Sneakie Peakie at “Fuck Puppet”

So one of the projects from hell, ahem – removations I will be doing in my new house is in this little garage that’s on the property.   The attic of said barn is a dusty, filthy place, full of broken glass and dirty wood and broken chairs.  In other words, a creepy place about to fall down –  a perfect place for a dead doll/marionette photo shoot!

Yes, “Fuck Puppet” was the shoot I was speaking of when I saw talking about something that might be perfect for Halloween.  As it turned, out, the weather in late October was not cooperating, and it seemed like every day I wanted to shoot was either too cold or if the weather was perfect, I was called off elsewhere on other errands.

Essentially, I needed a day that was above 50 degrees since the garage and attic is unheated.  I was also lighting it by natural light only, and as it turned out when I did the shoot, the powers that be only granted me one of my wishes.

I got a warm day, but it was cloudy beyond belief so the natural lighting was pretty feeble.   Turning the photos to black and white helped a bit, but in the end I didn’t get quite as many good shots as I wanted.

So I don’t know.  They certainly have a creepy, eerie mood to them, but I may either a: go back in there on a warm sunny day and do a bunch more (IF there’s another warm day which is also sunny), or b: shoot some more with this outfit on a set in my studio so I can control the lighting.   I’ll have to see how many good shots I get, which I never quite can tell until I edit a bunch and I can tell what’s salvageable.  There’s only so much information you can coax out of dark pictures.  But here’s a sneak peek of “Fuck Puppet”, probably one of my artsiest shoots so far..


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3 Responses to Sneakie Peakie at “Fuck Puppet”

  1. Lisa says:

    I love these photos. It really is a shame that Mother Nature did not comply. I hope you get the chance to do more of these.

  2. tara says:

    I think I might come back to it at a later date. Just now it took too long to slog thorough all the shots and come up with 80 or so I could use. So for now, it’s my new shoot, but I’d like to move on to the next shoot for now.

    Mostly because as much as I like the “dollification” and cosplay fetish/over the top neon colored hair and stuff, I don’t like doing that over and over. I like mixing it up and doing more naturalistic stuff alternating with fantasy themes.


  3. fvc says:

    Usually dont like clowns but i would love to suck you off in a circus ring

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