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Working up to the last minute..

Remember how I said in a previous post that I get so busy that I often don’t have the time to report on my projects, making some people think I’m lazy or slacking off? Well, first off, fuck those people. … Continue reading

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Hello Titties!

So even though I’ve posted some pix here and there on tumblr, here’s a few (finally) on my WordPress blog! As you can see, one is still a little bruised, but they’re a good shape, they extend past the width … Continue reading

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Got bra sized for the first time today…

Victorias Secret came up with “36DD”.  Was kind of disappointed that they didn’t have the Bombshell bra in anything larger than a “D cup”  (though I can sorta make up for it by trying a “38D”). Of course, this was … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m always “Goal Oriented”

Geez, in all the craziness leading up to my boob job (which I will post about in another post), I completely forgot to make an entry about my World Cup themed shoot. Which I actually got out pretty much in … Continue reading

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2 weeks until my boob re-job!

So many things I gotta do that have to be done before that!!!

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“As American as..”

That’s my 4th of July shoot, here’s some samples…

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