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Here comes Bimbo Claus right down Bimbo Claus Lane..

Whose that working until the wee hours of the morning making pictures for all the bad little girls and boys that belong to my site?  Well that’s be me! So enjoy your Christmas present!  Oh, by the way, I did … Continue reading

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New high-resolution galleries are coming… slowwwwwly

So I decided to start on the massive project of taking everything that I’ve shot in the past, oh, 13 years or so, and working straight from the originals to make new high-res finals of them.  For everything that I’ve … Continue reading

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Taking a break from the Camshow Tarathon to make some refinements..

So I’m not sure what happened but Tuesday was sort of a slow day webcamming. I’m not sure if I just got on too late or what, but I went to bed pretty upset about the whole thing.   So … Continue reading

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Don’t miss the “Tara Emory Holiday Camshow Tarathon”! (and some other news)

– Which is a fancy name to basically say that the week before Christmas, I’m going to webcam as much as possible! I’ll be pulling out many of my classic holiday outfits!  So let’s get cozy with me the week … Continue reading

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I’ve gone full hentai catgirl in “Pastel Pet”

My next shoot is an assault to the eyeballs!  Not from the subject matter, but from the pink and blue striped color theme! All that hot pink and electric blue! Ouch! My eyeballs hurt already and perhaps your monitor won’t … Continue reading

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