Uranus Needs Shemales site is now up! (original post Nov 2009)

Hello. yes, I know. No blog, then suddenly, Three blog entries out of nowhere! Well, call it making up for lost time as for a few months I’ve been relatively quiet and some people even think I’m not producing much new content.

But nothing is further from the truth. I’ve just been pushing several projects forward, but since I’ve probably got ADD, I’ve sort of made incremental progress on all of them, and none of them are done yet.

Case in point- Apparently there’s been so much hype about Uranus Needs Shemales that you can actually illegally download the movie as a torrent already! (and I haven’t even finished SHOOTING it, let along editing it!).. Wow! These must be torrents from the future!

But a few weeks ago, I put up a little teaser trailer up on the new, official UNS site. I made the trailer back in August, and shows but a teeny preview of the footage shot with Mandy Mitchell back in June, 2009. I also threw together the splash page graphic, and there’s still a lot more to do. A lot of what you see on the site doesn’t really do justice to the progress made this summer, but I’ll keep you all posted as I make additions (mostly character “files”) to the site.


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