Too hot to think.

I often times get lazy and then feel guilty about not getting the things done that I wanted, so I thought I’d let you know what I’m all up to, since things are in the works but I’ve had to change gears and do other things I hadn’t planned to do instead.

I’m getting better about not beating myself up with guilt if I don’t do all the things I’ve planned. I guess it just means I’ll do other things that are also productive instead.

Long story short, I had some plans to do some shoots in my studio this week but I sort of had to table them until the heat wave breaks.

Right now it’s at least  95 F and about 105 F in the direct sun here today.  My studio building is about 70 feet by 30 feet with the one largest room (where at the shooting bays are) being 30 x 45 feet.  I DO have an air conditioner in there (I don’t know how many BTU’s it has but it’s a very large window unit).  If it’s 80 F outside and cloudy, or it’s at night, that one AC is sufficient to cool it enough to be able to work in there, but when the studio itself is in the direct sunlight and it’s so hot, the best it will do is make it 80 in there, and once those hot studio lights come into play- forget it- it’s pretty much like trying to keep an ice cube intact in an oven.  In other words it’s an exercize in futility.

So I’m indoors in my house in smaller air conditioned rooms and working on my next batch of outfits, or some tweaks to my intro pages to my site, or working on that tattoo art that I’ve been planning forever for a batch of tatted girl shoots I’ve been gettng closer to doing.

I’m sorry, I wish I had more to report.  I get very worried about people leaving my website because they don’t see enough activity.  I also have two bookings with photographers this week for shoots, which quite frankly hasn’t happened in years, so that’s a very good thing too.

Be patient, please send me encouragement we will see some results soon.. I’m getting sick of unfinished 3/4 finished projects that need one or two tiny things left in order to make them happen.. It’s soooooo frustrating.  But right now the thing I don’t need is to look like shit because I try to do a shoot in the sweltering heat with sweat dripping down my forehead from hot lights or direct sunshine.  There’s nothing worse than looking like shit in a photo shoot.  Or spending 3 days longer with tedious photoshop work clone-stamping out all those sweat droplets.  Ah, the horrible terrible life of a model/photographer!

Be patient. There’s stuff in the pipeline.  I’ll post some in progress pictures on my tumblr or like on my twitter, (which I discovered I barely use).



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5 Responses to Too hot to think.

  1. tara says:

    It a shame that the air conditioned rooms in my house are the ones that I also can’t shoot in. Like one is my office room (where my computers are) and that’s only 10×8 and the other is my sewing room which is a creative chaotic mess with piles and piles of cloth and unfinished projects. If i just had a pretty, indoor air conditioned room that might not be a bad idea.

  2. Caricar says:

    You are too hot to think. And too hot to not think.
    Let it cool, Tara. Weather I mean.
    I know patience will rewarded!

  3. Paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    it is good to hear you are not beating yourself up about unfinished projects, don`t worry, Rome wasn`t built in a day, and you are always worth waiting for. And if the heatwave doesn`t break soon and you are still hot and sweaty you could do a shoot wearing just a towel and call it sexy sauna girl or something similar, i know its not a brilliant idea, just my way of sending encouragement. no true fan or admirer would leave because of a short delay, i for one have fallen in love with you.

  4. Strumdumb says:

    Dear Tara,
    Sending you: Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement
    Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement
    Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement Encouragement
    Since ambient temperatures have been elevated of late, permit me to add a bit of contrast’ as I would also encourage you to check out pre order pricing on home heating oil, since a little bird just informed me, it could be near a nadir in it’s cost. Last wi….. , ahh, win……wint……….as you know, was colder than Billy Hell, and the Almanac’s prognostications appear rather discouraging in that regard. Just sayin’. Our air conditioning lamentations will fade to bittersweet recollections before we know it. At any rate, luck favors the strong and well prepared and you certainly posses both assets so take heart and soldier on. Just prioritize and attack one thing at a time, and you’ll be fine as always!
    the Dumber Strummer

  5. robi1k says:

    You can think of this as a creative break from routine, where you make up your mind on new things to do and get ready for action.
    Your real fan and admirers will wait for your next projects and photo sets, so don’t worry about losing them.
    Just keep us updated.

    Take care and stay cool, wonderful Tara.

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