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What’s next?

Here’s some samples of the next shoot to go up on my site, which I think I’m going to call “Purdy in Pink” or something. This was one of the ones I did before I left for surgery.  There’s a … Continue reading

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Tara’s FFS Chronicle, part 2.

So the previous post I wrote was sorta a half-awake, partly drugged mess of a post, and though I started writing it on Saturday, I only was able to cover the day of the surgery (Tuesday). Then I got caught … Continue reading

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Tara’s FFS chronicle, part 1..

Whew.  This post is going to be a mouthful because I have a lot to report over what’s happened in the last few days.  Let’s see, it’s now Saturday, 4/16 and I had the procedure on Tuesday 4/12. Where to … Continue reading

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Priorities before my surgery…

Well, even though I am reporting on this after my surgery, I’m going to first talk about what I did before I went off to Mexico.. In mid-March I set an unrealistic goal of coming up with the content of … Continue reading

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