Montreal since I made it since last September.

Yeah, I know. More terrible quality selfies. I pretty much take them just so that in future years, I have a rough idea of what I wore to past fetish events. A billion pictures were taken of me at the events, and I'm sure that eventually they'll surface.

And I think I also brought “Poladot Bimbette” because it was an easy outfit to pack, and looked pretty hot even though it was pretty simple (and easy to wear compared to those corsets.)

In general, I barely had time to party much of socialize a hell of a lot. I was working on finishing “Goldicocks” pretty much up till I wore it out on Saturday night, and then Sunday was pretty free with the photo tour and the party that night.  I did meet a lot of people and make some new friends, but I wasn’t up all night partying quite like a pornstar.  I’ve overdone it before at these events and this year I kept things pretty much in check.   One fun thing is that I drove up in my 2cv.

I kinda wish I got this shot on a more French looking street in the old part of Montreal, but I was on my way back and had to take what I could.

I actually drove  this one up this year because I had an idea that maybe I’d drive it on the photo tour but the way they did it this year wouldn’t have worked out (they took a subway to a part of town that was pretty much pedestrian only).    And I drove it up because it goes really well and it’s fun to drive and actually pretty reliable, if  bit pokey up the mountains in Vermont.  Since it was just me and my stuff and a big teddy bear in the passenger seat, it was enough room.  Also the weather was absolutely gorgeous that weekend.  So I had the top down all the way up.

Can i take the carpool lane?

Since this car has no small amount of road vibrations (i’m constantly working on it to work out the bugs), it can be a bit hard on your right foot.  I perfected a sort of cruise control by having my left foot on the gas and stretching my aching right leg across what passes for a dashboard.  Keep in mind I only so this on highway roads where I don’ thane to make any quick stops or gear changes, though I also got pretty good at switching back to the right foot pretty fast.

Well, if you're going to drive a deathtrap, you might as well go all the way and take a selfie while driving at 100 kph down the highway. Don't worry, this was taken with the front facing camera and only took like a millisecond of not looking at the road

So that was Montreal Fetish Weekend this year.  RIght now it’s Tuesday night and I’m back at home, having spent Monday afternoon and evening driving back and today just cleaning up the house and doing all the chores around here that got ignored when I had to concentrate on making outfits.  I had planned on doing more cam shows before leaving, and maybe a shoot, but of course that all didn’t happen because I got too busy making stuff.

But I’m back, I’m not hung over or recovering from a partying binge, and will be back to it Wednesday.  I’ll probably be available on cam Wednesday night!


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5 Responses to Where have I been? Well super busy prepping for Montreal Fetish Weekend.

  1. Caricar says:

    Welcome back, Tara!..little bear beside you, when you need to hug! Or bigger bear,
    as I can see. I`m sure you had live avec in MFW, but Goldicocks and that stuffed
    bear reminded Papa Bears cock. And no more about it, but these outfits you`re
    planning, and Goldicocks colors; personally yellow is not my favorite, but oh how
    good you look in that pink/yellow/white corset. Or this tweaked Sugar Rush outfit.
    Great photoshoots are obviously on your mind!
    Broken sewing machine? When I have read your blog, talents and skills which you
    have, including welding ( and I think you have made that Citroens roof by yourself),
    broken sewing machine cannot stop incredible Tara, only slow down a little bit!
    Rally drivers often brakes their left foot, and whichever you use to throttle,
    I love owner of those legs!

  2. Caricar says:

    Sorry, hood hood hood, not roof!!!

    • tara says:

      Actually, it was the roof (which is cloth) ,which I made myself.

      Since I’ve been back I’ve been cleaning a lot, trying to declutter my life so I can concentrate a lot more on doing things. When I bought a new (well, new to me) Mac Pro to edit HD video on, I had put it in that “ski lodge” room in my house so I could do camshows at the same time. But since that room didn’t have a door on it, you couldn’t effectively air condition it, and with this summer being really hot and humid, I pretty much didn’t even go into that room

      So today I shuffled things around in my office room (which has AC and the computer i do most of my Photoshop work on) and moved the new computer in there too so I can edit video in my nice cool personal refrigerator. The weather in Montreal was perfect, and then I came home and it’s been nasty and sticky (which makes it really hard to do shoots under hot lights) . I’ve learned that the hottest part of summer and the coldest part of winter is when it’s most difficult to shoot in my studio, so I usually just shut myself in whatever room has AC and do what I can do. My sewing room has AC so I shoot a lot of camshows from there while I plan outfits.

      So stuff is ramping up, just not quite happening yet as I get things set up to do some more editing and a video update

  3. tara says:

    Thinking about MFW. I mean, I enjoyed it, though last year I had more fun with the larger group of Boston people that went. This year, I just was too busy getting ready for the nights to make too many new friends, and I seemed to have missed where all the good parties were (maybe that’s a blessing in disguise). I sorta felt more like I was just doing it to keep paying my dues in the fetish scene, which I’ve been involved with for now about 20 years, at least 13 of them on the international stage.

    I do want to go to more events, but I also am curious as to what other events are out there to go to. I think I’d like to do more sci-fi/comic con type things and though I’ve written a lengthy comment on another post about Why I don’t Cosplay Much, there’s a handful of characters I’d like to really do up, and I also sorta just cosplay at myself at these things. I guess that’s why I can fit in really well at Steampunk cons, because you can just be creative with your own designs instead of having to basically be a free advertisement for someone else’s tv show or comic.

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