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Horny Holidays with “Sugar Rush”

Did I say something about painting over that pink and white striped wall in my studio?  Well, it might have gotten a last minute repreive, because it was just perfect for my pink and white candycane overdose of a holiday … Continue reading

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Enough politics! What’s really between my ears is just “Fluff”!

After all the recent writing about whatever the heck I’m sure half of you don’t want to read about, sometimes I just want to turn off my brain and be a fuckdoll.  Hence my next shoot “Fluff”! Sweet, pink and … Continue reading

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What I LIKE about the Chelsea Poe petition and her viewpoints.

I think you have to understand that often times I will play devil’s advocate and I will often just go an run with an extreme opinion, even if People might think I’m inflexible but I am open to change, and … Continue reading

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Why I will not be signing the Chelsea Poe petition to censor “shemale” from transsexual porn.

So there’s been a fair amount of press about a little petition going around the internet.  Perhaps you’ve seen it. Maybe you agree with it fully, or maybe like me, you agree with about 90% of it and like … Continue reading

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Bordello Bimbo!

So, before I blew out on a spur of the moment stripping road trip. I managed to bang out this quick, but delicious shoot. I’m further perpetuating my descent into blonde bimboism. Don’t worry, it’s no more a permanent look … Continue reading

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