November shoots sneak peek: “Pitstop Pinup” and “Detention”

So a day before another nasty nor’easter blew into town, I managed to squeak out an outdoor shoot I’ve been wanting to do for a long long time.

The outfit is about a decade old, but the original photo set “Pitstop Cute” never really worked as well as I wanted it to.  Fast forward a few years ago and I stumbled across an old red MG Midget that some kid down the street from me literally had on a trailer and was about to haul to the junkyard.  I picked this car up for a paltry $200 (essentially the then-current scrap value), and spent time here and there making it look decent enough for a photo shoot.  Essentially I re-did the interior, de-bumpered the car, and gave it racing stripes.  As well as also painting a matching helmet to complete what is now “Pitstop Pinup”, a very retro and rockabilly styled calendar girl shoot.

Heart shaped sunglasses, cherry earrings, checkered flag motif’s and lots and lots of bright red accents (believe it or not, it cost me very little to “restore” this car -cosmetically- as of yet I haven’t been able to make it run) make this shoot “pop” a lot more than the previous incarnation.  Expect to see quite a few old themes re-done and tweaked to perfection.

But as the last decent day to shoot outdoors got cold and dark, I wasn’t done yet.  I went indoors to my studio to shoot a new schoolgirl shoot, and really seriously abuse my poor pussy.  “Detention” is the second new shoot on it’s way, and I’m staying after school because I’ve been a bad, bad girl…

Looks like my alma mater has been seriously left behind, as every single desk is totally mismatched!  Like most of my in flux projects, I’ve been collecting various set pieces for shoots like this, so it’s easy to throw together something like a schoolgirl shoot in very little time.So one set will go up on my site by the end of this week (or mid-week, if the storm keeps me locked indoors), and then the other one the following week.   I’m making up for a slow September where I was travelling a lot and performing burlesque and competing in pageants and stuff.  Though I haven’t tallied the quantity of each set, there will be 150+ pix per set.

In other news, last week I re-processed and uploaded five video clips into higher quality .mov’s.  Also I replaced the .mp4 versions with better quality .m4v’s (the native format for itunes).  This is part of a slow upgrading of all the videos except for the old webcam shoot videos, which are what they are, and don’t have a higher quality original to work from.

As the fall goes on and winter arrives, you’ll be seeing (or not seeing, if the changes are organic and behind the scenes) a lot of changes to my site, and I will keep you posted as to what they are, right here on my blog.  See you in a few days with the new shoots!

-Tara Emory


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4 Responses to November shoots sneak peek: “Pitstop Pinup” and “Detention”

  1. dan lay says:

    Love the sweater !!! And I just know that kid down the street would give his eye teeth for a chance to enjoy your beautiful charms..You just get better and better, and I’ve loved you for at least 10 years. And what I wouldn’t give to offer some relief to your pussy in the form of kisses and deep tongue kisses. Just amazing !!!

  2. Nick says:

    Ayayay! Now you’re talking. Thanks for the videos. Gorgeous hair too, blond is your color.

  3. Darlene M Chaplin says:

    Beautiful as usual Tara
    Do you keep your clothes?
    Can we get some?
    Love your tartan set

  4. cladsurp123 says:

    I really like the vintage car stuff. Very retro.

    Do you ever do requests or suggestions?

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