Confection Perfection…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

My newest shoot is up, and it’s so sugary sweet you’ll probably go into a diabetic coma just from looking at me!

Anyone who has been following my site for a while might remember a shoot called “Cream of Hearts”, which had an earlier incarnation of this outfit.  I had made the hot pink corset with the deep neckline, and had never gotten around to making the upper neck corset part until now.  It was always my original intention to have the exposed boobs being in a heart shape.  And I was always going to add more trim to it as well.  So I finally got around to finishing it for my new Valentine’s Day shoot.

And is the effect successful?   I’ll let you all decide.  This concept is more a matter of finishing an unfinished idea, and taking it probably about as far as it could go, which is WAY over the top.  Especially with the pink puffs wig, big pink bows and the over the top makeup and well, everything.  Pink striped background, heart shaped headboard, heart shaped pillows and heart shaped chocolate box!  As you can imagine, I’ve been hoarding pink heart shaped things for a while, and I pulled out all the stops for this shoot!

You have to admit, this would look even better with those huge tits that haven't happened yet..

When I do a shoot like this, even I sometimes wonder if it’s ventured so far into the ridiculous that it’s not even sexy any more?  It might actually surprise people that I’m in no way into any of that “sissy” stuff at all.  I’m not a sissy, nor do I care one bit for any sort of forced fem stuff at all (giving or receiving).

I just design and make outfits like this, and for me an outfit like this is every bit as much sexy on a genetic female fetish model than it is on a hot transsexual like myself.  I actually know quite a few gg fetish models who rock a cosplay/dollification vibe and I find it very sexy.  Not all “fetish” has to be shiny black stuff.

Which I guess I’m to say that while I love doing these pink fluffy shoots like this, perhaps the pendulum will swing back in the other direction for my next project.  Maybe the next shoot will be bad-ass, or maybe it’ll channel a 70’s trashy porn magazine.  You never really know what I’m going to do next.  I’m full of all sorts of personalities, and though I may repeat backgrounds and tweak outfits continuously until I get them right, I’m always finding new angles.

Oh, and enormous huge pink anal beads.

So what do people think?  Are you reaching for the insulin?  Is this too pink and fluffy to be sexy?  Or does the exposed genitals and pasties with holes exposing the nipples (which totally defeat the purpose of pasties, hmm), make it just sexual enough to induce masturbatory delights?  If you haven’t figured it out already, I seem to have a thing for clothing that covers a lot, except the naughty bits.

Have you ever been to Montreal? Specifically St. Catherine's Street and looked up?

Or is “fetish dollification” like totally your thing?  I know I’m very good at coming up with these concepts, and this isn’t the last we’ll see of a pink assault to your eyeballs, but even some times I think I’m on another planet.  A great big pink planet.

So enjoy this direction – which could just as easily be my new direction as much as I could just decide it’s a weird tangent- with the 155 pictures of “Confection”.   Though you may feel sick to your stomach afterwards!


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12 Responses to Confection Perfection…

  1. Ken Thorhøj says:

    These pics are lovely. You are amazing, my dear.
    I’m from Denmark and I have been a BIG fan since I first saw your picture years ago.
    Have a great year.
    I hope many of your dreams will come true this year.


  2. Brian says:

    You are such a sexual goddess by the looks of those anal beads!

    Great pics as always!

  3. robi1k says:

    It’s always a pleasure to see what’s next in your fantasy.
    I love each and every one of your sets.
    You are able to transform into every kind of girl you want, and you do it in an amazing way. In fact I’m in love with a hundred different Taras.
    And after enjoying this new one I’m curious to see what’s gonna be the next one.
    Kisses from a long time admirer.

  4. arthur andrews says:

    Fantastic! You are sexier than any gg girl! I love you!!

  5. megatak says:

    Hell yes I like this direction! Love you in pink.

  6. JenSatin says:

    Pink and fluffy and fetish dollification are exactly my things. I don’t know why I’ve resisted joining your site for this long. Well, that’s remedied.

  7. cloei says:

    Hello darling ~ it’s Cloei from back east (I live in Seattle now) ~ any way you could PM me your contact info would love to catch up. Email is ri0tdorque at gmail dot com as usual. Would love to hear from you xoxooo

  8. I have enjoyed your pics for long time, we met in Vegas at a DTT 7 event I was in MY Domme persona and we partied after in a Provate Patry Room!

    Alexis DeVille

    I am on facebook

  9. We met a number of years ago at DDT 7 you did a gig with URNOT ALONE Group
    Alexis DeVille on face book as myself

  10. Dear Lady Emory,

    this Style is perfect for the GFB German-Fetish-Ball 2016…I hope you visit Berlin.
    It would be just wonderful … a glittering visit!

    A personal Maid is available…around the clock, smile!


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