Yay, here comes something new, and it’s a peek inside “My Fur Closet”

While I’m waiting for the video to happen (tomorrow I think), I did whip out a new shoot using all my fur coats as a background.  The shoot might be called “My Fur Closet” or something to that effect.  Here are some samples…

Anyway, I just shot them today.  Will edit them this weekend and I’m looking at roughly 150 or so for the final set.  It does feel nice to get something done in the midst of all this lack of well, getting things done.


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6 Responses to Yay, here comes something new, and it’s a peek inside “My Fur Closet”

  1. biandy says:

    Wow, everyone was right.
    A (fairly) straightforward shoot with the wonderful sexy Tara front and centre, what red-blooded guy wouldn’t want to walk into Tara’s closet and close the door behind them and heave their wicked way with the blonde goddess?

  2. Alex S says:

    Oh, you are my fur goddess. Put them furs on, darling. You need to be wrapped in furs. Did I say that I have a fur fetish? 🙂

  3. Caricar says:

    Your attitude is pure diamond and so are you.

  4. Ritch says:

    Hi Tara, Like you I am very busy so have not had the time to visit your blog site. First must say you new top looks great and hope you are happy with the surgery and change. Second I wanted to say that you come off as a very intelligent, skilled and educated human being. I do like reading about your thoughts and opinions and what is going on your way. I from the outside looking in see you have grown over the years and have bettered yourself in your profesional life and personal life with the new house and all the work that comes with it inside and outside! You have taken a job outside of you company that you seem to mostly like now that changes have been made there. Your doing fine and you will figure out the heating deal and who will shoot for you. Its realy all small stuff and its frustrating at times but you can handle it and they are what makes your life interesting and stimulating. Remember only about five more months of winter and you get to work on the lawn!

  5. paul says:

    Dear Tara,
    just you, some furs and high heels, you can`t go wrong. I love the new hair style as well.

    lol xxx

  6. Ginger Fox says:

    Beautiful photos as always Tara. I’d love to be in your Fur Closet with you.

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