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Bigger, Tighter, Upscaled and Up-rezzed…

Oh hey, I finally got a video update up to my site, and one can see it as a sign of things to come, and a LOT of work ahead of me. Four clips just went up, and they are … Continue reading

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AVN Something something something…

Hey, I’m out in Vegas. I have a lot to report.  So much I’m not sure where to begin. First off, I betcha a lot of ya didn’t even know I was even going to be here.  Chalk that up … Continue reading

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How could going to a Best Buy store make me cry?

  If anyone has been following my regular facebook feed today knows, I’ve been having a lot of shit problems with shit equipment but there’s something that I could only call -wrong- or simply broken in my brain that tells … Continue reading

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Gettin’ it done with “Cherry Bomb”

And so this finally happened…  Yay! FINALLY. “Cherry Bomb!”, a shoot I’ve been talkng about forever, for an outfit that I finished like a year and a half ago… Where to start with this shoot by simply saying that I … Continue reading

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And to close out 2015… Lavender Swirl!

Here’s the next set I’m working on for Called “Lavender Swirl”,  it’s a nice new spin on an older outfit, last used in “Candyland”, but overwhelmed in that shoot by the scope of the background set.  So here we … Continue reading

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