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A Christmas Surprise!

So I said I wasn’t going to do a holiday themed shoot this year.  At the last minute (like literally Christmas Eve afternoon), I whipped this up.  I almost managed to edit them all over the rest of the days, … Continue reading

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And then a light bulb went on over my head.

So this year has been pretty rough for me, though at the end of it I’m feeling more confident about my career. I admit, that over the past couple of  years I mighta sorta kinda dropped the ball on my … Continue reading

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So, how could I have a wonderful original piece of Tara Emory art?

These are a few samples of some of the artwork I did for my breast implant kickstarter.   For a donation of $50 (plus a shipping charge), something like this can be yours!  And I’m not talking about some sort of … Continue reading

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oh yeah, and there was this thing too… My further feminization surgery fundraiser!

So I FINALLY got around to launching my campaign for what I have REALLY wanted to do for a while.  Here it is: There have always been two Tara’s of course.  There’s the cartoon fantasy me, that so many … Continue reading

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Music Room is here!

So I was at home all day waiting for the guy from the gas company to turn the gas back on (it’s a long story and I’m embarrassed to tell it), so I ripped through this lovely lovely set. This … Continue reading

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Stuff, stuff, and more stuff

Oh, so hey, I guess I forgot to tell the universe that I recently uploaded my Dr. Seuss-inspired set of erotic lunacy, which I ended up calling “The Slut in the Butt”  (get it? Like a title of a Dr. … Continue reading

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