Winter is not quite over with yet, with “Fireside Sweaterdress” and “Ski Chalet”

Even though I’m enjoying the well deserved spring, I don’t think that diminishes the erotic appeal of my two latest shoots.

One is “Fireside Sweaterdress”, which was a leftover from January, that I didn’t know if I wanted to release or not.  I was in a bit of a technical pickle with the shots.  I was trying to have enough light on me, at the same time as having the fire in the fireplace show up.  The pictures (as they came out of the camera) came out too dark, and I trashed the shoot and instead did “My Fur Closet” instead.

But I futzed with the pictures and I made them work. I was really only left with a few options.  Either forget about the shoot (which had some great poses), restage the shoot (a lot of work I didn’t want to do), or try to make them work.  So I chose the third option.  This of course maent that many of them came out pretty grainy, but it also gives them an interesting film-like quality to them.  It also degrades the color pallate to a very few colors, which somehow worked for this shoot.

The end result it ok, and I managed to salvage 100 of them for my update.  I sorta realized I HAD to have an update since I was distracted a LOT this month.  But still, I had another shoot I really wanted to do, in my spare room that has a very “ski lodge-y” look.  And this shoot continues (and improves upon) the blonde bimbo look of “Fireside Sweaterdress”.

Since I know I’m going to renovate this room sometime this summer, the knotty pine panelling is gonna go, so best to do any shoots requiring knotty pine backdrops NOW.   And though yes, spring is here,  Just imagine we went spring skiing, or better yet, summer skiing in one of those Rocky Mountain states where you can go skiing in the summer.

This time, I strived to get the makeup, lighting and everything perfect- even though it’s mostly a nude shoot when you get right down to it.

Oh, and check out that permagape I’m working on.  There’s a secret to it, but I’m not telling what it is!

So the 100 pictures of “Fireside Sweaterdress” just went up.  And “Ski Lodge” or “Ski Chalet” of whatever I’m going to call it, will go up as soon as I can (with any luck, still ^technically^ in April.)  Then it’s onto a bunch of more fantastical shoots.  I’ve been busy spring-cleaning out my studio and getting my next sets and outfits in line.  See you soon!


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5 Responses to Winter is not quite over with yet, with “Fireside Sweaterdress” and “Ski Chalet”

  1. Strumdumb says:

    BINGO Tara ! Both sets are some of your best work in a while. Downright inspiring if you get my drift. Now someone else is gonna benefit from my being inspired by your work. Funny how this works sometimes.
    If this is what the spring brings out in you, I can’t wait to see summer’s offerings.
    Hope your still enjoying your birthday week. Don’t work too hard, although it’s obvious you’ve been getting your “beauty rest.”
    Bye for now,
    Strumby Dumby

  2. Caricar says:

    My respect, Tara! You have birthday celebration week, and you can work and think us consumers, give us your new shoots. Your outfits are always joy of eye, but as we can see these pix, your body looks better than any corset. Permagape, hm, if it is secret, no more about it.
    I want to say about those skis on the wall, yes I watch a little walls by another eye. If you went or go skiing with those oldies, they need tar handling ; >Oh, there is newer pair too, no tar for those.
    Good May Day eve!

  3. Caricar says:

    Inside the Ski lodge, Tara rest on the fur bed, enjoying her life and sex, skiing maybe later.
    Fireside sweaterdress photographs she could save, by her skills and its good, looking yummy, feeling cozy.
    And redhaired treasure on the table, simple shoot maybe, but looks damn touchable.
    On vacation affairist, Tara as blonde, my one favourite of many favourites, words can only worse this, so watch and enjoy.
    Let`s rub noses, this fur poses, in igloo was certainly cold, but this shot is so hot, and way you search the sun above you, uuh, now I pass those sexy snowshoes.
    In Bimbo peep, so colorful and hint of spring shoot, you are like sunshine and spring itself.
    Fur closet, where Tara looks sexy and lonely, lucky she there were few toys, happy ending, again.
    Sugar rush begins with big candy canes, jingle bells still playing between my ears, big candy canes and hot outfit, and of course hot Tara, those shoes can eat, well lick at least.
    And forward, no, backward, next comes Fluff, pink outfit with big beads and pink babydoll, say what you want, there can never be too much pink on pix.
    BB, so good looking blonde, these pix are real treasures, can`t explain, pure beautify whole set and facelook unforgettable.
    In Strawberries and cream, big gorgeous hat, summer reminder shoes and everything you are wearing, perfect, though this shoot opened step by step to me, maybe because its so messy.
    Sweetest pirates shoot, magic of dim light and bright Tara, sexy and warm shoot. Xxx marks the spot has amazing ambiance and blonde Tara, you are very beautiful.
    And now, when I`m comparison pirate shoot and Geek chic, two hot shots, and two haircolors, which to choose? Its easy, watch them both.
    In Geek chic shoot feels like you are in the same room.
    And next pink joy, I think Pink tie and tail is the best shoot on this list, though here is no competition, this earns first price. Or would it be The sex machine, or Tractor tramp, maybe Blow-up doll?

    About this time I joined Tara-ts when Blow-up doll shoot came out.
    This has been emotional membership, at least totally different, what I expected and unforgettable for me, and its my pleasure to continue this best membership where I´ve ever been.
    These photographs are only the top of the iceberg, little part what we are able to see of that huge work what you do.
    You wrote once; Barbie can do anything. You have convinced me, Tara, you can do what you want.

  4. Nick says:

    You should do some gramophone porn too, would be cool…Or maybe write some erotic novel…

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