My two upcoming shoots, “Bondage Bunny” and “Courting Boat”..

I know it’s been a while since y’all have heard from me, but be assured it was one of those times where I was just so busy doing shoots that I had little time to.. well..  tell people that I was busy doing shoots!

The first big project of the past week was this quasi-Victorian get up,  shot in an old boat – with the tentative title of “Courting Boat”.   The old dinghy was just some random thing that I had, and actually it in the process of being sold and I used the pending sale as an impetus to make a corresponding outfit and make a shoot out of it.

Which believe it or not only took me about 3 or 4 days to put the whole outfit together, including yet another massively feathered and flowered hat.  My recipe for making a good hat?  Add flowers and feathers.  Then add more flowers and feathers.  Once you think it’s time to stop, add more flowers and feathers.  And then some bows too.

The second shoot I just did was a bondage-themed Easter Bunny shoot, called aptly
Bondage Bunny”.  And I know it’s technically the day after Easter now, but I just got carried away on other things this weekend so that I didn’t have them edited in time for the holiday.  However, I don’t think the fact that Easter was a few days ago is really going to diminish the erotic appeal of them.  Here’s a few samples:

“Bondage Bunny” features a cute bunny tail butt plug and an Easter Egg ball gag!  And yes, keen eyed observers will notice the corset is a re-dress of the old “Polkadots and Cream” corset.  I’m getting quite a bit of mileage out of that pink with white polkadot satin.

These two shoots will go up this week on the member’s section of my site.


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12 Responses to My two upcoming shoots, “Bondage Bunny” and “Courting Boat”..

  1. jeff says:

    Awesome. you look ravishing in both outfits but then again u do matter what.

  2. Stuart says:

    I saw a photoshoot you did in a magazine I got about a year ago. In fact there was two different photoshoots. One solo and one with someone else and I always thought you were stunning and your pics mindblowing but the mag didnt actually say who was in any of the photos and I wondered who you were and where I could see more. Ive just discovered your page and now I can put a name to the photos and I am really pleased cos its annoyed me for ages. Love your pics. You are so sexy and hot!!

  3. cladsurp123 says:

    Excellent as always

  4. Nick says:

    Both sets fucking hot.

  5. Hey beautiful! You look great here. You know I love the Victorian look.

  6. Nick says:

    Dying to see videos of the 4 last shoots….They’re all damn hot.

    • tara says:

      I did not do videos of the last 4 shoots.


      because if I did videos it would slow down UNS production, and next thing you know, I’d be making yet another Delucious or Transsexual Pinups DVD, and UNS would never get finished.

      So I’ve decided that I’m not shooting any more video that will be getting in the way of me getting my big movie finished.

      I know it sucks, but I gotta finish UNS this year.

  7. tara says:

    Actually, the ‘Courting Boat” outfit is going to be in UNS, in a Victorian virtual reality fantasy sex scene, so yes, there will be some video shot with that one.

    The medical one, I was thinking I might set the set back up and do video with that, and the fan dancer outfit- well, that’s for a performance so I might do a video of a studio version of that performance, wether that would be worked into a solo masturbation scene I dont know.

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