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To those of you trying still to convince me like, not get my tits redone…

To this day, after raising roughly $7k for my new boob job, I still get people trying to dissuade me from getting them done. And they need to drink a cup of STFU. Better yet, think of it this way. … Continue reading

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New breasts are on their way!

It’s coming up sooner than you think! I found a local surgeon to do it for a better price than Revis in Florida. Plus, its local, so I don’t have much for travel expenses really.. I still have to finance … Continue reading

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Added the second part to “Channeling Marilyn”

.. bringing the total amount up to 153, which is a more respectable size for a photo set. Here’s a few samples from the second half of the set. I had looked at what I edited and said, “Hmm, not … Continue reading

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Under the weather

I’ve been a bit sick and very tired since the weekend. I’ve got what I shot of the new set all edited and ready to go, but I want to shoot a few more pictures in the same outfit and … Continue reading

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I’m Channeling Marilyn in my newest shoot.

Well, I’ve been pretty busy with other springtime projects but I’ve found the time to crank out a new set.  And I think in this set I’m channeling Marilyn Monroe, which could quite likely be what this set will be … Continue reading

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