the next shoot? …meh…

Oh hey, I guess you haven’t seen much of me in a while?  I’ve been busy, mostly with well, being a stripper (yes, I do embrace that word) at a gentlemen’s club in Providence, the Satin Doll.  You can see me there most Thrusday, Friday and Saturday nights (though occasionally I take one of those nights off).

But yeah.. Photo shoots?  What’s up with those?  If you recall, a while back I made a rather steampunk looking fucking machine.  Specifically it was made for a scene for Uranus Needs Shemales, a scene in which I’m wearing a purple pvc catsuit.  I did snap a few pictures of me in the outfit on the set, literally I think the night before I had my boob job.

But I’m sorta “meh” about the photos.  The catsuit itself was made from this PVC material which had been sitting around for 5 years before I made the outfit.  And I made the outfit 5  or 6 years ago, when I started production on UNS.  Which means that by now this material is a good decade old, and really falling apart.  And of course, I went in a totally different direction with the fucking machine set, so I’m not sure it even fits the outfit that well.  However, I was shooting this scene (in video) to match footage shot a while ago, so I had to use this outfit for continuity’s sake.  And I shot a bunch of pictures just in case I got in a bind a needed a new shoot for my site (back when I feared I might be out of comission for more than a month, which wasn’t the case).

Except, I’m sorta “meh” about the photos.  They were the last shoot shot with my old boobs, and boy, I can tell now how small and misshapen they are.  So even trying to edit/process the shoot, I was less than thrilled about it all.  So they’ve sat.  And sat, and sat.  And now I think I want to scrap the whole shoot (I think it’s best to just include a few of these shots on the UNS cover somewhere, maybe), and try a different outfit, but with the same, very awesome fucking machine set.  Because, sometimes the weaknesses of a shoot pulls down the strengths, right?

I don't think I've found a single picture from this set where my tits don't look wonky in some way...

I did have an outfit in mind though. Something more apt, and a bit more glimmering with the glint of gold.   Maybe this one, though perhaps I’m not 100% sure.

You see, this was a steampunk-ish outfit, but it had a very goddess/valkyrie angle going to it, with this whole helmet thing.. It’s a bit of an oddity as far as my outfits go, maybe it’s right for the fucking machine set, but maybe something closer to the explorer-ish “National Pornographic” outfit is more appropriate.

This is what sucks about being a perfectionist with ADD.  The story of my life is crippling indecision over little details, and then I end up throwing away things I did shit-tons of work on, because I can’t get them quite exactly right.

So, while I’m waffling on what to do about that, I’m going to see if I can put together some new interpertations on some old outfits, now that I have some glorious DD boobs to show off.  Don’t worry, all my effort on the fucking machine will not be in vain, and all the effort into the golden valkyrie whatchamacallit will not be in vain. It may even be that I spin them off into 2 shoots instead of one, but I don’t think the purple catsuit ones really make the grade (maybe I’ll tack them onto the end of whatever set I end up doing with the fucking machine).

I did have other grand plans for something at the end of this summer, but I got fucked over by the weather.    Back in late July while I was recovering from my implant surgery, but strong enough to do so, I rented a bobcat and did a bit of landscaping on my backyard.  The idea was that I was going to work on some nice secluded nooks where I could do some outdoor shoots.  I’ve got a few locations, but like everything I do, I don’t like to repeat backgrounds and locations that much, so I want more.  So I spent a day moving dirt around and it was actually quite a bit of fun getting stuff done.

And after I was done leveling the yard and planting grass seed, it proceeded to not rain nearly at all for two months.  My backyard is – sadly – a dust bowl and I’m depressed about the whole thing.  And the few times it’s rained, it’s barely been enough to penetrate the hard, dry ground.  It’s like the ground is so dry, it resists water itself.

Yeah, I know I could be out there watering my lawn every day or installing sprinklers, but it could also just rain goddammit.  I swear, when there’s thunderstorms, literally every other town gets some rain and not us.  Though I bet if I go and remove my roof or paint my house, then it will rain…

So those plans have been put on hold, though my outdoor shooting window is shrinking since the lack of rain means that while it’s only a few days after the equinox, the trees around here have already given up, and the leaves have started to turn.  So, looks like some autumn themed shoots then.

So early this coming week I’ll get something done in the studio and I’ll keep the blog posted on that.


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  2. sexyfrank says:

    do two different shoots with the outfits aye yai yai both are damm sexy

  3. Baldilox says:

    Would love to be your photographer. I would definitely be stroking my cock. And hoping you would invite me to suck your cock

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